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Andy Mogen, Keene, ND, Exactrix VRT-Site Specific TAPPS, single disc banding, 12 inch. An advanced producer for 9 years.

Exactrix owners report 12%-15% on average more net margin... from $100,000 to $1.5 million additional annual net margin.

And now introducing Binary Banding™ for Corn and Soybean producers.

From the top plant scientists and engineers in agriculture: “A way to fertilize Soybeans with VRT-Site Specific applications.”


Powerful Economics with TAPPS,  John Niemeyer, Beatrice, NE.  

What is Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate or TAPPS?

Why is it so powerful?

Why do you have to build it rather than buy it?

Where can I get University support on the subject of TAPPS?

I plant 2,000 acres of corn, How can I make another $300,000 per year with Exactrix TAPPS?

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The total investment is often paid for in the first 2,000 acres.

Joel McClure, Hugoton, KS


Steve McCasland, Yuma, CO.

Dec. 30, 2014, Economic Report based on 6 year study. Go to http://www.exactrix.com/Broadcast_12_31_2014.html

Lineal Uniformity, Geometry, Chemistry, Physical Structure and Superior Engineering


            Seward, NE fall No-tillage banding at high speeds.         Exactrix USDA Tool Bar, P-51 Mustang Swiveling Single Disc Openers.

Practicing five annual factors brings good yields and excellent nutrient efficiency.
Apply 166% more crop available N and 200% more crop available P with TAPPS.

1. Timing of application.
2. Uniformity, lineal stream, exact band width with every band on every acre on every field....exactly applied.
3. Root pattern geometry becomes superior with banding at 7 to 8 inch depths which is required in many soils.
4. TAPPS formulation of balanced nutrients, also in P and T Binary Bands™.
5. No-Tillage practices provide additional nutrients timely with higher crop efficiency.

Practicing three perennial factors improves yields and nutrient efficiency.

1. Rotation.
2. No-tillage, Rotational Band Loading.
3. Adjusted soil pH. Optimum 7 to 7.5 pH.

October Fall Banding with a 62 foot Case SDX, fixed angle single disc at 58 degrees North, Manning Alberta.

How and why can Nebraska producers fall band in November and not loose nitrogen? Why, because fall TAPPS banding makes higher yields.

Thio-Sul® is functional as a nitrogen stabilizer fall or spring.  A grand-fathered N stabilization material. Time proven over 50 years.

Exactrix technical testing confirms Thio-Sul works better with TAPPS in an acid base reaction crystal at 1% CV uniformity.

Thio-Sul® is a better choice than N-serve with Mustang P-51 C and CUE openers banding at 7 inch depths.

Why is VRT-Site Specific with Exactrix TAPPS application at 1% CV?

Does No-tillage make for better yields with Rotational Band Loading?


Pre-Plant Banding Ammonium in snowy conditions results in top yields and high nutrient avaialbilty.

“Banding with the Brutus” Mustang CUE openers at 7.5 inch depth. Blade diameter 25 inch x ½ inch.


Mustang Options , Injector Feet, Gyro Counter Weights, Blade diameter and thickness, Injection of 2 to 4 products.

Click HERE for complete information on Nitrogen Stabilization

Check out the Nebraska Tests from TKI and Exactrix. TAPPS fall banded directly over the critical aquifer of the Platte River Valley.

West of Seward and North of York Nebraska located on some of the best corn production and corn breeding acreage in the world.

In Nebraska the nitrate is not exported into the rivers and streams like Iowa or Illinois but moves into the drinking water of  the shallow Ogallala aquifer .

Also a true story in Kansas at Lakin along the Arkansas River.. The drinking water must be cleaned up for human consumption.

Mustang P-51CUE banding to 7.5 inch depths at speeds to 12 mph. Banding on 15 inch centers at 7.5 inch depths at 8 mph shown at Quinter, KS.


Liquid streaming flows of Ammonium, NH3, Polyphosphate, Thio-Sul®, KTS®, ammoniated Zinc and ammoniated Copper.

Jake Gross and Eric Odberg, two generations agree, Exactrix VRT Site Specific works well.


Idaho’s best in winter and spring wheat, garbanzo, barley, mustard, lentil, pea and canola production. Eric Odberg says, “Exactrix Makes a big difference”.

Deere 1895 Mid Row Banding, Banding in September with TAPPS. 11 months to harvest.

Maximum nutrient availability with less required and less lime long term, stabilized N.

Exactrix TAPPS has 166% more crop available N and 200% more crop available P as Exactrix TAPPS.

Exactrix TAPPS banding into growing winter wheat only improves quality and protein.

Each opener band is applied within 1% variation, formulating TAPPS.
Liquid Streaming Flows improve N efficiency with highest quality NH3.


