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“Barn Find”, Case SDX 3015, 15 inch band centers, Exactrix® group 2.27 SDX opener injection components are inclusive.
Location Wamego, KS.  

$85,000 is the start. Minimum Bid.

Maximum Bid is $125,000 freight included will buy it immediately.

Ideal for Exactrix® owners.

Exactrix® owners with strip till 30 inch bars for corn production normally own a 15 inch so 10 inch single disc banding tool bar for non-strip till rolling ground and winter wheat, winter canola, barely and milo and soybeans on sandy soil.

Single Disc banding tool bars 10, 12 and 15 inch can also run directly ahead of the planter when conditions are too wet or to dry for strip till.

The Case SDX is low risk machine. The single disc SDX is a great insurance policy if you are a strip till farmer. The 15 inch machines can also be converted to 10, 12 inch spacing and vice versa.

This bid closes on May 28, 2020.


Do you have questions?  Call Virgil Wiest 509-952-5458 if you have any confusion or would like to inspect the machine.

Make sure to include your name, phone number, address and bid amount

Ask Your Questions about the machine here or here.

Start $85,000
Date and Time
Current Bid
Current Bid

The Maximum Bid of $125,000 stops the Auction. The machine comes out of the barn and straight to your farm freight included.  

Another “Barn Find”  from Exactrix owner from Central Kansas, on the edge of the Flint hills.

If you need more details, Contact Virgil Wiest, Auctioneer, 509 952 5458

This auction is open to EXACTRIX® owners ONLY!

If you are not an Exactrix owner you can bid through your neighboring registered Exactrix® owners that have an approved account status in Spokane.  We will help you find an Exactrix owner close by if you need help.

Non-Exactrix owners can bid if you have a registered Exactrix® owner actually bid and pay for the tool bar.

Exactrix owners will earn a 5% fee and will help you take delivery of the machine.  

You can bid on the machine  daily or hourly and down to last minute on May 28th 2020.

The final bid will be accepted on May 28th at 10:00 AM PDT based on time date e-mail stamped receipt in Spokane.

This is a Mini-Max Bid placement. The starting bid is $85,000. The Maximum Bid is $125,000 and that bid will buy the machine instantly based on your e-mail to the Auctioneer.

If you maximize the bid and need the machine immediately the freight is included.  

Once again you must be a registered Exactrix owner placing the bid.

Or a registered Exactrix owner representing a neighbor or business partner.

Case SDX News, The Best Case and Exactrix can offer when banding 15 inch to inch in No-till.  

Lance Rezac of Wamego Kansas improves his bottom line.

Additional net returns $60.00 to $150.00 per acre following guidelines with a 30 foot and 40 foot Case SDX Banding Tool Bars.

This year he will offer his original 30 foot tool bar into the market place.

Lance is continuing to run his 40 foot SDX Tool Bar set up Mass Flow.
30 ft SDX rear rank banding on 15 inch with 15 inch residue sizer front gang.
$85,000 is starting price.

Rental at $16.00 per acre. 2,000 acres or greater up to 3,000 acres per producer. 50% of the rental applies to purchase.

Easy to move. This is one of best machines for Kansas producers in the 3,000 acre range. 15 inch band centers.

This has been a very popular machine in Kansas with15 inch banding for improved yields in all commercial crops in Kansas.

Top yielding winter wheat and spring wheat with seminal plant root access or  Indexing on top of the TAPPKTS band with your 10 inch drill. The TAPPKTS Indexing Yield punch is between 20% to 30% with no starter fertilizer required and much reduced NPKKS nutrients due to high efficiency.

This SDX is very special. This machine does use the front gang for chopping on 15 inch centers when required in heavy corn stover. The back gang is for injection on 15 inch centers…thus the machine has 48 total openers of which 24 are normally used. The front gang adds weight and allows the machine to band deep.

This 7.5 inch SDX machine can also index on 10 inch band spacing by adding injectors at 12 openers, This requires removing 6 openers on the front gang and 6 openers on the back gang.  The openers are rearranged front and rear on 20 inch centers creating a 10 indexing bar for wheat soybeans and milo and a 20 inch indexing bar for 20 inch corn and milo row crop.

Ideal for winter wheat, soybean and milo and key to top yields using TAPPKTS. Documented Yield punches of 20% to 30% in winter wheat.

Case 7.5 inch SDX-30 foot, set up by Lance Rezac to band TAPPS and TAPPKTS on 15 inch centers with a single central manifold.  

The front gang adds weight and normally is not used. It is available to chop residue.

This is a great way to start in No-tillage banding and great trading material if you are moving up to a Mustang Tool Bar in the future.

Lance grew his operation with the Exactrix since 2008 and in 2017 he decided to go to more width with more acres to farm. Lance is sticking with the Case SDX at 40 feet.

The SDX bands about 4 inches in depth. The SDX applies TAPPS or TAPPKTS in dual product Injection at speeds to 8 mph without tillage.

Special Yielder Manganese steel blades are available from Exactrix at 5/16 x 23 and 3/8 x 23.9.

The opener has Martin Closing wheels. The SDX can handle large amounts of residue.

