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Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar 4015, Tango Foxtrot flexible. 
Case 420 Row Track

Banding Depth to 8.25 inch. P-51CUE Mustang openers with 3/8 x 26.5 inch diameter blades extreme double edged with threaded TIO’s and 3 product capability using 85 lb. Gyro Counter Weights is $4,417 each.
Banding Depth to 7 inch. P-51C Mustang openers with 3/8 x 24 inch blades, single edged, Press-in TIO’s and 3 product capability with 65 lb. Gyro Counter Weight is $3,829 each.

At 15 inch band spacing, Qty. 24 required at 30 feet or Qty 32 required at 40 feet.

Boss Approved in Series 3 TAPPS Formulator systems for 3 and 4 product delivery in VRT-Site Specific application.

A three section design for auto boom at 12 mph.

Tango or Foxtrot. You name the dance. This tool bar is ready from 120 to 160 inch gauge. Adjustable gauge width lift assist to match up for specialty crops. Cradle mount clamps allow adjustment.

Super wide gauge for dryland hillside at 160 inches in combination with a modified Center of Gravity slide table. Step Center Mustang openers allow in line mounting with no frame set-backs.

Row widths of 20, 22, 30, 34, 36, 38, 40. Wing extensions can be installed for 35 feet widths using the 30 foot frame. And 45 foot widths using the 40 foot frame.

Held on the planet with a Steiger 420 Row Track at 50,000 lbs. utilizing a 20,000 lb. 3 point.

Parking position shown supporting up to 20,000 lbs. on the adjustable stands.


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