Powering Up Winter Canola, Dormancy Break Update, Hugoton Gas Field, Exactrix Clinic, Feb. 28 to March 1.

Here is the Winter Canola news from SW Kansas….on the Hugoton Gas Field. Irrigated and dryland.
The Uncommon Man, Joel McClure reports in.

Dryland Survival of Winter Canola on the Great Plains, starts with a current, electric drive Planter, and water injection.

Higher yields result and crop insurance may not be required, True, wherever there is winter wheat.

Old planters will not work well. You can justify a new planter with Winter Canola.

At Joel McClure’s farm corn is king.

Corn planters work very well in reducing seed costs and producing top yields with Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS. Same is true for Winter Canola.

The Horsch Meter, Vacuum, Electric drive, 108 cell. Steep slope performing meter.

Horsch Planter with Water Injection, Positive down pressure on the wings, Row unit are positive down pressure, Electric meter drive. Can be set up with tracks for steep slopes.

Has 20 inch capability for level land. Hillside requires 30 inch spacing.


Banding Exactrix Mustang Tool Bars are required to produce top yields in Winter Canola Production.

Park the drills….as you come out of the cave in hillside farming….Drills cannot come close to competing with precision singulation. Up to $150 more net income with a planter with row cleaners, Positive down pressure on the wings and openers. And water injection assures a stand with row cleaners working on steep slopes on 30 inch centers….a place to stack the residue.

Horsch, Deere, Case, Monosem Planters work much better….here is a good illustration…..and they are insurable at 15, 20 and 30 inch spacing. And useable with Garbs.

This is winter Canola and a much different management crop than spring Canola.

Winter Canola requires water injection on 30 inch centers. PGR’s really help. Time Proven from the Yielder project water injection resulted in a 99% stand in 4 to 5 days.

The crop must be spring fertilized With Mustang banders on 15 inch centers. TAPPS with AZn, CuSo4 and B. with Pencillium Balaii fall or spring and new Rhizobia that can be applied with the sprayer.

You can stop the erosion, dead stop Erosion of hillside farms with Winter Canola in the intermediate rainfall of Eastern Washington, From Spokane to Pendleton.

Yes, Sir, at the Exactrix Clinic in Hugoton, Feb. 28 to March 1, 2017, Rubisco seed planted at 60,000 to 80,000 . 30 inch centers.

Joel McClure. Good 3 to 4 feet of moisture under the plant in Chemfallow.

The seed actually moved downward from the 1.5 inch depth setting of the planter.

Hornet. Seed moved downward.

Brian Caldbeck, Travis Fieser and Joel McClure at Rattlers Corner,
Dryland Chemfallow Winter Canola, Hornet. March 1, 17

A sharp knife capable of cutting a crown with a cross section diameter of 1.0 to 1.5 inches.
A review of plant health is quickly achieved. 

Planters make a difference in plant health.

Planters have the potential to produce much higher yields and make the crop more reliable.

An Icon or a living legend, of plant fertility. Dr. Larry Murphy, KSU, PPI, FFF, and points beyond, and around the world.

The experts, expert. Dr. Murphy, the man who provides the opportunity for you to do better. Invaluable leader in TAPPS and TAPPKTS crystalline formulation.

Nobody knows more and communicates better, and a link to the best era of commercial fertilizer, The TVA era.

The Leader of Winter Canola. Brian Caldbeck. Outstanding service and consulting with one the best Winter Canola experts in North America and possibly the world.

About 100 students and participants over 2 days, 2 clinics, and they were smarter when they left.

The Crop Quest expert is gaining fast on Winter Canola. Logan McCurry, a powerful agronomist. 

Logan helps write the prescriptions for VRT-Site Specific and is involved in Nematode research for Joel McClure.

Soils proved that Winter Canola pulled most of the nitrate and ammonium out of the soil profile over the winter.

Powerful injection of Penicillium Balaii and K-mag coming this summer in establishing better Winter Canola root systems early and later.

High yield potential, banding into dormant winter canola Feb. 28, 17. Dryland looks as good or better than irrigated. Dryland is chemical fallow.

Fertilizing Pre-Plant is not a good idea….A late fall picture of fertilized Winter Canola, Dec. 7, 16, winding down for the winter.

Feb. 16, 17, Basically 10% to 20% of the plants survived due to lush growth from Exactrix TAPPS pre-plant banded with a strip till tool bar. Never apply ammonium in the start.

Never fertilize 32-0-0 or 28-0-0 with a pivot at any point in the life cycle of the plant. Late fall single disc banding…or late winter banding is acceptable…up to March 22, of any year.

Sunday Feb. 26, 17, Canola has a low survival rate (10% to 20%) due mostly to timing of fertilization.

Dryland or Irrigated Production, Water Injection is required. No-tillage works the best. Stand pockets of regressed moisture infiltration in no-tillage soils. An old problem solved in 1984.

You can raise the Winter Canola as cover crop and get insurance, or the producer can raise this crop with management and get a good profit without insurance.

Crop insurance is not normally required if you are a high quality producer with a good net worth.

Soil pits help to understand the tap root and the fibrous root of Winter Canola.

Two root systems, and two different starts. A nitrate harvester, the crop removed most of the soil stored nitrate.

Up to 90% of the nitrate and ammonium was removed by the plant based on center pivot soil testing.

That means good news in fighting nematodes (hungry for nitrate) and making nutrients work better.

In fact the Winter Canola probably has over half of the nutrients stored in the plant.

This dryland crop needs a small amount of TAPPS, AZn, CuSo4,B to make a good
40 bushel per acre crop. 37 lbs. N as NH3, Total 48 lbs. N, 20 lbs. S as Thio-sul, and 10 lbs. P as APP with AZn, CuSo4 and B.

More news coming about the VRT-Site Specific application rates.

Soil pit to 3 feet, Calcium Carbonate layer shown with root penetration, the Canola roots were discovered under this layer at the Hugoton Gas Field Clinic sponsored by Exactrix. Feb. 28 and March 1.

The Hornet variety of Rubisco is impressive. It shows good vigor and growing crowns in dormancy.

Winter Canola Fibrous Root System discovered at the soil pit.

The bucket was able to lift out the entire plant.

The Winter Canola has two different types of root systems.

The tap root will break the hardpan.

Banding at 12 mph into Canola on Feb. 27, 17. Exactrix TAPPS designed for high speed with Mustang openers.

Feb. 17, 17, Winter Canola must have water injection. Rattlers Corner has been an outstanding dryland field with Hornet from Rubisco.

The stand pockets observed in the rows are from weeds or tillage issues of the past. Planter Water injection insures even germination and the ability to manage the crop.

A 99% stand is required in 4 to 5 days.

“Faster Than A Speeding Bullet” and not quite as powerful as a speeding locomotive.

The DMI bar was meant to go 5.5 mph, never 12 mph, but it does well at 12 mph with P-51C, Gyro, Mustangs from Exactrix.

Exactrix 4 product injection, an ideal tool for research and system development.

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Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix Site-Specific, Variable Rate

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