Qty. 24 openers at the back gang with SDX Scrapers in pattern 2.27. Qty. 48 openers installed with 24 acting as choppers or counterweight on the front gang.

This TAPPS formulator will move $60.00/A to $150.00/A more net income to the bottom line.

No-tillage application of TAPPS nutrients. Wamego, KS along the Kansas River.

As a reference. Where does this machine stand in the market place?  With 8 years of service.

Setting up into a new Case SDX-30 in similar design at Otis, Kansas using 2KC series 2 Weigh Master and 2KPT TAPPS formulator with a 2010 SDX came in at $135,000 to $145,000. New certified rebuild warranty on the Exactrix TAPPS formulator. New Scrapers in Series 600E.

Setting up with a newer SDX at $40,000 for a 40 foot in Dual section shows an invoice amount of $155,000 to $165,000.

Setting up a new TAPPS Mustang Tool Bar at 30 feet on 15 inch is $235,000 and at 40 feet $275,000 banding at 7 inch depth at speeds to 12 mph.

The Mustang tool bars are rated at 9,000 to 15,000 acres before rebuild in 30 foot widths….and double that in 60 foot widths.

Lance Rezac in 2016, Last year of service for the 30 foot SDX, very successful and it was replaced with a 40 foot Case SDX tool bar.

A dual section 40 foot, 32 opener, Series 600E Exactrix 2KC Weigh Master and 2KP TAPPS formulator replaced the 30 foot SDX with Mid-Tech 6200 control.  Deere GS-3 control was implemented on Lance’s new SDX-40 on 15 inch centers. Allow VRT-Site Specific to be applied.

Tractor and trailer not included. Comes with Mid-Tech Control and Gauge Panel.

Exactrix 2KF piston pump with accumulator manifold in 24 port,  2008.

Recently rebuilt 2KF, Dempster E-6 pump, was upgraded into current specifications.

New 2KC sliding vane pump can also be used and set up in dual section.

Comes with Technical Manual and Exactrix field support across the Great Plains.

2KP, Tongue Mount, Single central manifold.
Stored Inside at Wamego, KS

TAPPS Formulator, 2KP-300 at 15 gpm, Hypro 3 cylinder pump.

Tee Jet, paddle type Flow meter, Tee Jet ball valve, Hydraulic flow control valve at 5 gpm with small J series motor. 2007 production.   

2KP TAPPS formulator dual filter system.

Dual Product, TASC 6200, Mid-Tech, Spraying Systems.

A popular controller prior to the Can-Bus revolution. 

The Can Bus systems available today easily adapts and is recommended for best long term results in VRT-Site Specific applications.


Dual Product, TASC 6200, Mid-Tech, Spraying Systems.

A popular controller prior to the Can-Bus revolution. 

The Can Bus systems available today easily adapts and is recommended for best long term results in VRT-Site Specific applications.


Pattern 2.27. Dual product Injection. NH3 first, APP/ATS second.

The SDX original scraper is removed. A heavier stainless steel spring is added and the release point is moved back about 2 inches.

This opener has the lowest soil disturbance of all fixed angle openers and is a double compound angle for improved penetration.

In fact the SDX chases it’s roots to the Yielder Drill Deep banding opener that operated in a single disc compound angle in North Dakotas.

There is virtually no soil disturbance with this opener at 4 inch depth

Injectors in the pattern of 2.27.  Large insert available for big acres as Series 600E.

Heavy duty hitch pulls the track cart with dual tanks.

1,000 gallon stainless steel liquid tank

Many more years of good service can be achieved with this machine.

Very unique design and a power play for a young farmer looking for a lot more net income in No-tillage farming.

Ideal for side dress of winter wheat in Feb and March. A good machine for Milo pre-plant.

Has produced very good yields in irrigatged and dryland corn at Wamego.  

Get approved by Exactrix Agronomy Department, Submit your credit application.

Exactrix will pay you for  the test plots, $1,000 per plot as many complete field rotations as you want.

Order a field support kit and tackle box and go to the field with training from Exactrix Field Technical Department.  

Remember, No-tillage always produces the highest Yield Potential in corn, wheat and cotton.

Strip Till Comparisons in selection of nutrient amount for top yields.
Up to $150 more net income per acre in No-tillage.


Additional Items that can be installed. You can keep upgrading each year and stay with the 2020 and beyond designs.

Ken Dechant set up his SDX with 20 point closing wheels and Series 600 SDX Scrapers.
The Goal 14,000 acres in 20 days with a 6212 arrangement.

Series 600 SDX Scrapers.

Yielder Manganese steel blades for extended wear life.

Martin 20 point closing wheels.
 Deere, Trimble or Ag Leader ECU commonly are installed.

Dual section manifolds.

Electronic ball valves at each opener.

The history of the SDX.

2KC Series 3 2KM Series 3 2KC Series 2
2KP, Series 2 in dual section.

Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate or TAPPS

Tri Ammonium Poly Phosphate Potassium Thio-Sulfate TAPPKTS

Dual Section Manifolds are commonly used on Bourgault Tool Bars