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    The Profit Years 2020-2030 With Exactrix® Improved Margins, Planning For Profit In 2020.

Six Months To Go, Western and Pacific Northwest Wheat Harvest Will Be Solid At $6.50 to $7.00/Bu., Portland.   

The 2020 Corn Crop Forms Up.  The Central/SW Great Plains Feedlot Corn Price Is Close to Irrigated Production Costs at $3.85 to $4.25/Bu.

Iowa Soybeans, 110 Car Unit Trains. Soybeans Show Strength In Export. Portland Prices. $10.20/bu.  

At 300 Bu/A. Fertilizer Cost for Irrigated Corn Production is $64.00/A. With Exactrix® TAPPKTS.

Ammonia Pricing, $305 per ton, KS, OFD (On Farm Delivery).

The Double Crop Wild Cards In Kansas, Soybeans and Mustard.


Exactrix® Mustang, TAPPKTS Formulators apply NH3 at pressures to 300 PSI and combine flows with APP, ATS, KTS and micros.  

  • The Exactrix® NH3 becomes 166% more crop effective in No-tillage farming with precision.  
  • The Exactrix® system formulating TAPPKTS makes phosphate 200% to 300% more crop effective.
  • The Exactrix® system formulating TAPPKTS makes potassium up to 500% more efficient as compared to top dressed KCL
  • No-Tillage in combination with Exactrix reduces the need for nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.  
  • Rotational Band Loading of TAPPKTS at 7 to 8 inch depths is possible with Mustang Openers. 

You need to know that every third ammonia plant in production of NH3 for agriculture is not required with Exactrix® TAPPKTS injected deep in the soil.

The Ammonia capacity is adequate with the present technology at 7% of the world supply produced in the USA with a high percentage of natural gas/methane grade.

China builds 32% of the world supply of NH3 with coal/methane grade.    China has 400 ammonia plants, around 80% are using coal as a feedstock.

In the USA Anhydrous Ammonia production changes to an energy product (large Hugoton Gas Field and inland stranded ammonia) as a heavy hydrogen source of NH3.

Smaller localized plants will allow better utilization of NH3, like China.

Agriculture will be dropping from 80% to 50% of the production run. Much of demand of Agriculture NH3 is reduced with crop production systems of Exactrix design.

Utilization of Anhydrous Ammonia in production overrun is utilized as an energy source for dual fuel diesel/NH3 powered ships and the hydrogen/NH3 fuel cells.    

Is NH3 considered a Green Power source?



In A Tough Weather Year, Kansas Exactrix Owners Dominate The Production Margin Jump by 15% to 80%.

How Can This Be True? The 2019 Corn Production Margin Got Bigger.  Career Bending Yields in Winter Wheat and Brewing Barley.  


Hybrid Corn Yields crowd 300 bushels per acre.

  1. The Quiet Man in No-till at Hugoton, KS Irrigated Production. 20 inch Exactrix® Mustang, TAPPKTS with Micros, 294 bu/a, Pioneer 1370.
  2. Loren and Grant Koehn, Copeland, KS, Irrigated Production, Exactrix TAPPS with Micros, Strip Till 30, Manure. 287 bu/a. Pioneer 1828.

Winter Wheat Yields Outstanding, 2.5 crops in one year.

  1. Cory Weatherred, Triple G, Deerfield, KS, Dryland HWW wheat, Joe variety by KSU Hays, No-tillage of far western Kansas fields provided TAPPS bands of 5 previous crops,

Yields were120 bu to 130 bu./a. No commercial NPKS or micros fertilizer types were applied to this crop due super saturated soils and poor market prices for wheat. No TAPPS or TAPPKS was applied to the 2019 crop.

The residual Mustang deep bands of TAPPS in No-tillage from 2013 thru 2018 (6 crops) developed the unbelievable crop with abnormal rainfall. A fungicide treatment was made in late April with a small of amount of solution 32 included. The sprayer tracked up the field.

Exactrix No-Tillage Rotational Band Loading of 6 years of dryland wheat and corn supported the highest field wide yields ever generated along the Arkansas River at Deerfield KS. The record yield required twice as many combines, bank-out wagons and trucks to haul wheat about 10 miles.

