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270 bushel Corn coming in at Seward, NE.

At Kevin Medow’s farm at Seward, NE. Kevin is a seed corn producer and Pioneer has been verifying yields on Kevin’s farm.

Kevin Medow

Corn Yields with Exactrix TAPPS and Hydra Hume….

The Seward, Nebraska fields that Bert Bock, Guy Swanson and Alex Renner were inspecting during Thursday, September 12, 13 of Husker Harvest Days  …….and other fields that Kevin has are coming in top notch.  


Kevin’s Twin Row, non-determinate, vertical leaf,  DeKalb 6307 that we inspected has been harvested…. In a series of check plots used by Pioneer for seed corn pricing have produced 270 bushel per acre average in the long check plots.   That is a lot of money for seed corn equivalency pricing…and good to the bottom line for one of the top technology producers in Nebraska.  

Another Pioneer Check plot of DeKalb 6307 was harvested  in another field…..And a very consentient story with Twin Row, Exactrix TAPPS and DeKalb 6307….This 9/27 in diamond pattern or 18 inch average rows with TAPPS on 18 inch band centers averaged 270 bushels per acre 


Mr. Top of the Mark. Kevin Medow with Exactrix TAPPS and Hydra Hume….and DeKalb 6307 in Diamond pattern with Monosem planter.  


Next event is the deep banding…P-51C openers in 2014. Banding much deeper at the 7 inch depth….with Exactrix TAPPS and Hydra Hume.

Snow and Ammonia....Exactrix Dan Mader, Kenzie Palcewski....Deere 1890 and 1590 TAPPS Formulators

Snow is Key…with NH3 forming TAPPS and TAPPKTS in Acid Base Industrial Reaction.

The secret of North America in world crop Snow....and Anhydrous Ammonia...A good Video.
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Tidbits From Exactrix

Winston Mader...makes a 100,000 visitors by 2014.

What a great way to celebrate 80 years on the planet.

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