Outstanding Exactrix Owners, Defending the Production Net Margin in 2013, Lorin Koehn and Grant Koehn at Copeland, KS.

Lorin and Grant did it again from Copeland KS, another great year for Exactrix TAPPS, 8 total years with Exactrix.
Yes Sir, 12% more margin for Kansas producers, Lorin and Grant Koehn. A 12% extra margin over nominal approaches in raising irrigated corn.

Lorin Koehn Grant Koehn

Top Exactrix TAPPS performance and nutrient application process results in good yields 5 years in a row.
Using Pioneer varieties in long season and shorter season corn at Copeland, KS.
Using Strip Till and No-till Mustang openers at the same series of test plots year after year.
Discovering that in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 that Exactrix TAPPS with Pioneer varieties has produced 12% more net margin over other nominal approaches of raising continuous corn with limited (500 gpm) irrigation.


New Mustang Montezuma Tool Bar just starting up at Copeland, KS in March of 2012, located north and east of Copeland, KS along the Cimarron Railroad.  The new shop has made a big difference for Lorin and Grant Koehn.


Pivot irrigation on 128 acres using Exactrix TAPPS produces a field-wide average at 277 bushels per acre in 2013 at the new shop location.
In 2013, the pivots were strip tilled on 30-inch centers with an Orthman Strip Till tool bar applying Exactrix TAPPS.   In the very dry 2012 cropping year, Lorin and Grant used a 30 foot Mustang Tool Bar on 15 inch band centers applying Exactrix TAPPS on each side of the corn row.  A video enclosed shows the excellent crop in the 280-bushel-per-acre range using Pioneer varieties.


  A discussion with Grant and Lorin in the hot dry summer of 2012.
Lorin and Grant Koehn have tested for five years in a row on the exact acreage on the exact same plots with no decrease in background fertility for the following crop.

In other words Less is More
...and a lot more net dollars after five years. Over a producers career, the improvement in the Net Margin can be in the millions of dollars of additional Net Worth for some producers.

The field average yield of 277 bushels per acre average was generated with Pioneer 1625 at the new shop. The fertility of Exactrix optimized was 160 pounds N, 8 gallons of APP
, or 9 pound N and 32 pounds P with 4 gallons ATS, or 4.4 pounds N and 11 pounds S with 1 gallon hydra hume, 1 gallon water and a small amount of ammoniated Zinc, formulated as TAPPS in an Acid Base Reaction.

The Ogallala water well delivered 500 gallons per minute.

Continuous corn rotation yields generated on 5 year test plots are located on a gumbo clay soil. The continuous corn test plots showed that exceeding 160 pounds N/A with Exactrix uniformity and TAPPS chemistry would reduce net returns by $50 to $80 per acre.

Raising N rates to 200 pounds N lowered yields by 10 bushels per acre.
Thus, by over-applying N the yields and the returns were reduced by $80 per acre.

Each year Lorin and Grant have tested and discovered the low rate of 160 pounds N in Exactrix TAPPS will produce the highest yield.

Lorin can Strip till/Orthman or no-till with 15 inch band Mustang openers using Exactrix TAPPS.

chose his tool bar based on weather. In dry conditions it can be a Mustang Tool Bar. In other years it can be an Orthman 12 row, 30 inch tool bar.
The same Exactrix Engines are used on both.

Learn more at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J7zO-mJeXc&list=UU4g6BugKlb858kqQm22wkoQ


TAPPS was applied at 166 pounds N, 32 pounds P, 11 pounds S, 1 pound Zn and 1 gallon Hydra Hume, Humic and Fulvic Acid.
Crystalline TAPPS provides a stabilized band of crystallized nutrients in a homogenous blend and intended for all crops including cotton.


Applied in a Liquid Streaming flow of up to three products, a patented process of weighed (Mass Flow) nutrients.
A high pressure, 350 psi dynamic blend of NH3, APP/ATS/Zn/Hydra Hume.
The Acid/Base reaction occurring in deep 30 inch bands forming Crystalline TAPPS in 1%CV Uniform Bands.  
A positional advantage providing root access and top yields in difficult conditions of drought stress.


Allowing TAPPS to be injected with the unique Deere Exactrix Wing Injection. www.exactrix.com/dewi.htm
And Case Exactrix Wing Injection for the 500 precision seeder. http://exactrix.com/Broadcast_07_08_2013.htm
Exactrix is powerful No-till solution to nutrient losses into rivers and streams.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuCAeCfBUnQ&fmt=37
Exactrix is an ideal product and process for federal compliance in nutrient regulations. www.exactrix.com/EO.htm
“Winner of Two National Awards. A powerful combination in all crops”.