The wheat crop came off the 7,000 acres in record time fighting tornados and hail all the way to the bin. At the last 90% of the acres the race was won, harvest production was reduced to two combines. At the end with 10% acres left to go the two extra combines and stripper headers were sold back into the harvest machinery market to allow other Kansas farmers access to the stripper machines.



Hard Red Winter Wheat, Hard White Winter Wheat Can Yield With Rotational Band Loading

Check out Casey Sower at Triple G Partners banding TAPPS. 

High Quality Brewing Barley at maximized yields with $27.00 of TAPPS.

  1. Eric Odberg, Appaloosa Horse Farm, Genesee, Idaho, Copeland Brewing Barley, VRT-Site Specific, Exactrix TAPPS, No-till 1895 at 2.87 ton per acre.

Read About Eric,


  1. Kevin Shapland, Gary Dick, Ulysses, KS, Alfalfa Recovery, 7th year full alfalfa recovery of yield in depleted stands. TAPPKTS, Micros, Kugler Custom.

Read About Gary Dick and Kevin,


Liquid Fertilizer.

  1. The most significant development in new fertilizer products. Tom Fairweather, TKI, KTS®

Study Tom Fairweather’s hard work in developing a Potassium Thio-sulfate.


Pastureland Management.

  1. Ben McClure, VRT-Site Specific in corn,  Cow Calf pairs at Hugoton, KS in Hybrid Coastal Bermuda. Improved 10% gains using KTS and NH3 banded deep. Typically excess capacity or strong grazing reserves in Hybridized Coastal Bermuda.  

Improving Pasture land to high carrying capacity with returns that beat irrigated corn production returns every time.

Banding into Hybridized Coastal Bermuda Grass Production with Mustang TAPPKTS plus micros. 

2019 was the year of Kansas.

Why is Nebraska off 10% of typical yields?

                        Why did Kansas become dominant in high yield?

                                                            Why did Idaho prove up outstanding brewing barley?    

Exactrix® Rotational Band Loading was the major contributor to very high yields with No-tillage.

Exactrix® TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus micros certainly helped prove the weather was a very big factor.

Exactrix® proves again and again in No-till soils….… Less is More.


Why does Exactrix® TAPPKTS with micros always outperform solution 32-0-0 and or dry NPKS in yield and economic performance?

Do not miss out.

Maintain your edge in the game of production.

Your major advantage is liquid injection of NH3 at pressures to 300 psi into streaming flows of APP, KTS® and micros.

Here is your answer.

The Great Evener of Profitability….The Weather is the single biggest uncontrolled input…in irrigation or dryland Exactrix NH3 assures the best margin in good weather or bad weather.

Good Weather, Bad Weather, Exactrix® TAPPKTS with micros moves more money to the bottom line.  

That means the Exactrix® generated low rate application with crystallization for stability is powerful allowing fall banding.

The low investment rate in nutrients wins every time because it is more crop available with Exactrix Mass Flow.

The yield curve comes up fast and allows higher yields in tough weather…..and also less is invested.

There are more net dollars and better production margins when Exactrix® NH3 is the primary nitrogen source forming 1% CV TAPPKTS at band depths of 7 to 8 inches.  


In all commodity crops across Canada, The USA and even Mexico…Exactrix® NH3 is always the best choice in crop production.  All farm sizes work well with Exactrix NH3.


Across North America, producers that have Exactrix greet the banker with a smile.

There is always more margin and a lot less risk with Exactrix® TAPPKTS with micros.

Some producers have very large farms and meet or exceed their expectations with Exactrix Mustang tool bars.

At $65 to $70 per acre for all nutrients… for year 2020 fall banding is very economical.

The budget is made with 125 lbs. N as NH3 with $26.00 of NH3 and 20 lbs. P, 20 lbs. K and 15 lbs. S at $35 and $5.00 for AZn and Micros.

About 7% to 8% of the gross for nutrients in irrigated production…..and another 6% to 8% for yield punch….That is a 12% to 15% improved net margin.

Up to $150 more net income in irrigated production and $60 more net income in dryland corn.


In the Massive No-tillage, 25,000 acre farms of The Great Plains to the small farms of Ohio.

