2017 Compendium

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May 27_2018 Park the Planter. ....Must have 65 gallons per acre in the row.
May 21_2018 Winter Canola at 140 bushels per acre on 30 inch row spacing.
May 14_2018 A Spokane Symphony of Spuds. Not all men were created to raise seed potatoes.
May 13_2018 News about Yielder 4015, Mustang. High Speed Deep banding TAPPS and TAPPKTS Formulators for Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Canola and Soybeans.
Apr. 22_2018 Uniform NH4 in the deck, in liquid streaming flows, It works.
Mar. 20_2018 Young Farmers Get Help.  Winter Canola is 4 times Better Than Winter Wheat or Spring Canola.  University of Idaho, Winter Canola, Vs Winter Wheat, vs Spring
Mar. 16_2018

Solving the Palouse Problem. The Problem: 5,000 generations to build and 4 generations to alter the land and tear it apart.  

Mar. 13_2018 The Cover Up on the XIT
Mar. 02_2018 Winter Canola Goes North of 20 cents by July. 15 and 30 inch standard Spacing, SRS, Side Dress Nutrients.
Feb. 28_2018 It Works Every Time Across North America.
Feb. 27_2018 Lake Erie and the Palouse Clean Up. The Roots of No-Tillage and Fertilizer Placement.
Feb. 14_2018

True Stories after 80 years of Engineering Excellence with NH3.  The 2018 Agriculture Scenario vs. the 1938 return to profitability. An Agricultural No-tillage Revolution.

Feb. 11_2018 Raise 300 bushel corn with $64.00 nutrient expense. Level 300 producers with VRT-Site Specific.
Feb. 06_2018 Exactrix Update. Dryland and Irrigated Winter Canola and Double Crop, SDI
Reverse Feeder Dike. SRS-1  Spokane, WA., Ag Expo - Feb. 6, 7, & 8, 2018
Feb. 02_2018 The New Anhydrous Ammonia,  NH3e breaks record in Idaho Hard Red Winter Wheat.
Jan. 29_2018

NH3, A Better Hydrogen Source. Use less, get more. “If it cost less, raises more crop, and producers use less, then you have built a pretty good product. ”The payback is
most likely one crop or less.

Jan. 22_2018 Late October, 300 miles south of Grand Prairie, Alberta. 500 miles south of Manning Alberta at 58 degrees North.
Jan. 18_2018 Questions Answered, Why No-tillage is different. Emergence of Soft White Winter Wheat with Water Injection.
Jan. 12_2018

Two Records Set, Nitrogen and Phosphate Application, NUE at .5 lbs. N/Bu/A. Set at Dalhart Texas.

Jan. 04_2018 Uniform NH4, NH3 Pricing .Soybeans, Corn, Milo, Sudan, Iron Chlorosis, Platte Valley Yellows.  Potential for July NH3 Price drop, More soybeans indicated. Low $125 per Ton, New Orleans, High $450 per Ton Iowa
Dec.29, 2017 Why Stick With It? News About Water. Dr. Noori, OSU, Imbibed Seed, SRS, Abscisic Acid, Wheat, Winter Canola. OSU, WSU, U of I, KSU, Dr. Noori.
Dec.18, 2017 Two Brand New John Deere Tractors Get No Respect.  The Underground Herd Moves to the Feedlot. Exactrix Update on Dairy Manure.
 A big Award from the Washington State Dairy Commission, Emissions and Worms.
Dec.11, 2017 Drive Seed Costs Down with a Yield Jump.  Seed Row Saturation, The SRS Challenge.
Seed Row Saturation has improved with Exactrix SRS systems.
Nov.13, 2017

Exactrix Plots a Solution. Thio-sul gets a little More, about 11 bushels. Fall Banded. Kevin Medow, Land Values ready for upward trend. It takes Less to Raise More.

