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Exactrix Report...The 500T is a Global Machine..... Exactrix and Yielder Technology Applied.
Case Parallelogram Seeding Openers

Exactrix has the Case Parallelogram Seeding Openers in house.  A very nice opener... 500T.



Setting up the Exactrix Banding NH3 version for field trials...CEWI...will be the htm....Case Exactrix Wing Injection...and Wingless Injection of NH3 and TAPPS.  Coming Soon!




CASE has a 100% turn around in machine design.....with Parallelogram Movement...can carry 34,000 to 36,000 pounds in transport.


Looks like a good machine. The openers are impressive....Has really moved the ball down the the opener department.


Lots of new patents on this machine.

Exactrix Report...Major Advancements Of the Case 500T Seeder. CEWI Technology.

1. The Seed Release Scraper is held on a pivot…not a floating type moving in all directions like the SDX….This better design allows the more significant release of the irregular Garbanzo Bean seed...due to the open design of the seed throat.....Garbanzo Beans might work at the opener better than the Deere design...not sure but it does look better in the seed release area.  The so called seed lock wheel is gone….and they are disappearing on the Deere 1890.  

2. The parallelogram opener is a good terrain hugging design. The opener angle maintains uniform depth control of seed placement.  The horizontal lower link has a solid pin design with a heavy load rating. The lower link bearing is oil impregnated, sintered bronze which is more tolerant to corrosion than bronze....the Upper link has a replaceable hard bushing. A  Heavy duty hard pin is in service on the lower link.  With 64 openers in service on a 40 foot machine the critical fact is that every part must be just right.  

The 500T and the tow between and tow behind 500 precision disc seeders is a Parallelogram Seeder and should provide powerful depth control in the rolling Palouse and quick terrain changes…The critical angle of attack is relative to the angle of the slope allowing for less wear and tear  of the opener and ideal seed placement. Operators of corn planters know the critical convergence point must be maintained on a planter with a Parallelogram Linkage.  The seeder has all the great features of a planter without singulation of the seed. The linkage is capable of heavy loads.  

3.  The carbon Earth Metal coulter blade thickness is 3/16 inch and single edged. Edged to the seed side. Edge could be reversed to banding only. 133% more blade thickness  than typical of other seeders.  

4.  More wear life is needed with 40 foot machines taking out the 60 to 84 foot shank seeders. Therefore Carbide is located at critical locations on the scraper. Just as well get ready for lots of acres with carbide included in the purchase of the machine.   

5. The 500T has a much better design with the carbide scraper coil spring retaining the scraper contact to the coulter blade. This spring should apply a more even pressure and is well retained from flying corn stalks.  

6.  The 18 inch diameter blade angle is 7 degrees and the blade is not compound angle like a double disc opener. The blade angle is in a flat single angle. This flat 7 degree angle allows seeding in tillage systems where the SDX did not seed in tillage systems due to a compound blade angle at 22.5 inch.  

7.   The hydraulic cylinder pins and  the wing cylinders are sized up to the next level...with 1.25 inch pins and 5 inch cylinder diameter.  

8.  For Hillside farmers and producers with lots of tight field entry problems the 500T is designed for difficult terrain. The frame is 10 inch deep section, welded construction. The frame design is rather unique for hillside application and tight, off road, field entry. The frame straddles the obstacle with a wider gauge width separation of the front caster wheels as compared to the narrower gauge width of the rear frame wheels.  

This wider load transfer straddle of the front axles allows the front and rear walking beam axles to move independently and follow quick terrain changes. The front offset straddle follows the terrain change and yet supports the machine weight as the center of gravity changes. The tire rating indicates that the 40 foot machine can support 35,000 pounds mainly because of this walking beam design in two gauge widths of a “V” shaped straddle.    

9.  The 500T seeding disc hub has been greatly improved compared to other types of single disc openers.  A large cast, ¾ inch flange with heavy ½ inch bolts retain the bearings in a sealed housing. Other low cost single disc openers use a light grey cast 3/8” flange with 3/8 carriage bolts that can easily fail in turning or banding on slopes.   

10.   Imbedded down pressure rates are in variable pressure design …..with changing seed opener down pressures in highly variable terrain requires an Independent Variable Rate Spring ....and this is very good when seeding through compound slope angles,  waterway drainage areas, and Kansas parellogram design the point of engagement in hillside operation remains the same. Variable Rate Springs are able to produce more down pressure ranges in a greater time line in the parallelogram design.  

11.  More than likely the 10 inch machine is the best choice....the 7.5 inch machine should have weight added to the opener and not to the frame....about 75 pounds per opener will make the 7.5 inch machine seed correctly. Weight  the opener down before the machine goes to the field.  The producer can save millions of dollars over the life of the machine.  

12.  The Hill planter option could be quite viable.  The 500T may be the best choice in Hill Planting due to exceptionally good depth control.  

13. The opener itself is such a great improvement over other types of single disc drills….this 500T is like a change in the weather following a severe drought… the 500T has a chance of driving the No-till  farming system to the top in all areas of the world. The 500T is a Global Machine ….a great machine for cover cropping….and the 500T can band NH3 and TAPPS…with the current Exactrix Technology …. Exactrix should be ready for Husker Harvest days with CEWI technology. .  CEWI, Case Exactrix Wing Injection of NH3 and TAPPS.  

14. One of the most powerful everyday features that operators will promote right from the tractor seat is the 14 point, T Bar, slotted tapered recess, depth adjustment. The seed opener depth adjustment is quick and positive for setting independent depth control for tractor tracks.  As the crop rotation changes, or the moisture line moves away from the seed zone,  the operator can quickly and positively change seeding depth from shallow to 3.5 inch depth of seed placement. 

15. The opener has only one grease zerk on the depth control cross shaft. The depth control cross shaft requires lubrication every 50 hours.   

16. Adjustable down pressure from the cab with the 700 Pro. The operator can set three opener down pressure ratings from the tractor cab.   This feature alone will pay for the entire machine in western conditions.  

17. The closing wheel has three pressure setting and much more durable in semi-pneumatic design.  

18. The 500T Precision Disk drill will have many more improvements from specialty manufacturers. The final complement will come from companies like Ag Pro, Martin, Exapta, Exactrix, Hill Planters, etc. as the machine is exposed to many unanticipated applications.    

19. Maybe the Case engineers went and found an old International M series Drill in Single Disc option and decided that the International Harvester engineers in 1929/1959 had it all figured out.  The M series had a 30 year run and was one of the greatest drills ever built. Back in days when you rode the drill and watched the seed cups meter accurately.  The 500T could be another great model run.  The M is still in service today.




Metering System

Looks like the metering system is the risk part of the 500T unit for Garbonzo Growers. But so are all the others.
A Monosem may be better.

Canola producers will want the individual port metering....

Fan is quite small...and I think it will be a winner.

Ag Pro Metering could be considered.




Tillage and No-tillage....Precision Disk 500T Single Disk Air Drill | Case IH

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