For sure, New Exactrix producers discover, Exactrix High Pressure Injection to 300 psi at absolute uniformity of 1%, has only 1 lb. of N  lost for every 100 lbs. of N per acre applied.

Exactrix® producers are generally larger and enjoy a better farming career when costs are reduced with No-tillage.

Exactrix® solves the nutrient management problem.

No other technique is more accepted than 7 to 8 inch Mustang Banding by some of largest and best producers in USA and Canada.

Sleep well young farm family ………….you have a technological hedge and lowest cost of production.


The environmental solution with lowest GHG emissions, Exactrix® TAPPKTS with Micros is especially competitive for large producers.  

Green House Gas Emissions are lowest  with Ethanol and Exactrix NH3 application in No-Till.  VRT site specific application goes to the highest levels.

No other combination will out-compete Exactrix Generated Corn Ethanol or EGCE as fuel blends reach 27%E by 2015


Every Exactrix® NH3 Storage Tank is worth a $100 to $280 per ton more to the bottom line. In December 2019 actions were taken at Kansas OFD, $305 per ton.

Storage of NH3 provides a very large improvement in the production margin in 2020 with much lower risk and better timing.

Retail pricing of NH3 in spring of 2020 will be $100 above 2019 at $599 per ton.

Availability (Magellan Pipeline Closure) is the a major problem in the spring of 2020.

That is $22,500 per 1,000 acres of 2020 Corn Production that moves back to the bottom line.

The efficiency credit of Exactrix brings another $55.00 per acre back to the producer. A $77.00 per acre advantage in 2020.    

Note: The Economics of NH3 Storage.

At $100 per ton, That is 6.1 cents per lb. of N….Multiply out your farm needs per 1,000 acres of irrigated corn with Exactrix TAPPKTS at 127 lbs. N per acre.

The storage savings per pound of N is 6.1 cents (at $100 per T) to 8.54 cents ($140 per T) to $17.08 ($280 per T) ….. that is $7,740.00 to $10,870 to max $21,1740 per 1,000 acres.

Plus you are not applying at the 250 lb. N per acre rate of an old fashioned NH3 system, or a low pressure NH3 system.   

The efficiency of 300 psi high pressure injection at 1%CV provides166% more crop available N. This is so accurate with Mass Flow that another $30 to $45 per acre goes  back in the kitty.

The Storage Credit range is $7.74 to $10.87 to $21.17 per ton typically depending on the retail price, spring or summer, fall or winter.

The efficiency credit is $30 to $45 dollars acre for lost N and depends on the source of N also.

The bottom line improves $40.00 to $55.00 per acre.   That is a lot of money at up $55,000 per 1,000 acres.  The yield punch of Exactrix TAPPKTS and Binary Banding brings forward another 8% to 18% yield increase.

Currently, October 1, 2019 NH3 is available for a fill-up at $320 to $340 per ton…and the NH3 retailer offers Anhydrous Ammonia at $480 to $599 per ton in the spring according to DTN and Exactrix owners observing retail vs. on farm storage NH3.

Note 1, April 19, 2019, DTN Retail Survey,

  • Six of the eight major fertilizers were slightly higher compared to last month.
  • Potash had an average price of $386 per ton, urea $405/ton, 10-34-0 $474/ton, anhydrous $599/ton, UAN28 $272/ton and UAN32 $319/ton.
  • Two fertilizers were slightly lower than they were the prior month. DAP had an average price of $509/ton and MAP $533/ton.
  • On the cost of N/per pound, urea is at $0.44, anhydrous $0.37, UAN28 $0.49 and UAN32 $0.50.

A 176% price swing is observed at Oct. 1, 2019. The big difference is the 30,000 gallon NH3 tank, when compared to April 1, retail. You the producer must pick up the NH3 trailer up at the fertilizer dealership.  If the fertilizer dealer delivers to your farm you will pay. Delivery normally adds, another $75 to $100 per ton to pick up and return of the 1,000 gallon trailer. This 1,000 gallon trailer tank program is an old Coop system that does not exist or never did exist in the western US and Canada. On farm storage is key in the west on large farms with long distances between farms.

Exactrix is a total business opportunity for every producer that uses 70 ton or greater of NH3 annually.  