Guy Swanson
ASABE, ASA, FFF, WSDA Certified.
Exactrix Global Systems.
, Washington


Exactrix is known to make many of the inclusive micro-nutrients, stimulants, CEC improvers and connectors work economically well.

Plant Growth and Root Stimulating Materials used with the 2KR technology with Site Specific Application.

Plant Growth and Root Stimulating Materials used with the 2KR technology with Site Specific Application.

1.       Ammoniated Metals. Numerous suppliers.

Chelated Metals.  Numerous suppliers.

3.       Rare Earth formulations of Lanthanum, Neodymium. Contact

4.       Zinc ASA, Root Growth Stimulator.   NULEX ROOT GROWTH STIMULATOR 14-0-0, 17Zn 

Rooting Hormones and vitamin B.



7.       Avail


8.       Selenium.   Selenium Elemental Symbol


9.       Nickel  .

Nitrogen Stabilization Materials.

10.   Guardian or DCD
Ed's E-mail:

11.   Ammonium Thio-Sulfate.


Hydrogen Peroxide.


Mild Hydrogen Chloride.(Purex, Clorox, Muriatic Acid)

Hydrochloric Acid 20lt


Fluidized Potassium Chloride.  Contact Helena Chemical. 0-0-15-10Cl



Article by Dr. Bert Bock, Senior Advisor  
Co-Injecting the Nitrification Inhibitor DCD with Ammonia: An Innovative Approach to Reducing Nitrogen Losses 

Carbon Based Organic Materials CEC Improvers, Connectors.


1.       Humic and Fulvic Acids,   Contact Helena Chemical, Hydra Hume, Nutech Connector, Carbon Boost.

Oil of Mustard (high Glucosinolate). Contact Exactrix or the University of Idaho. Brassica Breeding and Research


Oil of Dwarf Essex.  Contact Exactrix or George F Brocke and Sons

 Oil of Neem.


BONIDE® Neem Oil Concentrate - 1 Pt.

Calcium and Carbon Based Materials. Injected outside the Ammonization band
or on top of the band with Looking Glass Manifolds in 3 product delivery.

1.       Calcium Sulfate Fluidized.
2.       Calcium Chloride.
3.       Fluid Lime.
4.       Coal Dust, Fluidized. 

Inoculants In Alfalfa and Soybean Production.

1.   Alfalfa and Soybean, Differential Laminated banding of 0-52-0, 0-0-25K-17S, Liquid Streaming flow of inoculants below the seed row.
Alfalfa Inoculant - 6Oz.


Advanced producers get good returns with 3rd product injection.  

Producers are making additional net margin by employing non-adjunctive blending of stimulants that create a strong plant root system in drought stress.   

Triplex injection is practical with 2KR and Looking Glass Manifolds.


Any type of missing link fertility program can become a lot of fun with Exactrix 2KR technology.  

The 2KR makes a lot of money for producers that want to make difficult materials work better in the root zone. 

The 2KR may reinvent the Lanthanum Rare Earth application of plant root stimulation in perennial crops, sugar cane, grass seed, trees and vines. 

Producers and scientists interested in Rare Earth can now work with annual winter crops like winter wheat, winter triticale, winter canola, winter barley and winter pea as these fall crops respond to Rare Earth.   

Reduces cost by improving efficiency and hitting the target need.   Chelated micro nutrients are not required in the metals group of micro-nutrients. 

The 2KR saves about $5.00 per acre in corn production when there is a 2 pound per rate of Ammoniated Zinc and the APP rate must be raised to avoid
sequester of the placed P.   

The 2KR allows DCD Guardian to be selectively injected with ATS to provide double indemnity protection and stabilization, and delaying conversion to
negative valence mobile nitrate. 

Guardian can now be economically functional whereby much lower rates of applied N can be utilized. 

Advanced VRT prescriptions operating the 2KR allows more crop effective and economic response based on soil color using Humic and Fulvic acids like
Hydra Hume. 

The 2KR mobile blender raises potential for Hydra Hume utilization.  Allows the Hydra Hume to be increased on low CEC eroded soils. 

