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Do You Think It Is Going To Rain?

Exactrix® TAPPS and TAPPKTS+Zn Formulators for Corn, Wheat, Milo, Canola, Soy & Cotton Utilizing NH3
Exactrix® guarantees the crop margins are consistently greater year after year.

Fall deep band, spring deep band right up to planting at 8 inch depths.

Mustang openers solve the No-tillage problem of banding deep into cover crop and winter wheat…right to the hubs.

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* Bring $60 to $150 net per acre to the bottom line in irrigated production... $40 to $60 net per acre in rain fed production.
* Reducing risk on your farm... improving margins.
* 200% more crop available phosphate and 166% more crop available nitrogen
  with 10% to 20% yield increases using Exactrix® uniformity, timing, and
  TAPPS formulation. TAPPKTS+Zn and rotational band loading.
* No-till, Ridge-till, Strip-till, nutrient placement with geometric root access.
* Improving your management skills.
* Get technology on your side of the fence.

Exactrix® Guarantee….The Margin Will Increase with TAPPS & TAPPKTS +Zn

No matter if prices fall or rise….we guarantee more left over money at the end of harvest.

In Corn Production….Exactrix® will Guarantee….following 2 years of trials…..that the Margin will increase between $30 to $150 per acre.

In Wheat Production…..We will Guarantee…..following 2 years of trials…..that the Margin will increase $30 to $120 per acre.

Criteria for the Exactrix Margin Guarantee.  

Corn, Wheat, Milo, Cotton and Canola, Single Disc TAPPS or TAPPKTS Application of 15 inch or less band centers, indexed or askew, Spring Pre-plant 10 to 15 inch or side dress 15 inch. Binary Banding with Mustang openers set directly under corn rows allows seed corn to reach highest possible yields year after year.

Corn Only, Single Disc TAPPS or TAPPKTS Application of 30 inch band centers, indexed two passes…one pass pre-plant at half rate and one pass side dress at half rate. Split application with No-Till and Timing.  

Corn Only, Shank TAPPS or TAPPKTS application on 30 inch band centers, two indexed passes…. one pass pre-plant 30 days before planting at half rate and one pass side dress at half rate.   Split Application with Tillage and Timing.  

Time Line:
Large farm size test plots carried out over two crop years.  STEEP style test plots using an independent agronomist or University scientist who is approved by both parties.  

Reward for Completion:
The producer receives $1,000 for each completed STEEP plot when plot data is delivered.  

Typical Plot Layout:
University Idaho Steep Plots for long term planning.
5 different rates in the Exactrix TAPPS in the Ortho Ratio in 4 replications per STEEP test plot criteria.   

Plots to range from 50%, 65%, 75%, 85%, 100% of the soil lab recommendation for N.  

Can continue for as long as the producer desires with the $1,000 Reward.

How can Exactrix® do that?

After all the testing across the Continent….we can confirm to you that you can expect at the minimum $30 per acre more net income…..and in most cases a lot more.

Guy Swanson, Pres. Exactrix® Global Systems, Spokane, April. 1st, 2021

Every Exactrix® owner that uses STEEP Test Plots…. receives $1,000 from Exactrix for each plot…they will use STEEP plots to perform a 2 year study…. 

The producer can confirm at least $30 more net dollars per acre over any other approach.  It could be as high as $150 per acre.  

If we can find a better nutrient system we need to promote it. Reduced costs per bushel produced and more margin.  

Find the better approach to crop production and let us know…..How can producer’s improve the margin…and reduce the risk.  

It may be a new combination of amendments….which alters pH…. 

It may be a biological material….go find it. 

It might be a new irrigation system with improved water quality.  .  

It could be KTS…or AZn in combination ….help us find the solution.  

Find the Rosetta Stone of crop production for the next 10 years.   We are looking for more margin at less risk with consistency.


Roundup has a mission "The Terminator", Roundup Just got better.

It is the water purity, the neutrality, and the gallonage per acre and that makes the difference.
More Info here: http://exactrix.com/Broadcast_07_10_2019.html


Get top returns with your Mustang Tool Bar investment.

Get the most from the land and your investment.
Exactrix Gives you options.
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Banding Deep and Running fast in all crops.

Producers Get Top Yields with Custom Application.
 Producing up $150 per acre more net income in No-till.
The entire investment is often paid back in one crop.
More Info here:Broadcast_07_15_2019.html

More Info...(509) 254 6854 

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