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Video - Lance Helberg at Lohn, Texas this morning  March 8, 19, Side dressing Winter Wheat  VRT-Site Specific with Mustang Openers at 5 inch depth.
.01 Schmit Brothers, Osmond, Neb

 1 Track Cart and Mustang Banding at Grand Prairie Alberta.


2 Roger Pennell Explains his 1984 Yielder
3 Guy Swanson and Roger Pennell Discuss the 1984 Yielder
4 Rick Engelmeyer.  In the field with Rick, drone coverage in Nebraska..
5 Matt Gangwish Video : Gangwish Seed Farm, Shelton, NE. Banding TAPPS nutrients at high speed into
corn residue leaving a good No-tillage seedbed.

Applied Variable Rate Site Specific. Using Exactrix, 2KC Weigh Master and2K P TAPPS formulator.
The Exactrix Tool Bar will also side dress corn.
6 Exactrix Track Cart
7 A video of exceptional quality….and outstanding results in No-tillage application single disc with Exactrix TAPPS.
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Lance and Ronny Helberg....making winter canola work in Lohn, Texas.
Fields Averaging between 40 to 50 bushels per acre or 2,000 lbs to 2,500 lbs per acre.
Several Winter Canola varieties are being reviewed as some are better than others.
Rubisco Seeds is the supplier of some of the higher yielding varieties.
Deep Banded Exactrix TAPPS, No-till, NH3 at 37 lbs N, 4 gallons APP (15 lbs. P2O5) and Thio-sul at 4 gallons (11.48 lbs. S and SO4) in a tank mix with ½ lb Zinc..
Total N was 45 lbs per acre...crop effective advantage of 166% more crop available N....and 200% crop available P.
Lohn, Texas....is located in the Southern Plains. West of Waco 130 miles and East of San Angelo about 60 miles.
The big Winter Wheat crop is too wet to harvest due to unseasonal rain events as of June 2, 16.
8 Tim Reznicek. Deere 2510H, Exactrix TAPPS Formulator, North Bend, NE, May 28th, 2016. Side Dressing Small Corn At 9 MPH.
9 Paul Gangwish, Drone Video
10 Weber Seed, Jeff Tietz and Henry Tietz film the Exactrix Tool Bar at Marshall, MO with a drones eye view. Feb, 2016
11 Rick Engelmeyer talks about how Exactrix made his 2015 corn harvest sucessfull. 3 Minute Version
12 Rick Engelmeyer talks about how Exactrix made his 2015 corn harvest sucessfull.
13 Ben Howe of Howe Hereford Farm and Ranch explains fertilizing with Exactrix.
14 Rick Engelmeyer, Beemer, Nebraska, Discusses his Exactrix System, Case 940 Toolbar and P-51 Mustangs
15 Exactrix Nutrient Management Seminar, December 8, 2014, Lincoln, Nebraska - John Niemeyer's Presentation
16 Exactrix Nutrient Management Seminar, December 8, 2014, Lincoln, Nebraska - Ben McClure's Presentation
17 USDA Banding Tool Bar, SDX Testing At Walla Walla. Seth Small
18 Steve and Kevin Mader run the Exactrix Hillside Toolbar near Prescott, WA.  June 19, 2014

19 Don Tilton, Quinter, KS, running the Goodland Tool Bar with the Exactrix System in Wheat. Video 1

20 Don Tilton, Quinter, KS, running the Goodland Tool Bar with the Exactrix System in Corn. Video 2
21 Ken Dehcant Near Manning, Alberta, Discusses Fall Banding - 2013


23 Surgical Cuts By Kevin Medow With P51 Mustangs
24 Kevin Medow November 2013
25 Gary Shields and His Sons, Bret and Matt in Goodland, KS July 13th, 2013
26 Eric Odberg Discusses  Wheat Crops. August 21st,2013
27 Dan Mader Discusses Garbanzo and Wheat Crops. August 2013
28 Dan Mader Discusses Plowing In The "Good Old Days"
29 Dan Mader's Wheat Harvest
30 Downing Deere 1890, Winter Wheat Seeding in Irrigated Corn Residue, Extreme with Exactrix Ultra Endurance.
40 Kahlig 1890, Lott, TX, banding TAPPS at 60 ft at 8 mph, Non-Deere Frame, Cool Trailer.

Short Version Here

41 Exactrix P51C, Mustang High Speed, No Tillage, TAPPS Banding.
42 Deere 1890 and 1590 TAPPS Formulators, Dan Mader, Lewiston, ID, Kenze Palcewski, Bowman,ND,, VRT Auto Boom, Side Dressing Winter Wheat.
43 Yielder Track Carriers , Meet or Exceed Industry Specifications
at Colby, KS
44 Chris Breen, Pre-Plant Banding, No-Till, Case SDX, 60ft, SD
46 Mike Rudolf,Pre-Plant Banding, No-Till,Case SDX, 60ft, ND
47 Brian Downing, Meet the Leader of the Yielder 60120, Colby, KS
48 Steve McCasland, Yuma, CO. Corn and Exactrix, July 2012, P-51 C Mustang
49 Joel McClure, Hugoton, KS talks about his Exactrix System, Thee Most Advance Available, Seasoned Owner, Three Approaches

50 Lorin and Grant Koehn discuss no-til corn in gumbo clay, July 2012, P-51 C Mustang, Copeland, KS.
51 Kevin Durler, NDR Set-up, Wright, KS Experienced Exactrix Owner
52 Loading and Shipping YielderTrack Carriers
53 2012 Wheat Harvest In The Palouse, Steve and Kevin Mader, Deere 1890 TAPPS Formulator, Exceptional Yields Produced.
54 Brian Shatz,Pre-Plant Banding, No-Till, Bourgault MRB-25, 60ft, ND
55 Ken Meier, Fall Banding at 60 ft, Steele, ND
56 High Speed Banding 1890 Is The Key
57 Exactrix Mustang P-51C High Speed TAPPS Formulator.
Banding at 6-7" Depth at 12.5 MPH

58 Steve McCasland and Guy Swanson Discuss Steve's Record Yield For 2012
59 Steve McCasland, Mustang, Yuma, CO, Side Dressing, P-51C Mustang.
60 TriFlex Liquid Injection Video
61 Troy Jangula, Pre-Plant Banding, No-Till, Napoleon, ND, Builder, Scaled Up TAPPS Formulators, Industry Giant.
62 Exactrix 2KD and Delta P
63 2KD Dual Placement System With Curtis Tisthammer
64 Greg Kreikemeier In The Snow
65 Chad Eitmann
66 In The Snow With Exactrix
67 Case SDX Pre-Plant
68 Tom Shute

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