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Fertilizer Industry Admits to Monopoly and Price Fixing ...
July 1
to August 15 could produce business opportunities for those that can store.

Changing Markets for Corn….no longer a tight supply…...
creating a fertilizer pricing dilemma...
Will prices for NPKS come down? 

The Fertilizer Year ends June 30, Is July 1 a pricing bust for the fertilizer industry? 

If Ammonia prices do not come down 25% in your area  you have a monopoly at work.  

Exactrix owners will react based on their storage capabilities….about August 1 to 15.  

For more information about price fixing see the class action law suit included.




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It is official.... You can get back some of your hard earned corn dollars.

A Global Cartel...has been caught with their hands in the Cookie Jar.... 

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Finally a recognition of Anti-Trust Violations US Legal firms stand up for the American farmer and the Canadian Farmer... 

The United States District Court of Northern Illinois, Judge Ruben Castillo sends news of Class Action Suit Settlement.

Restriction of Supply...  Plain and free competition in setting prices. Too few suppliers...and not enough sophisticated buyers.

Artificially setting a high price for farmers by restricting the supply of Potash...this is no news to you if you are a corn producer.

The court cannot figure out who is right...but the defendants...big names like Agrium and Potash Corporation and Mosaic are willing to settle...for a pittance of only 17.5 million dollars...when it really should be in the billions of dollars.

Dastardly and nasty players on the world stage...Potash has always been a problem...with price fixing.

A conspirator's award is ready to be made...according to the judge Ruben Castillo which will require your immediate action if you are a US or

           GJ Swanson                  Canadian Farmer involved in this Donnybrook Event...a black eye for the fertilizer industry.  Further distrust of the big name suppliers for sure.

The court battles are just starting and Anti-trust review is probably not over yet...since the court figures about $17.5 million can go to the American Farmer, while foreign awardees can get $2.5 million.

Farmer Attorney Arnie Moeller needs to fire up his legal library...he will know how to get to those billions of dollars. 

Actually international price fixing and lack of competition has really helped companies like Exactrix….since farmers go  looking for answers when the Ammonia price.....or the Phosphate price.... or the Potassium price is too high…

Exactrix Tool Bar. Ken Dechant..SDX
(Click HERE for more information)
Track Cart….TAPPKTS, Formulator applying uniformly with root pattern geometry at 8 mph.

Exactrix Process management improves nutrient efficiency and reduces tonnage and volume and allows producers to get $150 to $300 per acre back to their bottom line with Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS.

Case Floater Rig (Click HERE for more information)
                 ……Identifying the Problem of low performance of applied Nutrients resulting in Poor Geometry, Volatility and lack of uniformity.

If it wasn’t for expensive fertilizer, producers would be out top dressing their crops and wasting their money on KCL and UREA…but when prices get really high it comes down to NH3 and Poly Phosphate and Potassium Thio Sulfate…good old TAPPS and TAPPKTS goes out in front as high quality banded fertilizer with much better yields.

The War of the Pacific and many land and sea battles have been fought over fertilizer. And so the ongoing battle remains in the hands of the Monopolists and Oligopolists mainly brought on by the restrictive free trade policies of the EPA. Most producers have no clue about the serious nature of the fertilizer supply. It is in the hands of a few.

Sailing Ships of 1868 to 1873…in the Battle of the Pacific. Bolivia loses the ability to export and gives up their sea coast to Chile and Peru. All over
the Guano Nitrate trade.

Potassium nitrate was also referred to as saltpeter was in high demand in Europe and England.

In fact Chile stood against Germany in World War 1 and provided their battleships in the largest naval battle ever. The Battle of Jutland.

Fritz Haber is said to extended World War 1 at least 2 years because BASF (Bosch) was able to synthesize Anhydrous Ammonia and build nitrate.

Chile came to be known as the Saltpeter Republic. Today Chile is the most advanced republic in South America and they still are miners
supplying 1/3 of the world’s copper.   

