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Idaho's National Award Winner in Nutrient Management.

Genesee ID., is famous for lots of different crops, up to 7 different crops in rotation and all of them are not Roundup Ready.

Genesee, Idaho, Eric Odberg, September, 26, 2017, Garbanzo’s harvested 1 month earlier followed by Soft White Winter Wheat.
Genesee Idaho is famous for lots of different crops, up to 7 different crops in rotation and all of them are not Roundup Ready.

Saving soil and keeping root channels in place. Up to 4 more inches of soil stored moisture and a warmer more alive soil.

Eric Odberg has a good view of the Moscow Mountains of the Palouse Range.
The White Pine Forest of Idaho reaches to higher altitudes to the Bitterroot Range of the Montana Divide.
Volcanic ash from the Cascade Volcanoes assured the highest quality farmland in Idaho.

This North East facing, 50% to 60% slope was originally too steep to farm. But No-tillage made it happen. 
The slope is highly productive and loaded with life giving carbon from a grassland history.
The slope is so unruly that Eric’s uncle Ed Morken calls it, “The Mistake.” 

One of the first Deere 1895’s with 14 years of service.
Balanced perfectly at 30 feet to climb and hold steep slopes with a BFT.

Over-powered in flatland at 500 plus horsepower and able to climb straight up in most cases. No better machine combination has been discovered for No-tilling steep farm land.

Exactrix Mass Flow system is Metering NH3 on slopes compounded to 65%. Only Mass Flow can make a 1% CV of delivery in all pressure, temperature and slope angles.

Case Steiger tractors have 5 roller track frames with internal oscillation of the mid-wheels. A patented design worth copying.
This allows the Case Steiger to carry up to 10,000 more pounds of weight without damaging the soil as compared to 4 roller track frames.

Looping corners with Auto-Boom is nutrient efficiency.
The tillage boys leave their corners. A wasteful practice and good way to reduce yields.

The 1895 is disturbing the soil more than the Bourgault 3710 observed at the SHB.
The Bourgault 3710/3720 has a more advanced design in openers and frame.

Bourgault uses larger blades with a parallelogram design.

The parellogram assures the opener engages the soil at a standard narrow angle.

The Deere openers operate on a swing arm and disturb the soil more as the opener swings forward to adjust for the changing frame height.

No doubt the Deere design is losing ground in steep slopes due to excessive soil movement.

The Deere opener is also designed for tillage systems and does not have compound angle opener blades. The openers are not true No-tillage openers.

Bourgault also uses a compound angle in the seeding opener which slithers through the soil with very little soil movement.

The Bourgault 3710/20 is a true No-till drill based on frame weight and opener design.

Pin lockers on the front casters are helpful in pulling straight on steep ground. Seed row 10-34-0 is applied on 10 inch centers. Mid-row banders apply Exactrix NH3, 10-34-0, 12-0-0-26S.
Thio-sul with APP forms TAPPS and is more stable and applied deeper in the soil with Exactrix 19.1 x 5/16 blades and steel hubs.

Wherever there is high yield potential the Exactrix system at 1% CV adjusts automatically using Trimble Control. Uniformity of application is the key to top notch yields.

Study the VRT-Site Specific application Map, 5 zones at 1% CV of application. Ready to Roll for a big winter wheat crop in the 135 to 165 bushel per acre range. High value land for dryland wheat production.
The money crop is Garbanzos.

Eric has a powerful program for reducing nutrient costs and getting the most out every pound of nutrient applied.
Nutrients are saved back for the high yielding zones, the hilltops have a very low rate of application zone.
Next time we will get you the maps and the print out.

That is almost 2 million pounds of NH3 on the Micro Motion Mass Flow Totalizer. This means 375,278 gallons of NH3 has been applied since the meter was installed. That is about 44 transport loads since the advanced meter was installed about 7 years ago.

The meter can only be reset by the Exactrix staff. It is tamper proof to allow the sale of NH3 at the application point. A good deal for producers and the fertilizer dealers that make billing mistakes.

Fertilizer dealers prefer to measure the sale at the applicator to improve accuracy and avoid negotiations after the application. Cell phones are used to photograph the meter daily and at the beginning and end of application.

Find the AB line, probably not with roll, pitch, and yaw and implement skew. Lots more acres to cover in hillside farming with up to 15% more acres in a hillside section.
Some ground is just too steep to climb. The climbing ends at about 45%. The contour begins at 45% to 65%.

The tillage boys cannot do this.
No-tillage after 15 years, the land will not erode and allows the operator to drive straight up and down the slopes.

A No-tillage power play saving soil and time.

That is steep ground and Eric is auto-steering where he can. There is the AB line right up and over the top in No-tillage, climbing up to 45% slopes.

Power in reserve to climb with the big Case Quad Track.
The engine builds torque and is dropping to 1,300 rpm at the peak of the torque curve from 2,000 rpm with virtually no track slip. A well balanced tractor.

The Exactrix 2KC and 2KP automatically responds rapidly in a zone change in about 1 second to the change in ground speed. The systems adjusts every 1/10th second.

The machine will accurately meter at .002 levels of accuracy at the lowest flows to the highest flows in the script.
A dream come true for a VRT-site specific practitioner.
Pressure of application and pump rpms are observed as the machine passes into new management zones.

“Let me do the driving. I will straighten out the mark. “ Good luck on accomplishing a correction on 65% compound angles. Experience is the only answer in making a good pass.

Looks like the producers are seeing better times ahead.

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Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records with Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones with Exactrix  Variable Rate. -

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