A good way to work with nasty materials…the 2KR raises the potential with nasty chloride based materials such as mild hydrochloric acid or ammonium
chloride and Iron chloride in Soybean Production on high pH soils. 

The 2KR is a simple way to get third product injection quick… the third product in VRT combinations has quick response injection.   

Allows the 3rd manifold system to be installed for Organic stabilizing materials such as Pacific Gold Mustard Oil, Neem Oil and Dwarf Essex.   

The third product design works well with Triplex Injection in the P-51C, Mustang Openers, Deere, and Case SDX . 

The 2KR is compatible with all controllers, ISO and ISO-Bus. Deere, Trimble, Ag Leader, Raven.  


Micro Nutrient application per acre rates can vary greatly in application flow ranges. 

Two Flow Ranges are covered in the 2KR design injection into Final Filters or injecting into the Sparging Reflow Blender. 

1.       Low Range Flow is 2 ounces to 90 ounces per minute. 

2.       High Range flow is .2 gallons per minute to 3.5 gallons per minute is accomplished with ball valve change. 

Two Flow meters are utilized and both operate at the same time providing double verification to the operator station.


Orifices installed in line and after the regulating Arag flow-meter are used to make accurate flow division of 10 to 1. 

In Low Flow Range the regulation of the 2 ounces to 90 ounce per minute flow is accomplished by the smallest available Arag Magnetic Reluctance flow

The 3 cylinder pump regulation and pressure delivery of the Micro-nutrient is accomplished with a 10X flow of the actual metered flow. 

The Low Flow range metered flow is divided by two orifices after the Arag magnetic reluctance flow-meter. 

The Low Flow range metered flow is 1/10th of the regulated flow with magnetic reluctance Arag Magnetic Reluctance Flow-meter. 

The balanced flow split is accomplished using a .035 metering orifice dividing from a .125 return to tank orifice.

The ball valves with Green Plates shown are used to set the low flow range. 

Green Plates are actuated components that operate in the Low Flow Range.


Red Plates are components used to set the positive displacement pump rpm at a base line of 100 rpm.

Red Plates stabilize the injection flow allowing a large 22 gpm pump to operate in a very low flow range.

Non Regulating Flow Meter, Paddle Type for Verification of 1/10th  orifice delivery flow. 

The  low flow, 2 to 90 ounce, micro flow injection is monitored by a  paddle type, flow meter. The verification flow meter is shown just above the Arag
Flow Meter. 

The flow confirmation and feedback does confirm meter flow to the mixing chamber. A good high pressure blend results at the inlet to the final filter.  

A non-critical component is the paddle type flow meter in Low Flow Range.   

The Blackbird flow meter readout in the cab is the verification of the very low injection flow back to the operator. 

A flow indicator is utilized to assure the operator of a quality and timely delivery to the mixing chamber of the final filter. 

An electronic pressure gauge also confirms delivery is timely. The pressure wave can be observed by the operator in VRT application to set the Look
Ahead feature.

Certain types of Micro-nutrients are black and contain suspended solids. The materials like Hydra Hume block the view window of the Vis-gauge
window(Red Ball). 

Vis-gauge flow indicators cannot operate at 350 to 600 psi pressures. 

The injection flow to the blending components is confirmed to the operator by observing the Blackbird Tachometer. 

The paddle flow meter sends it’s flow signal to the Blackbird Tachometer. 

The flow-meter is a paddle type 10D that is known to very reliable and easily cleaned with non-adjunctive materials that are blended with standard

 A uniform flow split to each final filter is confirmed with metering orifices located at common manifold. 

Electronic Ball Valves control the booms section in Auto Boom control. 

Back flow stainless check valves are utilized to provide redundant back flow checking in combination with flow dividing orifices at .035.

A pressure drop occurs across the 20 psi back flow check valve assuring timely delivery and mixing equally across multiple manifolds. 

Orifices located in the flow splitter balance each section of the machine under all nominal flows. 

Poly final filters allow very high pressures and are compatible with non-adjunctive materials that are chloride based. 

All materials are compatible with acid based fertilizers utilizing stainless steel and Elastomeres and plastics that are compatible with low pH materials.

2KC Weigh Master, 2KP TAPPS Formulator, 2KR Micro Nutrient Injection.
Certified Rebuild following 5 years of service, 2KR added for producer Marty Jespersen at Taber, Alberta, 

Let’s Get Started…Exactrix will design a system for you. 

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Exactrix Sparging Reflow Blender
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