A high quality used 30,000 gallon to 90,000 gallon NH3 storage tank is good buy at $45,000 to $90,000.

  10 11  12 13
                                                                                                                                           Click Here for Field Operation.

  • Your farm requires help from Exactrix  If you have 5,000 acres of Irrigated Corn or require 384 ton of Exactrix NH3 annually. 
  • This is a lot of money over your farming career.
  • The return is about $40,000 to $105,000 per year just for the storage credit and up to $330,000 for the application and storage credit.  
  • Not including the yield punch of binary banding of 8% to 18%.
  • Finally you can improve your production cycle year after year. Your farming efficiency goes up for the generations to come. The longevity of NH3 is well known.

Plus you own the NH3 and the storage….you have it on your farm and ready to go……you can apply in bad weather irrespective of the fertilizer dealer support…you can run all night….You can work on weekends in the spring.  

Note 2, Don’t Get Fooled,

  • Since the Coop’s and the Fertilizer dealers are no longer in a competitive climate due to the acquisition of Farmland by Koch, the NH3 pricing is super elevated in retail to allow materials like Urea and Solution 32-0-0 to be economically reclassified as Primary nitrogen.
  • It is an old Middle East negotiation trick to hide the real price. Barter always starts with a reference.  Now the dealer margin on guaranteed analysis NH3 is so high that liquid fertilizers or dry urea appear to the producer to be primary nitrogen.
  • Don’t get fooled, Urea and Solution 32-0-0 are not Primary Nitrogen sources. The products are termed salvage and convenience materials by the fertilizer industry. They are extremely inefficient when compared to Exactrix NH3 as TAPPKTS and micros.
  • Only NH3 as 82.4-0-0, Mass Flow Applied NH3 is 82.4 N lbs. N per 100 lbs. NH3. It is stable NH4 in TAPPKTS.   And in the minor leagues Aqua Ammonia, 20-0-0. Both products are considered primary nitrogen. Aqua Ammonia  never competes with NH3 for guaranteed value and storage.  
  • This is why nitrate or urea is never used in starter fertilizers. The plant…the young plant especially prefers NH4 or Ammonium. The plant when young cannot assimilate nitrate or 34-0-0, 28-0-0, 32-0-0.

You can go to fall football games ….knowing that you own next year’s NH3. It is on the farm. There will not be a hype or a fertilizer supply crisis in the spring. An annual event, The Fertilizer Crisis shows up every 12 months?  

You remember all those years of fear marketing from the local fertilizer supplier. “We may not be able to get NH3” and this marketing comment adds another 10 cents to the price. The comment starts with the oligopoly manufacturer. The producer should always buy when demand is very low.  There is never enough storage when demand is high for NH3.

Storage of NH3 stabilizes the price and keeps the NH3 owner in the driver’s seat.  

Storage of NH3 is favored by the fertilizer industry.  

Note 3. Safety.

  • Exactrix on farm storage is recognized by the Fire Marshall as the safest storage and delivery of NH3 since storage and delivery is engineered with the newest techniques. In every case exceeding K61.1 and state amendments.
  • Liquid delivery approved DOT MC-901 liquid delivery tanks with Hazmat drivers are always safer than a fleet of twenty 1,000 gallon ammonia trailers going up and down the country roads, and never attempting an Interstate.
  • Depending on distances, it takes a fleet of twelve to twenty 1,000 gallon ammonia trailers to compete with a single 3,000 to 3,500 gallon delivery truck.       

The ammonia is paid for in the summer or fall with a fill-up when NH3 prices are at their lowest.  Maybe as low as $280 per ton if you are quick on the draw in summer 2019.  

There are several more advantages (about 20 more) that we need to talk about including improved safety and modern delivery to the field.  

Producers have a really good chance at top yields with Exactrix NH3 and TAPPKTS.  

Storage is Key….in every case.  The used tanks are always in demand. Get a quote from Exactrix.


Quick and Easy, This is one of the best decisions of your farming career.
 “Hey Charlie, Are we headed for Kansas and Nebraska on Hwy 36 to 183 north”?

Every-time…Exactrix NH3 works…NH3 gets better and better with Exactrix®.