“ Fertilizer is strictly an economic function….and when the price is too high producers will use less….so long as there is true free trade amongst the suppliers.  This is one reason why most producers are very leary of the Fertilizer Industry  old practices of soil building.   Fertilizer is an annual budget function.  If producers try to build soil with outside economic inputs they will soon discover that soil building is not economically efficient.     Conservation and No-tillage goes a long way to provid
e lower fertilizer costs.”  GJS.

Most corn producers could cut their Potash bill in half by using advanced fertilizer techniques such as VRT and Exactrix.

Not every country has been blessed with the ability to provide commercial fertilizer at a reasonable cost. 

The Potash deposits of the US ( New Mexico) are not near as extensive as the deposits around Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan deposits are very easy to mine and transport....The potash mines of Saskatchewan have a low cost of mining and are close to the mid-western corn and soybean rotation…about 180 million acres need the material in the US…. Thus the low cost miner can force out the US competition in New Mexico by reducing prices....and then when the US mine closes the price goes up.

Actually North Dakota has minable Potash right in the heart of the Williston Basin.  This evidently is part of the Saskatchewan formation that runs up to Regina.  More good news for North Dakota and Eastern Montana,  the leaders of the US energy economy. 

Unfair and deceptive trade practices by potash miners also sends the wrong signal to mine investors and governments around the world.

Potash Miner Vale Corporation of of the world’s largest miners of iron ore.....threw in the towel March 14, 13 on their Argentine Potash mine on the Rio Colorado, Mendoza Province....since they could not get a 3 billion dollar tax break from the Christina Kirschner’s Socialist Government.... actually the world market price is sliding away for Potash also.

Vale Corporation - Potasio Rio Colorado, Southern Mendoza Province, Argentina.

The inflation rate in Argentina is 25% and western investors do not want to own the Argentine Peso.

The Argentine Government and Vale have a dual problem of rampant inflation and a falling price for the commodity using Argentine suppliers and labor as a
concession to develop the mine which has great geographical significance for Brazil. 

Argentina has very little use for the material…it is Brazil that needs a close and rock solid supply of Potassium.

A $6 Billion investment ($2.1 billion to date) with a new 500 mile railroad to Bahia Blanco yet to be built..Most railroads are abandoned in Argentina due to some bad decisions in the 80’s and 90’s.

Vale is looking for a partner to invest, and nobody wants to invest in this deal due to the current market conditions and the Argentine Government.

Argentina, A future powerhouse in Potash.

Most railroads in Argentina including the Transcontinental Railroad are abandoned.

Chile is just the opposite with good transportation and good railroads…

Chile has a free market system, circa, Milton Friedman.

Chile knows how to mine and supply 1/3 of the worlds copper.

A model economy and political system for the all countries to admire in the southern hemisphere.

The Process of Exactrix.
        Exactrix is a mobile fertilizer factory on tracks or wheels.

he magic of Exactrix i
s  known to a few……and it has changed again in 2013….

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With the fifth year of development of the P-51C Mustang Openers….and the third year of  TAPPS and TAPPKTS testing with Hydra Hume…… Exactrix will continue to improve and change.

                                                      P-51 Mustang Openers
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Developing new goals and proprietary rules of nutrient application at 1% CV allowing NH3 crop utilization to be increased 166%.

Utilizing Mass Flow techniques to weigh the material and deliver at accuracies at .003 or 30 pounds in 10,000 pounds applied.

Reporting the application of nutrients telemetrically to the budget office computer or fertilizer dealer computer.  

Utilizing almost any type of controller from major suppliers of ISO or Can-Bus systems.

Allowing the full yield potential of each and every crop to be realized when the weather is right.

Developing outstanding phosphate performance utilizing high pressure orifice delivery of liquid NH3 to improve placed Phosphate efficiency between 200% to 300% over other methods of
Phosphate application.

