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EXACTRIX®, Rated in the top ten agricultural websites in North America.
For producers who want to learn more about increasing crop production, we provide some good answers in the Exactrix® library.
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Click on above image to see and hear Guy Swanson and Burt Bock at the Ada, Ohio Seminar. Click on above image to hear Guy Swanson discuss the history of no-till in the Palouse and the Yielder Drill.You can review the history of No-tillage Farming…by means of Frank Lessiter and Guy Swanson. About a 90 year history. A 1 hour phone interview last week resulted in a historical accounting of how No-till became the normal. Maverick to Mainstream is a great description….and some of the critical people involved.



              Exactrix System

  1. How does it work and description of TAPPS fertilizer

  2. Advantages of Exactrix fertilizer system

  3. Ultra high nutrient efficiency, crops and agronomics

  4. Benefits Of Exactrix

           Yield results &
    Economic returns

  5. Exactrix Test Plots results

  6. Grower results, comments and videos


  7. Implement set up

  8. Band width and accuracy

  9. Single disc banding

  10. Equipment For Sale

    Scientists & Universities

  11. Scientists that endorse and work with Exactrix products

  12. DVD Sales

  13. Trailers and Wagons

  14. Need help with financing?

Success with Exactrix® in the Midwest, in the Pacific Northwest and Canada
Banding 7 inch depth into Corn Stover... 270 bushel corn Stover.
Exactrix® P-51 Mustangs Get The Job Done

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CASE 940 Mustang Tool Bar. Rather than taking a lifetime to learn what does not work, you can move the ball down the field and get immediate economic results from commercial fertilizer.  You can be an above-average producer with Exactrix knowledge.

Exactrix® Global Systems will help you find answers using the high road approach to commercial fertilizer.

You can get the big picture as a young farmer by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Many of the great technical articles came from advanced farmers who use Exactrix TAPPS, or know the value of uniform application with timing of single disc openers.

Many Exactrix teachers came from the 1980's era at the TVA and 10 land grant universities. Our staff and teachers are from around North America. The soil scientist and chemists in crop production were at the high water mark with support from the TVA and universities. The technology to make TAPPS evolved from these scientists and was introduced in 2006.

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Big SDX-60

Outstanding Wheat Production

Dry Phosphate vs Liquid Phosphate


McClure 3 Year Test Plots

Idaho Spring Wheat



Bio-Diesel, Soil Fumigation
Exactrix Agronomy Guide - Timing is Important
Idaho Winter Wheat

Garbanzo Beans

Outstanding Winter Crops

3 The End of the Beginning.
Beginning of the End

Smart No-Till Farmers

Nutrient Removal

Meet The Producers

Nitrogen and Phosphate Pricing

4 Award Winning Tool Bar Nominee
Side Dressing Technique
Track Seeder - Corn, Soybeans & Wheat
Award Winning Seeder Nominee
SDX Applies TAPPS A Good Installation
South Dakota Wheat Growers Fall Banding For Corn Production
5 Looking For VRT Answers
Corn on corn irrigated strip till, TAPPS
South Dakota

USDA Nutrient Management Tool Bar
Seed Hawk

TAPPS Strip-till Potatoes


6 Exactrix Process Management
Test SDX

Bourgault Triplex

Opener Review

P-51 Mustangs



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