Direct Injection Technology

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Direct Injection Dual-stage Manifold

Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Port to port accuracy of 5%.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) A vailable in 1% accuracy.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Direct injection of NH3 above and below the ground line in the liquid, non-aberrant state, single disc openers can be used.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Improved marketability of NH3 in difficult conditions.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Improved safety, high pressure instrument-grade components.   Burst pressure ratings of 2000 psi.  Fewer components required
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Pressure increasing system maintains NH3 as a liquid throughout the system, improving NH3 band integrity and placed phosphate band efficiency.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Two-stage manifold for distribution of NH3.   Primary orifice group produces precision rates below 3 mph.  Secondary orifice group combines flow and produces precision rates above 3 mph.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Improved pump life and durable 3/16" black nylon lines do not degrade with UV exposure.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Accumulator stores liquid NH3 and overcomes aberrant flow, line flashing and pulsing.
 Key Components Are.....
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Dempster E-5 high pressure or E-6 NH3 pump ground powered or variable rate hydraulically driven. Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Exactrix dual stage accumulator manifold with precision primary and secondary regulation ports.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Precision black nylon 3/16 lines and terminal expansion orifices.

Additional Features Are...



Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Wide orifice operating rate range at pressures to 300 psi. Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Available in porting arrangements from 9 to 72 ports and dual and single tier arrangements.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Low cost, reliable, simple, designed with time proven instrument grade components. Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Easy to install and full support from Exactrix Staff.   3/16" lines install into standard applicator shank stainless steel lines.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) No line coiling, lines are easily out-sourced and cut-to-length to match applicator width. Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Orifices are easy to change to match major application rate changes.
Arrow.gif (605 bytes) Precision accuracy, GPS timing, safety and economic crop responsesignificant environmental improvements in the use of NH3. Arrow.gif (605 bytes) A major breakthrough in the application of NH3 and with the assurance of long-term use.


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