Polar Bears and Moose.
 How far North can you No-till farm?

Troy and Rob, Pioneering the No-till effort in the Oil field of Northern Alberta. 

CPS headquarters just six miles to east from the Bear Lake Gumbo Flats, Highly productive land.

The Little Edmonton, Grand Prairie, This is “Oiler” country.

Here is a pretty good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMmqc_xefMs

Troy was on the airplane back to Kansas on this middle October Friday.

Rob McKeeman is at the controls, CPS product specialist. He assembled the machine for the last 2 months.

Troy Coen has been up North, way up North, with 18 hour days in June and July. This is the Beginning, Not the End, A jump off point for Ice Road Truckers and the Yukon Gold Placer Deposits.

Here is an Exactrix TAPPS Formulator with 3rd product Blender, Set up Mustang, P-51CUE, a machine operating in “Gumbo Clay and Rock” . Four inches of good dirt, that is it. No-till is powerful.

The location is Bear Lake, Alberta, Sexsmith, Alberta is close by and in sight of Grand Prairie,  A primordial lake bed of 10,000 years ago…and Ideal for raising some of the biggest crops in Alberta.

CPS of Sexsmith is going to make a few blade changes for the Gumbo Clay to get better opener cleaning. Big V tractor makes for a lot of action. An Acre eater at 61.25 feet at 8.1 mph is one acre per minute, close enough for big acre productions.

Ken Dechant is at Manning is at 58 degrees North, Grand Prairie is 56 degrees North. Spokane is at 48 degrees North, each degree is worth 70 miles by the Canadian Goose.

Traveling through the Rocky Mountains and North of the Glaciers that feed the Great Power Rivers of the North.

The Power Canadian Rivers, The Columbia, The Peace, The Bow, The Old Man, The Saskatchewan and the Athabasca.

The mountains feed a drainage of the Pacific, The Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico (Atlantic). This is really the middle of North America as observed by the drainage.

The only place on the planet where a Polar Bear is on the license plate.

A collector’s item if you are from Texas.


Ken and Liz Dechant of Manning Alberta. The Good Life. A powerful family of the Peace River. The Great Manning Moose, the largest in the World is on display in Manning.


Two Classes of Wheat, Hybrid Canola and highest quality Brewing Barley makes for profitable farms.


Going No-till,

Your report from the North and your Great Plains Reporter,

Guy Swanson.

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