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Kansas Has A Famous No-Till Field Full of Mustangs.

At 28 years of continuous No-till, On Ute Road.

A vanguard of infamy in rolling Kansas the very far western edge of The Flint Hills.  

Kansas Leads The Nation In No-Tillage Farming’s Rapid Expansion. How can that be true?  

Summary: On Dec. 12, 2019, Southwest of Clay Center, KS 15 miles and close to Hwy 81, 4 lane, Northeast 14 miles of Minneapolis, KS, Kyle Cott is able to take out CRP grass land without burning and with No-tillage leaving the moisture absorbing sod cap. This is a mixed area of cattle ranching and grain cropping.  Using a winter wheat, soybean, double crop soybean and a high yielding Milo rotation he has been able to turn the land highly productive based on land values and Conservation Reserve rating for the land. Other crops that may work well include perennials such as Alfalfa and Grassland Hay. Kyle and Mark Lippe are working together on this beautiful Kansas day applying Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS for the upcoming spring Milo crop. Kyle has raised some excellent dryland Milo crops with Exactrix Mustangs and TAPPS and TAPPKCL.

Now the new choice is TAPPKTS and always with micros like ammoniated Zinc.  Probably the best in the nation No-till at yields to 180 bushels per acre for dryland Milo. Included in this article is Kyle’s fifteenth year with Exactrix and his fourth tool bar design. The 5 section design at 45 feet 7 x 7 tool bar has proven to operate well on the very terrace designs of the SCS from the 50’s and 60’s. The P-51CUE Mustangs are capable of banding to 8 inch depths. A five section tool bar model 4515 is utilized with positive down pressure on all sections.

The 7 x 7 Mustang tool bar is built by TC Machine. Exactrix has worked exclusively with TC to finalize the tool bar. The Mustang Exactrix machine with the Deere 9420 tractor is a hill climber and able to go right over the top of the terraces without tillage. Moisture holding capacity of the sod cap is held in place.    


An overview video to introduce you to Kansas farming conditions.
Record Yields, Lowest Cost of Production, CRP is a business opportunity. Cows are important.
This video is 97 seconds

Click on image to view the video

Mark Lippe of Cott Family Farms, Clay Center, Kansas.
Exactrix owners for 12 years, Fourth Machine.

Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS formulators in Kansas Conditions.
Clay Center, KS, at Ute Road south of Miltonvale,KS on a 55F degree day, Dec. 12, 2019.
Fall Banding to 8 inch depths Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS using Mustang openers.

Click on image to view the video

“Mark Lippe is the wrangler in charge of his Remuda of Mustangs. What a ride it was.”
A Famous No-Till Field at Ute Road in Kansas. The video is 123 seconds.

  • Mustang TC Positive down pressure 7 x 7 with buried cylinders, Yielder Model 4515, 5 section, 45 feet on 15 centers with 36 openers in a double rank.
  • Operating at  7 mph in 60, 80 and 120 acre field sizes following Double Crop system of Winter Wheat and an Early July planted crop of Soybeans.
  • Banding 100 lbs. N or 23.58 gallons NH3 per acre. 12 gallons of APP/ATS and micros formulating TAPPS plus micros.
  • Exactrix Mustang openers are P-51CUE at ½ x 26 extreme double edge.
  • The tool bar center tanks are not loaded, About 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. will be added.

The Smiley Man. Changing Tanks after 80 acres.
This video is 26 seconds demonstration of wing up and turning in smile position.


A famous No-Tillage field in Kansas, Ute Road, Kyle Cott, 20 years of CRP followed by 8 years of No-tillage complete with Double Crop.  

The 400 acre parcel is complete with CRP, Grass Waterways and Terraces.  

Very powerful economics are demonstrated with Exactrix Technology and top notch management from Kyle Cott.  

No-tillage no doubt is driving yields higher and double crop is possible.  

Kansas has advanced technology and Exactrix allows top performance with the production margin is close.  

In 2020 Milo follows Double Crop Soybeans on Winter Wheat for 2019.  

The first two cash crops of the CRP take out crops were two years of continuous soybeans.  