Each year new discoveries are made with applied NH3 in agriculture production.

A true statement. “Exactrix NH3 is 166% more crop available.”  Don’t be fooled by poor schooling and lack of correct training.

The industry also prefers stabilized NH4 in the deck as TAPPKTS with micros.  

Power Play Producers, The Power Forwards, The Triple Threat Quarterbacks….avoid the mistakes of solution 32-0-0 and use “the Real McCoy”, deep banded NH3 forming NH4 at 7 inch to 8 inch depths in Binary Banding.

This is a career changing decision for the next generations to come.  

Have you ever wondered why is Exactrix® NH3 as TAPPKTS™ and micros so economical?



        • On Time Delivery, Day or Night, Weekends, Holidays at exceptional distances at triple the previous radius of the storage system with DOT and state approved delivery of NH3.
        • Producers that want safety prefer Exactrix® NH3 application and delivery systems.
        • Producers that want guaranteed analysis of 82.4 lbs. Nitrogen for every 100 lbs. NH3 applied.
        • Young producers that need to expand rapidly from their home base.
        • Liquid delivery and storage is a favored approach by many fertilizer dealers that want their aggressive producer to succeed.
        • Producers can hedge their NH3 bet on the Futures Market since NH3 is a guaranteed analysis. There is no hedging with volatile Urea and Ammonium Nitrate since there is not a good way to store it, year after year. The chemistry changes rapidly with dry materials.  Storage is key with NH3.
        • Storage of N as NH3 without volatilization compared to a 30% loss or greater with nitrate, 32-0-0 and Urea.
        • NH3 gives ample warning of any given amount of loss with a visual alarm and a pungent smell.
        • Lowest Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions when banding deep with TAPPKTS™.
        • NH3 is not a carcinogen. NH3 is an inhalation hazard. NH3 is not explosive and stores well in common steel containers. No special stainless materials are required. NH3 is not corrosive to steel. NH3 can be used to harden steel in manufacturing processes. NH3 and steel is a good inert fit for each other.
        • Lowest cost form of transported N in an absolute high pressure guaranteed value.
        • NH3 development (Haber/ Bosch) is the winner of two Nobel prizes and supporting a third in the Green Revolution.
        • NH3 is making way for breeders and greatly responsible for the green revolution.
        • “We have got it and they don’t”, NH3 improves land values with the best economics.  
        • About two billion people can make it on this planet without NH3.  What about the other 5.736 billion people that need to eat three times a day.
        • Mankind’s population growth of 1.2% per year is largely due to the 110 million metric tons manufactured annually around the world.   
        • Commercial crops prefer NH3 to form Amino Acids and Proteins.
        • The NH3 technology is absolutely in the top 5 greatest achievements of all time.

Absolutely supported by the top scientists and the USDA as the basic reason for the highest quality food supply system ever conceived.   Ammonium is preferred by the growing crop. New discoveries are made every year about this critical material and how to use it properly.  Corn, Cotton, Wheat, Alfalfa.

   16 17     18

Yes even Alfalfa performs better with NH3 as TAPPKTS plus micros in the growing crop with Mustang banding deep at 7 to 8 inches.

    • NH3 is Always better than Ammonium Nitrate. Urea is often not crop available in cold wet soils and will not convert to ammonium in time. Primary Nitrogen is NH3 and NH4 in the deck as TAPPKTS plus micros.
    • NH3 is the lowest carbon emitter of all commercial fertilizers and often is used to capture CO2.
    • Yara will now offer lowest carbon footprint NH3 from wind power hydrolysis forming syngas for NH3 manufacturer. Carbon emissions are always lowest with NH3 when hydrolysis is used, Hydro-electric or wind powered.  