Liquid Streaming Flows formulating TAPPS, TAPPKTS...Hydra Hume formed up as Ammonium Fulvate in a High pH reaction with NH3
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Providing root pattern geometric access in soils that are moist with .75 inches or greater of stored soil moisture in the top 1 foot….driving nutrient efficiency by avoiding air dry, brick hard soils using timing of nutrient application and high speed application.

                                                 (Click for more information) Exactrix Deere 1890)

A good tool in Great Plains winter wheat.Precision Banding. Pre-plant corn or side dressing wheat and or Precision Banding and Seeding tool.
A Great Fall Start with TAPPS and TAPPKTS wing injected.

Operating at speeds of 10 to 12 mph with single disc Mustang machines that can apply 1,000 acres per day and up .5 million pounds (250 tons/d) or $100,000 to $150,000 per day of crop nutrient.

Breaking yield barriers with only 7% of the crop gross income invested in Exactrix high quality fertilizer which is constantly achieved in center pivot irrigation of the Great Plains.

Forming a vermiculated crystal lattice of highly crop available and balanced nutrients without tillage leaving ideal seed beds for no-till drills and planters and thus saving moisture.

Forming vertical column nutrient balanced and precisely elongated bands which increases root targeting of nutrients by 10 times and allows for higher yield potential.

Utilizing endurance Exactrix Mustang openers that perform surgical soil cuts that elongate vertical deep bands from 7 inch depths to the aerobic zone….and yet simplistically sealing the soil surgical cut slot.  

Placing Nutrients bands in moist soil zones that allow growing roots to penetrate and colonize at improved soil depths improves yield potential.

Improved banding and distribution of crop nutrients at consistent soil moisture depths…… which has never before been achieved in No-till.

You do not need a lot to raise a lot.  

Click HERE to read more about the Deere Exactrix Wing Injection System

Exactrix owners continue to unravel the mystery of top yields at lowest production cost (cost per bushel produced) using Exactrix Process Management


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The new tool bar offering from Exactrix and Case at 50, 60 or 65 feet. ….Case IH 940 Tool Bar.

High Speed….with Vermiculated Crystalline Deep banding ranked in line or offset with Exactrix P-51C Vacuum Injection of TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Hydra Hume at 7 inch depth.

Lowest cost operation of any tool bar developed when 7 inch deep banding is considered.

Traveling at high speeds of 10 mph or at 50 feet 1.01 acres per minute to 1.313 acres per minute at 65 feet.   

The 940 has 5 section flex….and 7 section fold. Outside folding sections fold forward.  Wing wheels not required with Mustang Gyro counterweight depth bands.

19’ wide and 14’ high…..Folds very narrow at 18 foot 9 inch  transport width….about 1 foot under 20 feet. ….and is low in transport at 13 feet 9 inch which allows door height of 14 feet.

Has 7 sections that fold….the 6th and 7th section can be added in the field….and no wing wheels are required with Gyro Counter Weight Depth Bands.   

The 940 frame ships from Des Moines, Iowa….on a flatbed.

Openers and frame are assembled at customer location. Freight must be added.

Exactrix Sales engineers 940 cost is $61,500 at 50 feet…..$68,600 at 60 feet and $69,165 at 65 feet.

Typical Assembled cost with Gyro counter weights, at factory list pricing.  

50 feet at 15 inch centers. $142,700…set up cost $4,575 add sales engineers mark up is 10% for Frame or $6,150 sales engineer mark up with assembly is $10,725, or $153, 425.   

Estimate at least $$6,500 to $8,500 in delivery cost.

50 feet at 12 inch centers $162, 550.   Set up cost at $5,467.00 add sales engineers mark up for the Frame or $6,150 complete with assembly at $11,617 or $174,167.

Exactrix Mustang and Case 940 at 61.3 feet on 15 inch band spacing. Pre-plant banding in irrigated corn production. Good yields to 316 bushels per acre at band depths of 7 inch. Utilizing No-Tillage to drive corn yields higher.

Shelton, Nebraska. PG Farms

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