The surrounding area is CRP rich and headed back into pasture or hay ground at current commodity prices.   

The excellent 28 year Sod cap remains in place allowing moisture to move directly into the root zone in the more natural untilled soils.  

The SCS designed terraces remain in place. This is not a smooth 10 to 12 mph field due to the terraces and waterways. The manageable speed is about 7 mph at 45 feet or .6363 acres per minute.  

The field layout would allow about 240 (3 fills) to 320 acres per 12 hour day with 4 fills (30 minutes) at 80 acres each.  

Mustang, Tango, Foxtrot in Kansas, Mustang 4515 in 5 section, 28 years of No-till. The Video is 22 seconds,


An upper and smaller field of winter wheat that was not double cropped.  

The Dec. 12, 2019 pictures shows 28 years of continuous No-till with Fall Banding of TAPPS for No-till Milo production in 2020. 

Some of the highest dryland yields in No-till Milo have occurred around Clay Center, KS. The yields have been in the 180 bu. per acre in dryland No-tillage with Exactrix TAPPKTS plus Ammoniated Zinc, Mn and other metals.  Other programs include TAPPS(KCL).  KCL is now dropped in favor of KTS.

The work load is based on Fall banding on 15 inch centers, TAPPS at depths to 8 inches with Mustang P-51CUE openers with 26 inch x ½ inch blades.  

Positive Down Pressure is applied to the five section machine. The tool bar follows the irregular terrace angles very well.  

The tool bar is 7 x 7, is also known as the TC Tool Bar of Philips, NE.  

A 31 second Video, Filling with liquid fertilizer.


Winter Wheat Residue from 2019.

Mark Lippe is in charge of Field Operations for Cott Farms.
A video of 120 seconds with Mark commenting on his career with Cott Family Farms.


Surrounded by CRP in all directions.


Double Crop Soybean and Winter Wheat residue.

Is the Swiveling feature of Mustang Openers, P-51CUE series, highly functional?

  • Tango, Foxtrot, or Samba. Operators can dance to music with Mustangs.
  • Yes, Opener Swiveling is a primary feature with 8 inch deep banding openers in the deck in sharp turns.
  • It is also a great feature with the openers in the deck and the operator hits the 30 inch GPS correction for Row Crop applications.   
  • A video of 108 seconds showing the filed margin and how to make turns with openers in the soil.


Banding into a “Sod Cap”. An ideal chance to improve yields and allow double cropping. The great promise of the CRP soils is the ”Sod Cap” for even moisture infiltration, The Soil Colloids Uniformity, The Compaction is Minimized and No Carryover Chemicals.
After 8 years it is for certain that the CRP land is of great value when No-tilled back into production.


The Mustang Tool Bar is high lift and allows ease of access.
Exactrix Mustangs have been mounted on several types of tool bars over 9 years and the Yielder TC Bar is the highwater mark in function and endurance.


Yielder Single Disc Blades in 26 inch diameter banding to 8 inch depths. P-51CUE openers are built for extra endurance.

TAPPS, Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Thio-Sulfate.

TAPPKTS, Tri Ammonium Poly Phosphate Potassium Thio-Sulfate.
Micro Nutrients work at highest levels of efficiency and are most effectively useable with TAPPS and TAPPKTS, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, B, and Mo Metals are much more efficient.
How effective is the 1% CV, Liquid streaming flows of Homogenous Crystals in present and future crops?   


No TVA involvement, No Federal US Government funding required.
                                   A new material with extensive private industry development. 
                                                                A product that was long overdue and KTS® solved the chloride problem.

  • KTS® over time will be regarded as the equivalent of Ammonium Poly Phosphate, 10-34-0 for significant adaption to massive acres.   
    • A material of highest quality and now a very nice price. This material allows performance of liquid fertilizers at very low sub-freezing temperatures.
    • The material KTS is so powerful that every Exactrix owner needs to consider KTS for top performance in all commodity crops. Thio-sul® can easily be parked in fall and winter conditions.
    • KTS® is highly crop available when applied as TAPPKTS and Micros.

