North America's Highest Corn yields at .5 lbs.
N (NH3) per bushel. Field Wide Average 325 bushel per acre corn the low cost way.

Here are two videos for young farmers that need to know.

Calculating Corn Yields. You will need a tape ruler to confirm a few dimensions, and a note pad.

Bigger yields and advanced planning with Exactrix Test Plots.

The Dalhart Double Down on the XIT. Making lots of money the low cost way.

At Dalhart, Texas, Andy and Cody Cover are reporting Exactrix corn to have exceptional yields based on pre-harvest estimates.

The corn yield indications are coming in at 325 bushels per acre.

Using a typical calculator the CPS agronomist has made the estimates, as shown in the video.

This will come very close to setting another world record of .52 lbs. of N(Ammonium) producing 1 bushel of grain. 340 bushel per acre would be .5 lbs. of N per bushel.

The previous record is at Hugoton, KS, Ben McClure at .585 lbs. N per bushel using VRT-Site Specific TAPPS.

The previous record is at Hugoton, KS, Ben McClure at .585 lbs. N per bushel using VRT-Site Specific TAPPS.

Andy and Cody Cover with their Mustang Tool Bar. A great start with TAPPS directly under each corn row and also mid-row for V-5 corn.

The Mustang design allows for Instantly side dressed V-5 corn in late May with 15 inch TAPPS formulators and Mustangs.

Each pivot and every acre is side dressed the same day without compaction and without damage to corn at the lands.

The large diameter blades 24 or 26.5 diameter optional are 3/8 inch or ½ inch thick and built from Yielder Manganese steel.

The Mustang P-51C opener bands to a 7 to 8 inch depth without tillage at high speed. Gyro counter weights maintain directional stability at high speeds.

The tool bar and planter run together if required since the bands are dilute and very deep. 

A late April application is shown just before the planter pass about 1 week later.

Typically the irrigation net margin is improved $150 per acre. Dryland crop production margin is improved $60 to $80 per acre.

A substantial investment and paid for in the first 2,000 acres.

The Sandy Soils (Dust Bowl damaged) are P-51C Mustang banded to a 7 inch depth in vermiculated bands.

The Exactrix TAPPS bands are 1% uniform in liquid streaming flows with 150 lbs. N as NH3 and 15 gallons of APP/Thio-sul and Ammoniated Zinc Total 170 lbs. N, 30 lbs. P. 20lbs. S as Thio-Sul with Pioneer 1197.

No additional N was added with the center pivot.

Why is Dalhart The Corn Yield Capital of Texas?

Dalhart, TX is known for high corn yields with several factors producing a wide geographic area of high yields.

Dalhart is within 60 to 80 miles of the eastern slope of Rocky Mountains with peaks above 8,000 feet. Thus cooler temperatures prevail during the pollination or silking period.

The highest eastern peak of the Rocky Mountains is Sierra Grande at 8,723 feet.

The Dalhart Slope, 5,400 feet of drop from Sierra Grande at Des Moines, New Mexico to the Canadian River close to XIT HQ at Channing, Texas.

The 4,000 foot altitude of the Dalhart area means more intense daylight or radiation since the atmosphere is slightly less dense.

The annual average rainfall is 17 inches. About 2.25 inches average per month between May and September. Lots of sunlight results with cool nights.

“When it is 90 degrees at Dalhart, Texas the temperature could easily be 100 degrees on the Cimarron River at Hugoton, KS. “ GJS.

Ample daylight with less cloud cover is observed. The angle of the sun makes some difference for the corn growth with a 36 degree latitude. On June 22, the area has about 14.5 hours of day length.

Dalhart is also in a punch bowl facing a tilted volcanic plateau or a sharply angled Rocky Mountain portal to the Great Plains.

Dalhart is at the eastern base of a 2,500 elevation drop plateau. This plateau averages about 60 miles in length of the Great Plains Portal of the Santa Fe Trail.

Dalhart has a true down slope flow of dry and cooler air coming in from the New Mexico Plains.

Dalhart is on the edge of one of the world’s largest underground lakes. The water source from the Ogallala Aquifer is well above average in quality and volume.

The soils are sandy in several areas of the field. The soil pH is 8.1 to 8.5 allowing good mineralization by soil bacteria.

The application of solution 32-0-0 with a center pivot is not very crop available. Upwards of 350 pounds of N/A ($175 per acre at 50 cent N) is applied with the center pivot in the past.

The Santa Fe trail is about 120 miles north at Hugoton,KS with much higher daytime temperatures at 10 degrees F at an altitude of 3,200 feet.

Exactrix Uniform Test plots are going in at Dalhart TX using a TAPPS formulator and a Mustang 15 spacing tool bar….the machine is banding at the 7 inch depth.

Two bands and one plant row. Planting directly on top of the band.

The planter will plant directly on top of the primary 15 inch band leaving another secondary 15 inch band for lateral root expansion
at V-5.

This technique has been tested 2 years at Hugoton, KS. So for farmers that are strip tillers…this is very similar except the 2 TAPPS bands per row are dilute and will not burn corn.

The planter and the Exactrix Mustang TAPPS bander can run in the field together.

Get Ready for the Dalhart Double Down Report. How do they do that?

Check out for reports about Exactrix TAPPS formulators.

How big is Texas?

The XIT at Dalhart, Texas was formed to build the capital in Austin, Texas with no debt.

Dalhart is closer to 5 state capitals than it is to Austin, Texas.

Dalhart in 1901 was initially a railroad town with two transcontinental railroads crossing at this major intersection.

Guy Swanson
Your Great Plains Reporter.

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