Nov.08, 2017 Deere Owners, 10 Tips and Hints. The 1890 machine must be re-rated. If it is No-tillage, If you want an improved stand in all cropping scenarios, it is best solved with a Swing Arm Weight of 65 to 105 lbs. Stack Weights.
Oct. 31, 2017 Way up North in October,  The SDX is the undisputed the king of fixed angle openers and 3 to 4 inch banding
Sept. 09, 2017 Adding Billions of Dollars of Cash Flow For Soybean Producers. What Adds 20 to 30 million acres to Exactrix Market Potential?
Sept. 07, 2017 Making More Money In No-tillage Farming. And with less risk.
Aug.24, 2017 2017 Compendium - CANOLA
Aug.22, 2017 Winter Canola, The Wonder Crop of the Great Plains.
Aug.21, 2017 Changing Kansas Machinery Needs. Why and How is SRS similar to Seed Priming. Discussions of Osmo Priming, Zinc Sulfate, Corn, Canola, Wheat and others.
Aug.10, 2017 Yields go up 13% in Canola. Ursa environmental disaster, but Sulfur as Thio-Sul still made a big difference.
Aug.09, 2017 The Germination Trigger.
 How do get a No-till stand in Kansas Soybean production.
Aug 01, 2017 Get The correct information, No questions left unanswered.
July 29, 2017 Guy J Swanson Announces Two Exactrix Meetings and Seminars.
July 17, 2017 Profitable, Complementary and Powerful Winter Canola Acreage
will increase up to 4 times, Canola Plots. At Hugoton.
 Storm Ursa, Discoveries. SRS, Hybrids, Thio-sul. MGPA.
July 07, 2017 NH3 pricing, $245 per ton or about $147 per ton Exactrix Equivalent.
June 29, 2017 Champion of Winter Canola, Greg "Killer" Sederstrom, Sederstrom Uses Magic, At Goodland, KS. Winter Canola is great.
June 28, 2017 A big deal in Texas, Manganese Deficiency on the XIT
with Andy Cover of Cover Farms.
June 13, 2017 Reducing Planting Costs up to $80 per acre.
Water Savings, UNL, McClure, SRS, Yielder, Hypocotyl.
June 09, 2017 Record Yields, Reduced Costs, Red Alert for Corn Producers.
Why Exactrix TAPPS Is So Successful
May 30, 2017 What Is Better Than A Cover Crop?
Winter Canola, Has the potential to bring good revenues and clean up ground and outperform cover cropping.
May 23, 2017 The 100 year Story of Winter Canola.
May 10, 2017 Moving On, Available to Exactrix Owners and Top Notch Producers going to 260 to 280 bushels per acre Corn. Monosem Planter, Exactrix P-51C Mustang Openers, Moore Built Tool Bar. Hand and Glove. A powerful combination with Fall Banding of TAPPS
Apr.22, 2017 Winter Canola, moves ahead, Hittle, McClure, Mercedes.
 April 14,17, 20 inch planted, Mustang TAPPS Exactrix Banded.
Apr.10, 2017 Improving Agricultural Economics with a change in rotation. Raising a crop that has demand.
Mar.24, 2017 The Little B, Boron, Corn, Canola, Milo, Sunflower. Wheat, Alfalfa, Triticale, Seed Production Crops, Certain crops are very sensitive to Boron.
Mar.17, 2017 Powering Up Winter Canola At Dormancy Break. An Update, Hugoton Gas Field Exactrix Clinic, Kansas. 4 to 5 inch spacing on 20 inch. Big Plant with survival.
Mar.16, 2017 Finally, Ethanol does out compete gasoline, 5 more years it will be 50% of gasoline GHG Emissions.
Feb.27, 2017 High Oil Content Winter Canola, Exactrix TATS Side Dress Growing Canola with Thio-sul®, NH3, cZn. Exactrix Update and Meeting at Hugoton, Feb. 28, March 1, 2017.
Feb.24, 2017

High Oil Content Winter Canola, Exactrix TATS Side Dress Growing Canola with TATS.

Feb.21, 2017

News about raising Canola, the Five Big Bets, at Hugoton, it is working well.

Feb.03, 2017 We found the problem.  Winter Canola in Washington State. Dryland.
Jan.17, 2017 Roll the dice twice with Winter Canola.
Jan.02, 2017

Yielder® Technology Produces 264 bu./A to 278 bu./A average yields.  Corn Efficiency Record Set With Exactrix®.

Dec.29, 2016 Plant Nutrient Engineering, Agronomy, Economics, Exactrix Guide, 2017.Highest Yields achieved, Exactrix owners make more money.
Nov. 30, 2016 Winter Canola has excellent returns when matched with top notch management.
Nov. 08, 2016 Black Dirt Days, Only A Memory.
Oct. 21, 2016 Less Winter Wheat And More Winter Canola, The Market Says So.
Oct. 11, 2016 Interesting Facts about Kansas, Southwestern Explorer Report, Great Plains Reporter.
Aug. 23, 2016 Exactrix Winter Canola, Fall Establishment,
Winter Hardiness, Fertilizer Practices.
June.15. 2016 Up The Big N, Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow,
 Another High Water Mark in Washington State and Idaho.
Apr. 09. 2016 Get Technology On Your Side Of The Fence.