Rotational Band Loading allows future crops to access N, P, K and two types of S in the balanced band of TAPPKTS. Applied at 1%CV at pressures to 300 psi.

Your Training is important, Why Liquid Streaming Flows are superior?. 

RBL, How does it work? Nutrient Bands placed deep in the soil remain available for future crops by means Crystalline TAPPS and TAPPKTS.


A pit Stop on Ute Road….20 to 30 minutes.
The Video is 45 seconds.

Hooking up to NH3 trailer tank.
“Flight Qualified for All Manned Space Flight Missions”, Most of the time.

A Video of 3 minutes and 46 seconds.





Tillage era terraces from the 50”s and 60’s of the SCS are not limiting with Exactrix Mustang openers. Swiveling Mustang openers banding at 8 inch depths operate in unison climbing straight up and over terraces of the central Kansas plain. This is home to the Pawnee prior to Kansas becoming a state. Due South at Abilene to Lyons, KS is Quivira or the terminal point of the 1542 conquestor expedition of Coronado. In search of El Dorado his career came to an end when he garroted his Pueblo native guide,Turk. Turk had led Coronado on a ruse to protect his homeland and his Pueblo families.  

CRP remains a $1.9 billion program…at 21 million acres.  

Bringing CRP back into production has powerful economics in No-tillage production systems….and often allowing double cropping with a “Sod Cap”.


The 2019 Corn Production Margin Got Bigger.
Career Bending Yields in Wheat and Brewing Barley.  

Hybrid Corn Yields crowd 300 bushels per acre.

  1. The Quiet Man in No-till at Hugoton, KS Irrigated Production. 20 inch Exactrix® Mustang, TAPPKTS with Micros, 294 bu/a, Pioneer 1370.
  2. Loren and Grant Koehn, Copeland, KS, Irrigated Production, Exactrix TAPPS with Micros, Strip Till 30, Manure. 287 bu/a. Pioneer 1828.

Winter Wheat Yields Outstanding, 2.5 crops in one year.

  1. Cory Weatherred, Triple G, Deerfield, KS, Dryland HWW wheat, Joe variety by KSU Hays, No-tillage of far western Kansas fields provided TAPPS bands of 5 previous crops,

Yields were120 bu to 130 bu./a. No commercial NPKS or micros fertilizer types were applied to this crop due super saturated soils and poor market prices for wheat. No TAPPS or TAPPKS was applied to the 2019 crop.

The residual Mustang deep bands of TAPPS in No-tillage from 2013 thru 2018 (6 crops) developed the unbelievable crop with abnormal rainfall. A fungicide treatment was made in late April with a small of amount of solution 32 included. The sprayer tracked up the field.

Exactrix No-Tillage Rotational Band Loading of 6 years of dryland wheat and corn supported the highest field wide yields ever generated along the Arkansas River at Deerfield KS. The record yield required twice as many combines, bank-out wagons and trucks to haul wheat about 10 miles.

The wheat crop came off the 7,000 acres in record time fighting tornados and hail all the way to the bin. At the last 90% of the acres the race was won, harvest production was reduced to two combines. At the end with 10% acres left to go the two extra combines and stripper headers were sold back into the harvest machinery market to allow other Kansas farmers access to the stripper machines.


Check out Casey Sower at Triple G Partners banding TAPPS.

Read About Joe,
High Quality Brewing Barley at maximized yields with $27.00 of TAPPS.

  1. Eric Odberg, Appaloosa Horse Farm, Genesee, Idaho, Copeland Brewing Barley, VRT-Site Specific, Exactrix TAPPS, No-till 1895 at 2.87 ton per acre.

Read About Eric,

Kevin Shapland, Gary Dick, Ulysses, KS, Alfalfa Recovery, 7th year full alfalfa recovery of yield in depleted stands. TAPPKTS, Micros, Kugler Custom.

Read About Gary Dick and Kevin,

Liquid Fertilizer.

  1. The most significant development in new fertilizer products. Tom Fairweather, TKI, KTS®

Study Tom Fairweather’s hard work in developing a Potassium Thio-sulfate.

Pastureland Management.

