Champion of No-tillage Deep Banding at 7 inch depth with
Mustang P-51C,/CUE crossover.
GS-3, Case SDX 940 with Mustang changes.

John, PG Farms, Exactrix expert 5 years in the saddle.
You might recognize this fella and his dedication to the machine and the high yields, 280 bushel per acre averages in tough conditions.

DeKalb, NC+, and Channel plant breeders and harvesters, they know the technology at Shelton, NE.

Pawnee Road, right next to the Golf Course because it was too steep to farm they retired a quarter and charge green fees today.
Prior to No-tillage.

Secondary performance gauges required for reporting and trouble shooting.

Monday April 17, 17 at Shelton, NE, PG Farms.

Corn on Corn Rotation.

Ground Speed is 9.5 MPH or 1.17 acres per minute at 61.25 feet.

577 rpm, Series 3, 2KC Weigh Master, Laminator is moving 41. 75 gallons per minute at levels of accuracy of 20 lbs. NH3 per 10,000 lbs. NH3 applied. Billable from the tractor seat.

231 rpm, Series 3, 2KM Weigh Master with Bulk Density at 18 gallons per minute. At 20 lbs. per 10,000 lbs. of APP/ATS/AZn
applied billable from the tractor seat.


Tank Pressure is 80 psi, NH3.
181 TIO injection pressure far left manifold.
179 TIO injection pressure left center manifold.
180 TIO injection pressure right center manifold.
177 TIO injection pressure far right center manifold.

Liquid Mass Flow Pressures.
103, Far left BPOR
____center left BPOR. Out of service.
108 , center right BPOR.
97 , Far Right BPOR.

Deere GS-3 with First Upper Panel at 150 lbs. N as virtually no bounce applying at 41.75 gallons of NH3 per minute.

Deere GS-3, with Second product lower panel, at 18 gallons per minute with steady readout using Mass of flow and bulk density of liquid.

Auto steer engaged.

4 section boom control engaged.

Oil pressure and other temps.
Coolant Temperature was running high at 109% of Power Rating.
No Steinbauer Chip, stock 620 hp. A very powerful tractor and a hill climber for sure.
Track cart fully loaded is 80,000 lbs. Tool bar is close to 32,000 lbs.

Right Front Corner is the Information Center, VRT, Site specific etc.

Nutrients applied at 1% CV and crystallized, in mix with Thio-Sul.

Liquid streaming flows.

Worth some recognition, 4 national awards in nutrient management and no-tillage farming.


PG Farms.

Update from Nebraska. Exactrix Mustang at 61.25 feet. Operating at 9.5 mph. Applying NH3 at 42 gallons per minute and APP/ATS/AZn at 18 gallons per minute at 1.17 acres per minute.

Filler up, at 95% fill up and back in the cut with good old NH3, APP, ATS, AZn.

Doctrine of Equivalents in Ne, can not fill with a 10, 800 gallon
DOT transport unless the applicator can take the full load.

18.6 feet wide and just under 15 feet in height. 61.25 width, banding at 7 inch depth at 9.5 mph or 1.17 acres per minute. Big Tractor…at 620 hp…Deere Green Beacon Control.

Duck Pond on Pawnee Road, Shelton, Gibbon, NE.

Floatation is important in hill climbing mode or edging up against the Duck Pond which is known to bury tractors.

Rolling Nebraska. Powered UP with 620 hp, Quad.
KD track cart takes a lot of abuse at 9.5 mph. 4th year of service. 5th year Mustang.

KD track cart takes a lot of abuse at 9.5 mph. 4th year of service. 5th year Mustang.


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