Right Idea, Wrong Tool.

Tillage is the wrong approach to control Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane.
The End of the Beginning.
No-Tillage Ammonia is the key to control GHG.

Your future will include carbon free Green Ammonia at reduced cost because it is local.



“Kansas leads the Nation in No-till Farming.”

Right Idea but the wrong tool. “It is how you finish that counts.

Following Chester Turner’s lead applying gas state ammonia in 1951, we can confirm the that most efficient way to apply ammonia is without tillage.

• The P-51CUE Mustang systems deep band to 7 inches and up to 10 inches in depth with virtually no soil movement using cover crops and No-till.
• Today 70 years later Anhydrous Ammonia reaches even higher levels of performance.
• Engineers have manufactured liquid ammonia at pressures to 350 psi without lowering temperature.
• Exactrix high pressure Anhydrous Ammonia has no gas state flow at the opener injector.

This is Exactrix High Pressure Injection at 1%CV of application. Only 1 pound of N is out of place in 100 pounds applied. Thus Exactrix NH3 applied about 30 to 50 times more even that old fashioned systems or approaches for applying Anhydrous Ammonia. This is why Aqua Ammonia always outperforms Anhydrous Ammonia in Yield and Crop Availability by 33% or more. Liquid streaming flows at injection into the root zone TAPPPKTS band is the key.

The combination of the deep banding opener and TAPPKTS with Trafix Zn means nutrients are highly crop available.

Almost always $150 to $250 more net income per acre with an average corn price of $5.00 per bushel.

When the Crop Production Margin gets close and land values need to be increased you will find Exactrix.
• A stable soil life results in tight well targeted bands at 6 to 8 inch depths and allows No-tillage Rotational Band Loading.
• Rotational Band Loading, Leveraged Fertility is hidden secret of deep bands for present and future crops.
• Balanced Nutrients in NPKS micros at 1%CV. In corn up to 166% more crop available N.
• No metals interference with P uptake. Phosphate is typically up to 200% more crop available.
• Long Term the best way to reduce CO2, CH4, and N2O is with Exactrix TAPPKTS plus Zinc into cover crops.
• Less is Always More with Exactrix TAPPKTS plus Zinc.

How do they build Mustang Openers? Why are they durable?  Will they run at 10 to 12 mph?

What is different about Exactrix? Do they factory rebuild used openers? Exactrix keeps crop production costs low on massive No-till acres of the western US. At 75,000 to 100,000 acres before rebuild following standard service schedules.

 Ownership costs are typically $1.50 per acre and service wear parts are $1.25 per acre. Fuel expense is .40 to .45 gallons per acre at 8 to 10 mph when banding to 7 inch depths.

VRT Site Specific applications are set up 5 management zones for Site specific application at 300 psi injection. This allows VRT Site Specific to managed in zones of 5% CV to 15% CV…since the tool bar applies at 1% CV.

PG Farms Certified Rebuild May 2021.

In and out certified rebuild to 2021 specs. Keeps ownership costs to $1.50 per acre. Wear parts at $1.25 per acre.

The Mustang P-51 deep banding opener is the most successful No-till deep banding opener world-wide and now in its 10th  year in 6 configurations.

C series is $5,275, CE series is $5,627, and CUE Series is $6,250. Weights vary based on features and performance, 350 to 500 lbs. each


Guy Swanson Compares The C, CE and CUE Mustang Openers
Video Length, 15 minutes.  Technical Training for Exactrix Mustang owners.

Renovation, Cotton in Dryland Production,

Evolutionary Note of Mustangs, 2022 release of Triple A Tool Bars in 12 x 8 construction will allow banding to 10 inch depths. This is accomplished No Till at 8 mph using progressive dual in line opener arrangements of 30 inch. This progressive design will provide producers with 60 feet of No-tillage deep banding at 550 to 600 acres per 10 hour day with 520 to 620 horsepower at nominal 8.8 mph operation. Each 30 inch row requires 15 horsepower maximum. This unique tool bar design will also allow 15 inch banding for winter wheat.

  • There is no waiting period for planting as required with strip till systems. The seed bed remains undisturbed.
  • The seed bed is No-till.  Nutrients are vermiculated to the 10 inch depth.
  • The progressive dual in line banding allows simultaneous planter Row Crop 30 operations with Exactrix 1%CV TAPPKTS plus Trafix Zinc. 
  • The leading mustang opener operates to 7 inch no-tillage depth in a surgical cut.
  • The second trailing opener bands to 10 inch depths applying TAPPKTS plus Trafix Zinc in vermiculated bands from 3 inch to 10 inch depth.
  • The progressive system is ideal in Cover Crop propagation allowing simultaneous planting and banding to maximize yields in the central corn belt.
  • The progressive system is ideal for tap root cotton production using low NH3 rates and made crop available with KTS and micros.   


AAA series Tool Bars In Horsepower ranges of 450 to 680 Horsepower at 10 to 12 mph.


Video Technical Training 14 minutes, AAA series Tool Bars.

High horsepower, AAA series tool bars, ball and socket, 12 x 8, steering axles, in 3 and 5 section at 450 to 680 hp.

Banding depths to 10 inches, Low cost operation of $1.25 per acre.  

A and AA series Tool Bars in 280 HP to 400 HP.

Video Training, 22 seconds, A series Tool Bars.  

Video Training 46 seconds. A Series Tool bars.

AA Series Tool Bars.

Located at Shelton, NE, May 2021, Expandable.         Recertified to New 2021 standards in Spokane. Side Dress Configuration.

AA series 3015 or 3215, Configurable to 45 feet. Goodland Tool Bar with positive down pressure accumulator ride.

This is 15 inch band spacing designed for side dressing…and fall and spring pre-plant 7 inch Deep Banding.
The Goodland Tool bar 3015 design in ˝ wall 7 x 7, P-51 C series openers with chrome replaceable inserts and press-in TIOs.  
Positive down pressure Accumulator ride control. Individual opener ball valves.
Up to 600 gallons on heavy frame, 240 inch center, 25,.5 feet wide in transport.
Dual Hydraulic cylinders at each wing.
Heavy hinges for wing out. Expandable to 32.5 feet as is or 40 feet to 45 feet with extensions.  Lift assist option can be ordered for 40 and 45 feet.
Deere ECU. TAPPS and TAPPKTS formulator.
Certified Rebuild to 2021 Standards.


AA Toolbar, Three Section, 4530, Goodland KS.


AA Toolbar, Three Section, 4530, Goodland, KS.

Banding Deep and Running Fast at .8 acres per minute and 2.5 hours per fill-up.


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