    • NH3 storage also allows less than wholesale pricing of stranded, lost deal, and or uneconomical backhaul ammonia. All transporters know the advantage of running empty on the backhaul. Most transporters know of a good place to dump a half load before returning empty.
    • With NH3 storage you are the winner in the summer pricing structure. Let the supplier know you have open storage just about any time.  Take advantage of backhaul ammonia on empty.
    • Your Exactrix designed NH3 liquid delivery truck and Exactrix Track Cart brings in another 6,000 gallons of Storage.
    • Exactrix NH3 works well in all slope angles to 65% at 1% CV of application The clear liquid state material is ideal for VRT-Site Specific applications. When you observe VRT-Site Specific rate change you will be amazed.  The full rate change occurs in 2 to 3 seconds with Exactrix TAPPKTS formulators.
    • Liquid injection of NH3 to 300 psi using Mass Flow allows custody transfer at .002 accuracy.   
    • For the first time in long history of NH3,  Exactrix TAPPKTS with micros in crystallized Binary Banding is highly respected on sandy soils of the Great Plains.  Nitrogen Stabilization with TAPPKTS and micros is superior over all other approaches and KTS® is key.
    • NH3 works well in the wind, high humidity, rainy and inclement weather where other fertilizer products fail.



        • Exactrix NH3 as TAPPKTS™ plus micros frees up your workload and allows much larger acres to be managed.
        • NH3 is ideal for producers that need to expand over a large Tri-State landscape. Allowing delivery over interstate and high traffic highways with maximum safety. Unimproved county roads become much safer for DOT approved delivery.
        • Exactrix liquid delivery fits all producers that need to compete in a world market at lowest cost per bushel produced.
        • Storage of NH3 is always the key point in fertilizer industry.  
        • Get out of the fertilizer industry shell game and make storage and Exactrix NH3 your number 1 choice in technology.



An Exactrix, TC 4515 eats acres at 45 feet with 15 inch average band centers or 7.5 x 22.5 Binary centers. The Mustang Tool Bar is built in a 5 section fold design with a narrow, 6 row center.

The positive wing down pressure 7 x 7 bar is mounted with P-51C openers in Binary Banding for 30 inch row corn. 

Exactrix Engines are 2KC Weigh Master, 2KM Weigh Master with Sparging Reflow and a 2KR Blender. Three products are delivered in VRT-Site Specific at 1% CV of application.

Exactrix TAPPKTS bands with micros are located directly under corn seed rows with an adjoining side dress band or turbo band (7.5 inch to the side) that the corn roots access at V-5.

Operating on track suspensions at very low ground pressure at speeds of 10 mph at .909 acres per minute.  The Exactrix Track Cart steers the tool bar with its own GPS dedicated receiver.

Sub 1 inch accuracy of nutrient bands is achieved with nutrient bands placed at 7 inch to 8 inch depths.  

The net returns under pivot production is enhanced. Typically net returns increase $150.00 per acre. The investment is often paid off in the first year.


Get more done in a day with Guaranteed 82% N (82.4 with Exactrix Mass Flow).

Don’t forget. The less natural gas we use, the more we can export to China and third world.  

China must pay long term for their infrastructure of their coal fired ammonia plants.  

In the US our ammonia plants are long paid for at 40 to 60 years of age and can be easily mothballed with Exactrix NH3 application.  

The Magellan Pipe Line is closed due to NH3 market confusion, is it for power or is it for food?  

New ammonia plants can be more local based on the shrinking costs of wind power.  

Just like locally grown ethanol the petroleum companies will need to readjust their position in the changing world of NH3 power and food production.

Your Great Plains Reporter.  

      Guy J Swanson 

John Cory
Security West Financial

Call your new banker, John Cory, Security West Financial.   (509) 994-8555 You can go off the balance sheet and work with the best using the strength of Farm Credit and others.

John will help you spend about $40,000 annually to make $150,000 more annually by spending only $60 per acre in irrigated production for fertilizer. John understands the cycles of agriculture and how to keep your balance sheet looking good.

At the end of five years you will own a powerful machine that continue to produce good returns having already been paid for at the end of the first year.  You can even apply for your neighbors with a Mustang Tool Bar.

At 1,000 acres of corn, An internal bottom line savings of $750,000 over five years on 5,000 acres of corn.  

An Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar capable of producing $550,000 of internally available funds in five years.   

  See Video 

Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix Site-Specific, Variable Rate

"Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"
Track Machines improve production 200%.
Application time cut in half at 1 acre per minute.
Up to $150 more net income per acre.

The 2017 Agronomy Review.

Meeting your formulation needs.  

Picking your metering systems.  

Need more information on advanced crop production.


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