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Trucks and Tool Bars match Yielder® NFuel and Green Play Ammonia.


Dec. 3, 2020, Volvo goes thumbs up on Electric Trucks.         Feb. 17, 2020, Bezos Earth Fund Announces the Need for Yielder® Clean Carbon NFuel.  

In March of 2020 Fossil Fuel Pricing drops to sub zero.    

2020 Thanksgiving Time, Volvo and Tesla go head to head and Tesla announces line haul trucking at 621 miles to the charge.  

The New Era is on the way….and Saudi Arabia agrees with the New Era and Electric power with NH3 storage and transport. It is the NOEM project.

Nitrogen Data Sheet - Mineral Commodity Summaries 2020 (

For 2019, What are the facts available for Ammonia Production? 

Agricultural Fertilizer dominates the demand for fossil fuel ammonia at 88% of the total 16,000 ,000 metric tonnes actually used.

  • The Ammonia Energy Association seminar attendees stated 80% of the production went to commercial fertilizer.
  • Actual consumption of fossil fuel ammonia is 14,080,000 metric tonnes is for fertilizer.
  • US plants operated at 90% of capacity in 2019. Two plants are idled and two plants also use coal.
  • Alternate uses of Anhydrous Ammonia at 12% are not for energy in the USA but rather are listed as explosives, fabrics, metallurgical treatments, plastics and resins.
  • US Ammonia is consumed at the rate of 16 000,000 metric tonnes annual in 2019.
  • In the US, 35 plants in 16 states ….not 40 plants produce 14,000,000 metric tonnes.
  • The personnel employed at the 35 plants seem low at 1,600. Actually not the whole story to get the product on the land.

To my knowledge Green Ammonia is a research supply of no major significance in the US.

  • However Australia and Saudi Arabia are changing the supply of Green Ammonia.
  • The seaport LNG bunkers of North America will be soon filled with Green Ammonia built in Australia and in as little as 7 to 10 years.

In the United States, Methane Gas is critical for 60% of the ammonia produced comes from LOT….Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas.

  • Natural Gas which is a combination 18 different gases is converted to Methane Gas, CH4 to reform hydrogen into the NH3 Molecule.
  • The mining losses of methane and 18 different gases must be considered in a Zero Carbon goal.
    Maybe 30% of the total Methane CH4 and CO2 emission comes from mining.
  • A good example of Natural Gas conversion to Methane is found at Jayhawk Process in Ulysses, Kansas on the Hugoton Gas Field.  

Canada’s Nutrien which owns the southern Caribbean, Trinidad Tobago facility delivers fossil fuel ammonia to Louisiana.

Nutrien and to a small degree CF, combines to deliver 91% of all the compressed gas NH3, imported into the US. 

The 2019 average trading price was $230 per short ton fob Gulf coast, New Orleans. $253 per metric tonne.

  • The pricing trend is downward from 2015 at $481 per short ton FOB Gulf Coast. $529 per metric tonne.
  • Thus ammonia pricing has dropped 50% in 5 years because US production has increased at an increasing rate. Imports have dropped from 30% to 12% in 5 short years.
  • The last large scale plant (2,500 tonne per day) to go on line was at Freeport Texas in 2018.
  • No new ammonia plants are planned until 2022. This is assumed to be a fossil fuel plant.
  • Any approach in planning a new ammonia plant must consider the extremely high likelihood that a Green Ammonia Play is required to compete.
  • The zero carbon goal of Biden Administration will rapidly make their plant obsolete.
  • The earliest possible date for Small Scale Ammonia in the US is 2023 which is a function of Covid 19 delay with the Green Bank funding, plus the Bezos Earth Fund delay.
  • The Green Play Ammonia Plants (First Ten) will combine the Yielder® NFuel Energy Plant to provide 10 tons per day of which 5 tons is for agriculture fertilizer and 5 tons per day is for energy.

We will ask the USGS to now maintain records for Non-Fossil Fuel Ammonia or Green Ammonia….Not low Carbon Ammonia. Ammonia built with renewables.

  • Thus Zero Carbon Ammonia will receive several investment and tax incentives to improve the Global Climate.

This means a major growth by 2050 from 150 million metric tons to 1.5 billion metric tons, and of which most of the growth attributed to Zero Carbon Ammonia.  

  • Zero Carbon Ammonia will grow strongly as Saudi Arabia begins production of the NOEM project at 5,000 tonnes per day.
  • By 2050 600 million metric tonnes to 800 million metric tonnes will required for the green fuel of Ocean shipping.
  • The NH3 technology will allow wholesale conversion of LNG seaport bunkers.
  • Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Eastern Asia recognizes the wholesale change. The US is a laggard due to the large fossil fuel industry and Trump administration non recognition of climate change solutions like ammonia.

It is important to segregate the energy source to build ammonia since the goals have changed.

  • Agricultural Ammonia applications to land in relation to the 10X growth of ammonia will decrease to 2.7% with no allowance for efficiency of GHG. This is for of all the ammonia produced in the US by 2050. Even though 88% of the ammonia produced today is used is used to raise crops. The transportation and energy sector will be the largest consumer.
  • In this time frame, We anticipate a double in the use of directly applied ammonia to the land will return to 60% to 70% of all the nitrogen applied since it is the only product that will provide economical control of GHG.

Anhydrous Ammonia will become the primary energy source to reduce GHG on the land and it will be popular in the transportation system.  

Electric Vehicles will be powered by the Wind of Green Play Ammonia providing the Megawatts to run a fleet of trucks. Circa Tesla and Volvo.  

Wind Built Green Ammonia is the storage battery for the turbine generators operating at 80 to 90% efficiency that will build the Green Amps for the EV Volvo and Tesla trucks.

Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy. - Broadcast 10_27_2020 (


Announced Thanksgiving Day. The 2021 to 2022 Tesla Semi is a go for 621 miles of charge at 80,000 lbs.  
Yielder NFuel provides Wind Powered electrical Green Play Amps for Electric trucks.  
Tesla has the New Roller Skate…..and Yielder® NFuel has the Key.    

   Exactrix® Breaks Out of the Pandemic, The new era of NH3 providing Yielder NFuel for Electric Trucks.
Exactrix® Track Carts go electric in 2023 reducing tractor size and providing long term running power.

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