The TAPPS band width is exact.

The band concentration or the band width or the band diameter remains constant across the applicator pass. There is no over and under concentration of nutrients. Over concentrated bands cause root burning and or pruning.

The TAPPS and TAPPKTS bands are homogeneous with zinc, copper blended with two types of sulfur and poly-phosphate and reacted with ammonic nitrogen (low cost NH3) in an acid base/reaction feeding plants with a balanced nutrient crystal band. KTS is also used in Low CEC soils.

Highest uniformity puts 99% of the Ammonic N to work in the plant. At 100 lbs. N per acre only 1 pound of N is not crop useable. Thus the soil can mineralize better and supply more of the critical N it was designed to supply.





P-51C, Mustang Openers ready for first run at Seward, NE.



Banding into growing wheat roots at Marshall, MO with P-51C openers.



Stripper Header Harvest with an August banding for Winter Wheat on Winter Wheat production at Quinter, KS.

Banded with Mustang P-51CUE on 15 inch centers in dual ranks with 7.5 inch banding depth at 30 foot machine width.

Seeded with a Deere 1990 drill on 10 inch spacing in September.

 A great snow trap and nutrients stabilized with Thio-Sul in Exactrix TAPPS.


No-till single disc application provides flexibility in all soil types. High speed 7 inch deep banding without soil disturbance.

Maximum nutrient efficiency applying TAPPS and TAPPKTS into growing roots or at planting with Binary Banding.

Excellent yields with timing of Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS Formulation,

Break the 300 bushel per acre barrier with Exactrix Uniformity.

Exceptional returns on investment. Nitrogen Use Efficiency achievements to .583 lbs. of N per bushel produced.

Apply 166% more crop available Ammonium and 200% more crop available Phosphate.  

Add 12% -15% more net margin on average year after year.

In irrigated corn production producers bring 150 more net dollars per acre to the bottom line in 2016.





Plant Nutrient Engineering.

Corn, Cotton, Canola, Wheat, and now….

Soybean considered with Binary Banding™.

Exactrix information releases are scheduled for April, May and June, 2017.

Consider a tool bar that does both pre-plant application and side dressing and now: Single Pass, Binary Banding of Nutrients for Soybean and Corn with Exactrix Root Pattern Geometry. Two years rotation of TAPPS with one banding pass utilizing No-tillage bands at 7 in. depths.  

P and T bands make large economical gains in crop yield.  Low CEC soils are very responsive to root targeted NPKS in vermiculated bands. Soybeans can now be fertilized in depleted soils.

Production areas that have low soil test P and K will respond most effectively to positional bands of TAPPS and TAPPKTS.

P, Primary for Phosphate, 80% PKSZn, 30% N under each 30 inch corn row. Directly available at plant emergence for immediate crop uptake at V-1. Planter applied fertilizer not recommended.  .

T, Turbo for (toxic) 80% Ammonium with 20% Thio-Sul and Polyphosphate to the side of each corn row. Acting and available only upon V-6 and greater corn growth status.  

1. Index the banded nutrients with guidance.
2. Binary Soybeans can be fertilized with the P band and Corn can be produced to top yields with the T band.
3. When soils are sandy or low CEC consider Binary Banding.
4. Fertilize for two crops. Corn and Beans in Corn Belt Rotations, Double Crop Winter Wheat and Milo in KS and OK conditions.
5. Use Mustang P-51C and CUE openers for high speed pre-plant applications and low disturbance side dress applications.
6. Start side dressing immediately after planting in 30 inch arrangement.
7. Corn Binary Banding allows for highest nutrient uptake in P and T bands.
8. Binary Banding allows the 15 inch leveraged P and T bands, The Binary Banding tool bar can band P and T bands the same day as the planter plants corn. Hedge your bets...keep your options open with P and T bands. Planter starter fertilizer not required.
9. Maximum nutrient efficiency and top yields may require two passes formulating TAPPS in Winter Wheat and Spring Wheat Production in the PNW.
10. Qualification for Tier 3 CSP is possible with N application just before planting, 30 days to same day pre-plant banding.
11. Timing drives crop production decisions, Exactrix Tool Bars have maximum flexibility.
12. Exactrix tool bar designs allow for Binary Banding and Equilateral 15 inch banding with orifice and spacing quick changes.

A 20/80 blend of APP/ATS weighs 11.22 lbs. per gallon. The F Series meter confirms product quality, correct blend and allows a sale at the Exactrix

A 40/60 blend of APP/ATS weighs 11.34 lbs. per gallon. The F Series meter confirms product quality, correct blend and allows a sale at the Exactrix

A 60/40 blend of APP/ATS weighs 11.46 lbs. per gallon. The F Series meter confirms product quality, correct blend and allows a sale at the Exactrix

Exactrix 2KM TAPPS Formulator. Utilized by custom applicators to apply APP/ATS in a 60/40 blend
and by specific gravity and weight at 11.46 lbs. per gallon typical, APP. Weighs the material as it is applied and confirms proper manufacture of 10-34-0. APP at 11.7 lbs./g and ATS at 11.1 lbs./g.

