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Making Ammonia With The Wind.

Building Low cost NH3 in Green Play.  
Our target, $100 to $300 per ton.  
At $100 per ton at 1 cent per KW.

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Pritchett….Best high quality wind in Colorado….and top notch location to pick up producers in OK, TX and Kansas.  Will ask for a variance to go with Rocky Mountain Doubles to 150,000 lbs to Dalhart.  


A great location for shipping ammonia in Rocky Mountain Doubles….and some special allowance to run on 1-70 as they do with Triples today to Goodland.….Ideal location for North, South, West to East to Quinter, KS.

Ammonia is not a carcinogen.  As stated by several scientific sources.

Is ammonia a carcinogen?

There is no evidence that ammonia causes cancer. Ammonia has not been classified for carcinogenic effects by EPA, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), or the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Ammonia can also have beneficial effects, such as when it is used as a smelling salt.Jan 21, 2015 

Ammonia is naturally occurring in the body.  

Can smelling ammonia hurt you?

In the air: Breathing low concentrations of ammonia (for example, gases from cleaning products) may cause coughing and nose and throat irritation. Depending on the concentration of exposure, length of time and way the person is exposed, lung damage or death could occur.

 Ammonia NH3 or ammonium NH4 is critical to form amino acids and proteins….

  • About 2/3 of our planet is alive because we figured out how to feed people with NH3, the third largest industrial process in the world.  
  • That is about 5 plus Billion people….we can only support 2.1 Billion people without NH3.  

What types of nitrogen are dangerous.

  • It is important to note that 2nd and 3rd tier derivatives of Ammonia are Urea in second tier URAN and UAN in third tier.
  • URAN and UAN is also referred to as 32-0-0 and 28-0-0 and are 25% nitrate. The products are mobile volatile and dangerous if handled incorrectly in the manufacture such as West Texas Explosion, the Oklahoma City Bombing and The Texas Shipping Canal explosion with nitrate on board
  • These are the materials that are dangerous to society since they have been converted to negative valence allowing for mobility in water.  
  • Nitrates are known to kill fish and the root cause of Blue Baby Syndrome.
  • Nitrates must be below 10 ppm in the drinking water.
  • It is a fact that the ammonia application was mismanaged 20 years ago.
  • For sure 32-0-0 was over used  and still is…over the years this has created an image problem. All of which are prior to Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS formulators with Mustang openers.

Ammonia Provides Ample Warning of it’s presence.

Can smelling ammonia hurt you?

In the air: Breathing low concentrations of ammonia (for example, gases from cleaning products) may cause coughing and nose and throat irritation. Depending on the concentration of exposure, length of time and way the person is exposed, lung damage or death could occur. 

So what is the good news about ammonia?

  • It is preferred by the crop for top yields by not having to two step nitrate back to ammonium….an 18% energy loss.
  • It is stable in the soil and raises the best crops economically since it cannot be surface applied and it connects with carbohydrates (roots) in the soil as NH4.
  • It is low cost and the new energy source to carve out Green House Gas….Fossil fuels are fading when looking ahead to 2030.
  • It provides ample warning of a leak at 2 ppm. Thus the NH3 has a warning system…it warns the producer of maintenance and repair is required.
  • It is hard to tolerate at 10 pam. It provides ample advance warning to leave the area or close a valve.
  • It can knock out or drive the producer to leave the area at 50 to 100 ppm.
  • Great safety equipment is available. Handlers can use a carbon filtered mask to avoid inhalation. We have those available if required. It is mandated by Indiana state law….Gloves, goggles and a face cover mask are required when filling and working on a system.
  • It is deemed safe to handle…..and has a better safety record than propane use.
  • Indiana has some of best and strictest state laws in the Nation for handling Anhydrous Ammonia, circa the State Chemists office. We can provide that current information.

The best environmental product. NH4+ is positive valence and stable in the soil where it is placed as TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zn.  

It is important to note that only Exactrix offers a non-carcinogenic (No N-Serve) answer to nitrogen stabilization by stopping and slowing Nitrosomonas conversion of NH4 in the soil to N20, NO2 and NO3.  This is accomplished with a bacteriastat, Zinc Sulfate combined with the NH3 flow.  The Zinc binds the Copper Co-factor of the Nitrosomonas and forces a static condition of the bacteria. This is also done with a Zinc Nano Particle application into the flow of the NH3.  Zinc is a critical plant nutrient and used commonly in human health to control bacteria like staphylococcus and streptococcus.  

Exactrix meets or exceeds University of Nebraska, N2O, Nitrous Oxide loss to the atmosphere by banding NH3 at 1%CV at 300 psi and combining liquid fertilizers at a depth to 8 inches in the soil with Mustang openers. This is the anaerobic zone and well hidden from weeds in  a tight narrow ½ inch wide band without tillage.

Your Great Plains Reporter.  

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The 2017 Agronomy Review.

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