  1. Ben McClure, VRT-Site Specific in corn,  Cow Calf pairs at Hugoton, KS in Hybrid Coastal Bermuda. Improved 10% gains using KTS and NH3 banded deep. Typically excess capacity or strong grazing reserves in Hybridized Coastal Bermuda.  

Improving Pasture land to high carrying capacity with returns that beat irrigated corn production returns every time.

Banding into Hybridized Coastal Bermuda Grass Production with Mustang TAPPKTS plus micros. 

Why is Nebraska off 10% of typical yields?

                        Why did Kansas become dominant in high yield?

                                                            Why did Idaho prove up outstanding brewing barley?    

Exactrix® Rotational Band Loading was the major contributor to very high yields with No-tillage.

Exactrix® TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus micros certainly helped prove the weather was a very big factor.

Exactrix® proves again and again in No-till soils….… Less is More.


Why does Exactrix® TAPPKTS with micros always outperform solution 32-0-0 and or dry NPKS in yield and economic performance?

Do not miss out.

Maintain your edge in the game of production.

Your major advantage is liquid injection of NH3 at pressures to 300 psi into streaming flows of APP, KTS® and micros.

Here is your answer.

The Great Evener of Profitability….The Weather is the single biggest uncontrolled input…in irrigation or dryland Exactrix NH3 assures the best margin in good weather or bad weather.

Good Weather, Bad Weather, Exactrix® TAPPKTS with micros moves more money to the bottom line.  

That means the Exactrix® generated low rate application with crystallization for stability is powerful allowing fall banding.

The low investment rate in nutrients wins every time because it is more crop available with Exactrix Mass Flow.

The yield curve comes up fast and allows higher yields in tough weather…..and also less is invested.

There are more net dollars and better production margins when Exactrix® NH3 is the primary nitrogen source forming 1% CV TAPPKTS at band depths of 7 to 8 inches.  


In all commodity crops across Canada, The USA and even Mexico…Exactrix® NH3 is always the best choice in crop production.  All farm sizes work well with Exactrix NH3.


Across North America, producers that have Exactrix greet the banker with a smile.

There is always more margin and a lot less risk with Exactrix® TAPPKTS with micros.

Some producers have very large farms and meet or exceed their expectations with Exactrix Mustang tool bars.

At $65 to $70 per acre for all nutrients… for year 2020 fall banding is very economical.

The budget is made with 125 lbs. N as NH3 with $26.00 of NH3 and 20 lbs. P, 20 lbs. K and 15 lbs. S at $35 and $5.00 for AZn and Micros.

About 7% to 8% of the gross for nutrients in irrigated production…..and another 6% to 8% for yield punch….That is a 12% to 15% improved net margin.

Up to $150 more net income in irrigated production and $60 more net income in dryland corn.


Exactrix® producers are generally larger and enjoy a better farming career when costs are reduced with No-tillage.

Exactrix® solves the nutrient management problem.

No other technique is more accepted than 7 to 8 inch Mustang Banding by some of largest and best producers in USA and Canada.


Your Great Plains Reporter.  

      Guy J Swanson 

John Cory
Security West Financial

Call your new banker, John Cory, Security West Financial.   (509) 994-8555 You can go off the balance sheet and work with the best using the strength of Farm Credit and others.

John will help you spend about $40,000 annually to make $150,000 more annually by spending only $60 per acre in irrigated production for fertilizer. John understands the cycles of agriculture and how to keep your balance sheet looking good.

At the end of five years you will own a powerful machine that continue to produce good returns having already been paid for at the end of the first year.  You can even apply for your neighbors with a Mustang Tool Bar.

At 1,000 acres of corn, An internal bottom line savings of $750,000 over five years on 5,000 acres of corn.  

An Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar capable of producing $550,000 of internally available funds in five years.   

  See Video 

Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix Site-Specific, Variable Rate

"Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"
Track Machines improve production 200%.
Application time cut in half at 1 acre per minute.
Up to $150 more net income per acre.

The 2017 Agronomy Review.

Meeting your formulation needs.  

Picking your metering systems.  

Need more information on advanced crop production.


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