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The Big Four in Giant Corn Crops.
Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado.

Giant Crop coming

4 producers are very close to beating Steve McCasland record at Yuma, Colorado.
Steve averaged 316 bushels per acre with Exactrix TAPPS and Mustangs on 15 inch in 2014.

Steve McCasland Breaks Record. Side Dress Banding Technique improves chances but raises costs in tillage. What UNL says about the 2017 corn corp.

“Juan the Stripper” Kramer Seed, Hugoton, KS averaged 278 bushel per acre on one pivot at Hugoton in 2016.

1. Zero Manure in the Kramer Seed system in sandy soil….top notch production with Rotational Band Loading over 9 years.
2. No-tillage and Strip Tillage is used.
3. Ben says, “the crop is bigger and better in 2017”.
4. The whole system is coming together at Kramer Seed as Ben Approaches Level 300.
5. TAPPS and TAPPKTS formulation in Strip Till.
6. All VRT-Site Specific. Single Disc and Strip Till.
7. Total nutrient investment, $64.00 per acre in 2017, Shooting for 6% to 8% of the gross income for nutrients in 2017.


A Previous Best in 2016, Ben McClure Managing Partner of Kramer Seed brought the highest return in NUE at .585 lbs. N per bushel produced.

Ben McClure Video
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In 2017…the nutrient cost is $64.00 per acre with a 300 bushel yield potential using Exactrix VRT-Site Specific.

1. Rotational Band Loading is working. all with Exactrix TAPPS, TAPPKTS, Micros at 1% CV of application,

2. A power play with VRT-Site Specific with Exactrix strip Till on 30 inch.

3. Net Dollars and a better return with an increasing Margin, at least a 12% better margin on every acre in VRT-Site Specific.

The Panhandle of Texas, 4,000 feet elevation, Big Yielding corn going to the largest Dairies in the USA, 10,000 head and more per dairy.
1. The Texas Panhandle is Home of the XIT and high quality, Ogallala water.

2. Dalhart is the unwritten and well understood Republican Headquarters for Texas.

3. A Democrat must pack a lunch bucket to pass through the Panhandle of Texas.

4. Austin is the state capital and the XIT at Channing built it.

5. Six State capitals are closer to Dalhart, TX than their state capital at Austin, TX.

6. The landscape and the people of The Texas Panhandle have a special state of mind anda unique place in this historical Big Country.

Andy and Cody Cover have two farms.

1. Firstly, one soil type is a silt loam or a tighter soil and closer to Dumas, Texas.

2. Secondly, the big yielding farm is a Sandy Silt Loam about 5 miles North of Channing, Texas.

The Dalhart Double Down, Getting on top of variability, with valuable data for the future.

1. A series of high quality test plots.
2. A chance to make good, high quality information to share with Exactrix owners and certain fertilizer dealers.
3. Exactrix offers $1,000 paid for Randomized and Replicated STEEP test plots with a weigh wagon and a participating independent authority.

On target the First Year, Level 300 Club at Dalhart, Andy Cover...Binary Banding, Mustang, TAPPS, TAPPKTS, Micros, Manure history in Sandy Low OM Soil at .6% or less than 1% OM.
140 to 170 total pounds N as NH3 and APP/ATS/KTS.

1. Using the UNL estimating system, 345 bushel averages showing up in estimates, 20 around and 45 up, 900 kernels, per ear at
    32,000 population.
2. Pioneer 1197 and 1257.
3. A 300 bushel average would be unlikely the first year with Exactrix and no VRT-Site specific application.
4. Binary Banding changes the game plan. Drives the yield potential even higher with 100% seminal root access to TAPPS and TAPPKTS at emergence.
5. Yielder® Technology makes bigger margins and top yields.

UNL field estimates...moving into Black Layer...15 to 20 days for the final Dalhart Double Down. Potential for a world record at .485 lbs. N per bushel....Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Binary Banding.

News from Rick.

Rick Engelmeyer in Nebraska talks about his 2015 Corn Harvest and crediting Exactrix for his fine yield. Short Version Rick Engelmeyer in Nebraska talks about his 2015 Corn Harvest and crediting Exactrix for his fine yield. Complete Version

Level 300 Club, Rick Engelmeyer, Beemer, NE Tillage P-51C, 30 inch at 140 to 170 lbs. N per acre.

1. Farm averages could hit 275 to 295 bushels per acre....some fields have 300 plus bu. per acre corn yield estimates in

2. First Green chop field of 108 day corn came in at 270 bushels per acre.

3. Rick Engelmeyer. 3.5% OM in 50 year manure rotation, 2,500 head cattle, 1,000 pigs....150 lbs. Exactrix N will raise 300 bushel

4. Potential for a world record at .5 lbs. N per bushel.

Fall Banding TAPPS and TAPPKTS North of York and west of Seward, NE.
No-tillage Corn on Corn, Seed Corn and Corn on Beans producer, Kevin Medow.

Kevin Medow, moving ahead with precision seeding and banding of TAPPS. TAPPKTS

Uniformity is the key.

News from Kevin.

Very close to the highwater mark at Seward, NE.

Level 300 Club, Kevin Medow, Tamora/Seward, NE, 118 day corn, 20 days away to harvest. Typical high yields, No VRT,

Making good use of technology to stabilize nitrogen applied after Nov. 1.

1. STEEP plots with the best corn nitrogen scientists.
2. Heavy Duty Plot work lifts the future of the fertilizer industry on the Platte River Valley.
3. Producers get a major jump in efficiency. Exactrix owners moving their work load to the fall post-harvest period.

“It takes less to raise more.” Exactrix Process Management makes a big difference for a top notch manager.

CropWatch Corn Yield Forecasts - September, 20 

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