We have got it and they don't.

Europe is not competitive in the world market when up against the US farmer, one reason stands out.

Europe does not have 82-0-0, (Mass Flow corrected to 82.4% Nitrogen) Ammonia. It is not directly applied on massive acres.

In the USA Ammonia is directly applied on large acres with streamlined delivery of the nutrients and is key to strength and low cost production.

European Agriculture has no alternatives but to take it and take it hard from Yara.

In the USA, without the TVA supervising the Fertilizer Industry there is now a crash scenario of this critical US industry.

The Fertilizer Industry could actually have collapsing margins due to unhealthy competition or lack of competition. Lack of competitiveness or large margins over time has created too much overhead from the last 10 years for fertilizer dealers.

The need for nitrogen fertilizer is greatly reduced with products like:

1. Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS in No-tillage and Strip Tillage.

2. Deere GS-3 with VRT and high speed application with special tank valves.

3. Exactrix No-tillage Mustang 7 inch deep banding openers

4. Rotational Band Loading for future crops makes undisturbed nutrients much more effective.

5. Cover Cropping fits into top yields with the no fertilizer input.

The Fertilizer Industry or FI is killing the “Golden Goose” by adjusting prices with a false run-up in NH3 to protect 32-0-0 and 46-0-0 prices…there are no competitive pressures to price to the effective margin of NH3. Their competition is now the farmer intel system due to the FI elevated price. The NH3 margins are way out in left field with 3 and 4 x margins. Vertical integration of the FI does not help.

In the USA there is a FI instigated doom across the land with absolute dominance by 3 to 5 manufactures in world’s largest agriculture land mass.

The “Robber Barons of Ammonia” are losing customer confidence.

Thanks primarily to hedge fund managers demanding ridiculous returns the fertilizer oligarchs that must now merge again. Reduced competition is the only answer for companies like Potash and Agrium.

The collapse of "The Big Five" could come with the advent of farmer or producer driven Cooperative Manufactures observing this Big Five failure. The inability to be competitive and offer on time delivery.

Co-Ops may be king again with smaller plants on the drawing boards and now close to production of NH3 on a more local basis.

In the so called super cycle of the last 7 years, billions and billions of dollars have been taken from the farmers pocket book and delivered out to the Big Five using non competitive elevated pricing of NH3 at the retail level.

About 400 million acres of agricultural land values have been reduced in value for 5 straight years due to the failure of the Fertilizer Industry to compete in free enterprise.

Hybrid Seed corn is another industry that is loaded with overhead at the corporate office. Study the overhead of these suppliers and you walk away wondering how they hit the sweet spot of your land values.


Late November 2016 and ready for snow, and In the Heart of Nebraska at Seward/David City, No-Tillage Deep Banding with Mustang Openers is reducing the need for Nutrients, 166% more crop available N and 200% more crop available P with Exactrix TAPPS.

“We are lucky in the USA to have Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow with No-tillage capability and to use both to the maximum with stable Exactrix TAPPS and Mustang Openers.” 

Engineers made it happen. Engineers rate high and have made Anhydrous Ammonia the ideal choice for Commodity Crop Production. 

“Stay away from the marketing and pricing tricks, Get on the high road and place your financial bets with engineering and scientific investigation of what the crop prefers.”

In fact the pricing of nutrients is not in line with the producers budget so producers are counting on cover cropping to help with their fertilizer bets.

Super elevated fertilizer pricing is feeding new industries like Cover Cropping and Exactrix TAPPS.

Has Price Fixing Occurred with NH3?

Anhydrous Ammonia leads in the roll out of the world's highest quality nitrogen product built for direct application to the land. About 2/3 of our planets population is alive and moving ahead due to low cost NH3.

Yes, in our investigative process we can confirm NH3 Prices are price fixed and the nitrogen NH3 futures market points out to the problem. Yes, Sir can you imagine selling commodity corn to the Cargill elevator in your home town for $4.00 per bushel and Cargill getting $12.00 per bushel at the same Houston Terminal where the NH3 came from.

Anhydrous Ammonia is a commodity and the base root of our Ethanol Industry. There are no patents, there are no infringements to deal with, the product is the true base root of our society and it has been tampered with by just a select few operators.

Fertilizer dealers and manufacturer purposely elevate the Ammonia price way above typical margins and drive producers away from Primary and High Quality Nitrogen.

Some producers are not quick enough to figure out why his fertilizer dealer and manufacturer needs a 3X margin on low risk Anhydrous Ammonia. The cost to build is about $125 ton and yet the retail price is $550 per ton.

Exactrix Owners have Intel.

About half of the Exactrix owners pay in a range of $285 to $325 per ton for NH3 and in actual use their effective price is $180 per ton.

Working for the company store gets old fast when you are trying to pay for land that keeps loosing value due primarily to fertilizer pricing.

One more thing…..NH3 has the lowest Carbon Footprint of any commercial fertilizer.

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08 Feb 2017
Cattle, Dairy, Grain, Inputs
fertiliser, Joe Healy, protest, Yara

IFA President Joe Healy has accused European fertilizer manufacturers of ripping off farmers by jacking up prices since the beginning of the season.
Speaking at a protest at the Yara depot in Ringaskiddy in Cork, Joe Healy said, “Yara, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, has hit farmers with seven price increases since last June.

Wholesale EU CAN prices have risen by a massive 48%, with Ammonium Nitrate prices up by 34%”. He said this level of price increase is unjustified. It clearly demonstrates that increased concentration of the industry and anti-dumping duties and customs tariffs have resulted in a lack of real competition in the EU fertilizer market.

Joe Healy said, “The continuing rise in input costs coupled with falling commodity prices is eroding family farm incomes. This cost price squeeze is hammering farmers and damaging the competitiveness of Irish and EU agriculture.

Fertilizer is the second largest expenditure item on Irish farms. Following the introduction of anti-dumping duties in 1994, Irish and EU fertilizer prices have increased at almost double the rate compared to other inputs”.

“European fertilizer manufacturers have profiteered from this protection over the last decade while farm incomes decline. Duties and tariffs are putting farmers at a significant competitive disadvantage. The EU Commission must level the playing field, abolish anti-dumping duties and tariffs on non-EU fertilizer imports immediately and help to restore competitiveness to Irish and European agriculture. This move would save Irish farmers an estimated €32m per annum and European farmers €1bn.”

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) report, commissioned by IFA, shows that:

· The EU fertilizer manufacturing industry is highly concentrated;

· EU fertilizer prices are among the highest in the world;

· This is to the detriment of farmers and food consumers;

· The imposition of anti-dumping duties and customs tariffs on non-EU fertilizer imports is costing European farmers an estimated €1bn;

· Prices in Western European countries increased by 123%, while prices in Brazil decreased by 65%; this further suggests that additional factors, such as price fixing and cartels, might be operating in highly concentrated markets such as Western Europe.


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