Corn Crop Quality and Loss,
 Ear Rot, Fusarium, Bacterial Blight, Stalk rot, Diplodia, Gibberella. Potential Reasons for Weakened Ear Shanks and Ear Loss
| CropWatch | University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Please Note. A recent report on Corn Crop Quality in relation to the disease problems of 2017 Nebraska Corn crop. 

Typically Solution 32 application on Spring Wheat and Spring Barley leads to similar disease problems  found in corn, such as Fusarium and Downey Mildew and a lodged crop, both Fungus and Bacterial diseases do a lot better with copious amounts of nitrate.  

Highest quality brewing barley is always raised with Ammonium. A plumb kernel at 50 lb. Test Weight is produced for the Maltster with TAPPS and TAPPKTS. How critical it is to keep Fusarium out of Brewing Barley.   A review of harvest diseases of corn. Jackson Ziems, Rees, and Haverson points to the solution.    

I am wondering if the scientists have  just recently discovered  that the over application of nitrogen can cause ear rot and fusarium problems and bacterial diseases in a mix. It should be noted that the type of nitrogen creates most of the problem.   

The key point is the type of nitrogen causes most of the problem. The scientists are not talking about Exactrix Ammonium in a balance of NPKS. They are talking about in season Nitrate.  

Most producers cannot read through the problem since N is all types of Nitrogen.

  1. N as NH3, 82.4% as the only form of Primary Nitrogen,
  2. Urea at 46-0-0 3rd World Source,  Conversion required to release CO2.
  3. UAN at 28-0-0 for Salvage and Convenience and very expensive.
  4. Aqua Ammonia at 20-0-0 for minor use of modified Primary Nitrogen.


Unbalanced rates of 32-0-0 applied with an inaccurate pivot that can bring on disease problems of corn ears, leaves and stalks.  

The corn cell walls are thin and have deep green coloring of leaves. The extreme deep green color shows the effect of thin cell walls in the leaves and stems.   

The result of the copious rates of N creates an extreme nitrate rich plant and a great target for Fusarium.  

Correct rates of TAPPS and TAPPKTS seldom produce this thin cell wall problem mainly because of Uniformity, Balance of Nutrients, and Ammonium Nutrition.   The corn plant color is Steiger green. 

The one key point in the document is balanced nutrition....and begging for Potassium in the mix.  Which means this material must be placed in the soil for best effective use.  

I found the article to be critical for our Exactrix owners, with the consideration of TAPPSKTS with a complete micro package.

A major point in the production of Corn, keep the nitrate away and off of the plant tissue. 

Always consider a complete pre-plant package of TAPPKTS....any salvage or convenience application of 32-0-0 is extremely rare with proper advance planning.  

Fusarium does well with a thin cell wall. Often generated with foliar applications of Nitrate, Solution 32 and or 28.  Avoid it and raise more with less.  In fact Less is required to Raise More.  

Your report from the north and your Great Plains Reporter,

Guy Swanson.

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