Exactric 2KC Series 3 Weigh Master

Challenge the Coop Scales.
Totalizer readout in pounds of NH3. Not N.
Tamperproof, Non-adjustable, true values confirmed with system health confirmed.

Change fields without changing tanks.
Remote billing possible at .002 to .003 lbs. applied.
Remote wireless readout option. Custody transfer possible with agreeing parties based on tested accuracies of the functional meter.
Accurate within 30 lbs. on 10,000 lbs. applied.  
Check out the Coop scales. Assure half full tanks went back to the Coop scales.
Share billing information for the landlords, Coops and your customers with your cell phone camera.


VRT Site Specific reached new levels of performance in 2016.

Kramer Seed Farm produced more net dollars per acre than any other producer in Western Kansas based on our extensive knowledge.  

Philips corn seed was used in VR Site specific planting from 27,000 to 34,000 plant population.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency or NUE on Circle 4 North produced .583 lbs. N per bushel produced and averaged 264 bushels per acre. This is an Exactrix record.  Considering that the 20% of the pivot was averaging well above 300 to 325 bushels per acre with 141 lbs. of N and 12 gallons of APP/ATS applied on average. In fact the best yields were with very low P and S Exactrix Uniform TAPPS rates at 5 gallons per acre.  

NUE on Circle 4 South produced .669 bushels per lb. of N and averaged 278 bushels per acre. The Circle 4 South pivot was held constant on 34,000 planting rates and was not fully variable rated based on inputs. Both P and N were over applied about 32% to 50%. N rate was 186 lbs. N. Up to 50% more Phosphate was utilized at 22 gallons per acre average…and as high as 31 gallons per acre.

Breaking the 300 bushel per acre yield bogie with .5 to .6 lbs. N per bushel produced.

Utilizing Crop Quest and Exactrix TAPPS VRT Site Specific, Exactrix TAPPS.

When it is dry and hot nutrients must be banded deep into the root zone. Center Pivots often need deep banding to get top yields in the 250 bushel to 300 bushel per acre range.  Surface applied nutrients fail to make the grade in hot and dry conditions of the western corn belt.

Deep bands at 7 to 8 inches in depth are critical in western dry conditions. Phosphate often performs at levels of 500% greater efficiency with banded TAPPS vs. spin spreaders applying dry fertilizer over the surface.

Wheat has highest yield potential when nutrients are uniformly banded. Top dressing wheat is a historical shortcut of reduced production.

Solution 32 with the pivot application and dry phosphate top dressed vs. Exactrix Single Disc TAPPS, Mustang, USDA Tool Bar to the right and right to the  line in June. Banding nutrients raises more corn as observed in the vegetative stage.

Note: Exactrix has received national and regional awards for exceptional product and customer service.

Older systems built in the early 90’s can also be upgraded in certified rebuild. Tell us what you want and it will most likely be done.

All Exactrix systems are upgradeable and meet or exceed the standards of performance you would expect. 

A good deal for the previous Exactrix owner who may have traded for a new system,  a good deal for Exactrix and above all an Exactrix rebuilt system for your production team at reduced cost.  


What is Binary Banding?  Can I adapt my existing P-51C and CUE tool bar?

You can adapt your existing 15 inch spacing Exactrix Mustang tool bar.

Advancement in supplying 2 years of Nutrients in one banding pass timely in RTK guidance, No-Tillage Soybeans and Corn production.

Get ready for the Binary Banding™ introduction in Kansas, April, May and June 2017.

Too Much Rain, Too Little Rain. A management decision to use TAPPS with Thio-Sul®

Exactrix TAPPS banded in the root zone with grand-fathered Thio-Sul®.  The “Grand Daddy of all nitrogen stabilizers” and it costs less and makes nitrogen work at the maximum levels of performance. Thio-Sul is the last of the Triple Threat Quarterbacks, The George Blanda of Crop Nutrients. In Exactrix systems Thio-Sul has been a stellar performer in supporting top yields with crop available Ammonium Nitrogen.

Guy Swanson Explains Economic Advantages In Corn Production.

    Click to see the Video 

Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records with Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones with Exactrix Variable Rate.EO.htm          See Video        Watch this video of "Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"

Meeting your formulation needs. www.exactrix.com/TF.htm  

Picking your metering systems. www.exactrix.com/epm.htm  

Need more information on advanced crop production.   www.exactrix.com/EWAC.htm

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