We found the problem.

Innovators using scientific investigation have discovered a new powerhouse cropping system.  Winter wheat leaves the rotation on many Kansas farms. Irrigated and Dryland Winter Canola in Washington State and Kansas provides critical answers to economic problems.

Singulation of winter canola seed using stainless steel plates with 108 cells at 1.5 cm, high vacuum, German engineered electric drive and precision seed delivery tubes makes VRT Site Specific possible on steep Palouse 50% to 65% compound angle slopes. Deep rooted, Winter Canola can meet the genetic yield potential at every field site, spring canola has a secondary benefit. Sized seed selection helps to improve metering. Large seed and selected seed for planters is recommended. Sourcing high quality planter quality seed from companies like Rubisco is important.

Park two million acres of tillage Winter Wheat and Stop 30 Million Tons of Top Soil lost every year. 

For every 1 bushel of wheat exported, ¾ ton of topsoil has been lost.
Winter Wheat is responsible for 90% of the soil erosion in the state of Washington, Idaho and Oregon considered.

The chances of raising a good crop of winter wheat becomes less and less every year with tillage winter wheat.

Wind and Water erosion considered, Winter Wheat has failed to provide a sustainable productive soil. The Winter Wheat Tillage Rotation results in lives lost with blowing dust.

In Utah winter wheat has basically destroyed the soils of the state with a two year tillage rotation.

No-tillage Winter Canola does not create soil erosion and is up to 10 times less than winter wheat.

In proper design Winter Canola can increase the quality of the soil much faster and better when included with No-tillage Winter Wheat.

“When properly implemented, No-tillage Winter Canola limits soil erosion levels well below expectations of any cropping system.”

Winter Canola allows for good economics, much better economics than Winter Wheat.

Income potential is why producers farm, and dryland Winter Canola has double the income potential in all commodity pricing scenarios.

Irrigated Winter Canola can be double cropped.

“I want to be a powerful and better farmer than my dad”. Max McClure on the job at Hugoton, KS.

Winter Canola with a Deere planter works well in reducing seed costs and improving yield potential as shown.

November, 2016, October was a tough month for tillage farmers in PNW. Mud over the road in Whitman County, Washington State. 

The Problem is winter wheat comes equipped with non-sustainable production techniques, absolutely true that winter wheat acres must be reduced from the rotation, this problem is due to tillage and the Winter Wheat rotation. Park two million acres of Winter Wheat, and do it now.

The Dust Bowl, Hugoton, KS shows great potential with singulated Winter Canola. Finally a way to harvest deep soil moisture and nutrients and winter canola will interfere with nematode habitat. Singulation reduces seed cost to $5.00 to $10.00 per acre. Site Specific planting is possible with electric drive planters and stainless steel metering plates. In fact if nematodes are limiting yields in your fields this crop although not high glucosinolates disturbs the nematode habitat by harvesting moisture deep with significant residual effects allowing 10% to 20% higher yields in following crops. Wheat and corn seem to perform well with Canola in the rotation and soybean is working following Canola.

Gross Income is double of any winter wheat possibility in Kansas and could be actually greater in Washington State. A good net income is easily achieved with this lucrative rotation crop in the PNW. Nutrient costs with Exactrix TAPPS is 8% to 12% of the gross. The crop prefers ammonium. It now appears that winter wheat is just away to get back to Canola. Does this sound familiar in Europe and Canada? The most powerful rotation in

Winter Canola builds soils that may be as low as .5% OM. Winter Canola is a true biennial that allows early establishment to protect soils that erode under winter wheat production systems.

Water Injection and a full planter seed box assures 99% stands in difficult and dry conditions of Western Kansas and the PNW.

St. John Washington, In the mid-rainfall scenario. Seldom seen in winter wheat rotation. Worms were seldom observed in “the wild west of the 80’s” when producers used Topsin and Mertec to kill the soil life controlling Cercosporella Root Rot.

No concern for fish and other members of the community when these dangerous chemicals were implemented.

The solution was No-till Winter Wheat which had virtually no problems with eyespot or Cercosporella Root Rot.

Yet today Winter Wheat is a 50% to 60% tillage crop because of poor socioeconomics, and Winter Canola is not a tillage crop when implemented on economic scales of full field production.

More income is generated from Winter Canola. It is the only profitable crop that works in the mid-rainfall.

Drop about 2 to 3 million acres of winter wheat in the region and insert winter canola.

The Canola price tends to follow soybeans which means pretty good West Coast pricing. Canola not follow soybeans as demand for Canola oil and Canola crush is a little different than Soybean. Omega 3 is the key word. Dairies prefer canola crush for about 3% better production of milk. Canola crush may be the next big push in pork production with the key Omega 3.

Healthy means wealthy.

A management problem. A terrible stand of Winter Canola due to poor equipment and poor information.

1. Water Injection is required to assure a 99% stand in 4 to 5 days.

2. Growth Regulators are used to limit growth.

3. Exactrix TAPPS Nutrients with Mustang Tool Bars. Nutrients are applied late fall or early spring VRT to improve oil content and yield. Deep banded nutrients, 7 inch deep banded, provide highest levels of efficiency in raising protein in Tri-ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate formulation.

4. Hillside farmers in the PNW must raise this crop with a planter using control and precision seed rates in Variable Rate, Site Specific application with water injection.

5. A 30 inch row spacing is a good choice for this crop in a wheat rotation, populations vary between 1 plant every 12 inches on 30 inch rows on a hilltop to 1 plan every 3 inches in deep soils with high production. The crop is insurable on 30 inch spacing.

Water Injection with Horsch Planters allows Chemfallow winter canola stands to be 99% implemented in 4 to 5 days. Key features include high vacuum for slopes, with electric drive, stainless steel plates, positive down pressure on wings. The water tank carries 750 gallons of water to start the crop allowing the soil moisture line to meet with H2O seed delivered line.

Wisdom comes to those that wait.

Young people cannot be wise, It is almost impossible to find a young person you could call wise, and seldom can they be wealthy.

Wealth comes to those that seek out wisdom.

You must learn and move ahead, ”then you must listen to what I say.”

Do not leave the room without saying, “He said”.

The last thing you want in your advancement of our society, “ is to hear only those words that you wanted said.”


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Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix Site-Specific, Variable Rate

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