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Husker Harvest Days Is About Soybeans and Corn, Banking,
And North America's Best Agriculture Infrastructure.


Platte Valley Yellows, Iron Chlorosis Overcome.
Husker Harvest Days.
Soybeans and Corn respond in VRT-Site Specific application of Exactrix®TAPPS with Ferrilene®.
Ideal for No-Till Farmers following Rotational Band Loading Criteria.
Exactrix® TAPPS with Ferrilene®.
Soybeans Yields Are Greatly Improved.
Iron Chlorosis….Is normally found on high pH soils in pockets and not a field wide problem, ideal for VRT-Site Specific.
Satellite maps help to locate the problem and allow for top notch site specific application. Lowering costs to about $5.00 to $10.00 per acre.
Where there was no stand there is a crop. Changing to a longer rotation and making farming profitable.

September 12, 13, 14, Grand Island, NE. 

You are invited to 642 Sixth Street, Husker Harvest Days.

Exactrix owners can check out a simple tool that has made a big change in adding soybeans into crop rotation in SW Kansas.

Built in Europe for Soybeans to overcome Iron Chlorosis, Ferrilene, works at top efficency with Exactrix 1% CV, Metering and Injection in Corn, Soybeans and Milo.

The seed row application of the EDDHA Metal is not used.

This keeps the seed row alive driving Rhizobia to top performance.

Iron Chlorsis is overcome in high pH soils using Exactrix TAPPS to provide the pH swing to drive soybean yields higher.

Iron Chlorsis is overcome in high pH soils using Exactrix TAPPS to provide the pH swing to drive soybean yields higher.

Finally NPKS and micros can supply the seedling soybeans with critical nutrients at the very earliest stages of soybean development.

Exactrix Tri-Flow injection is a dramatic change in Soybean Fertilization. TAPPS makes it work better.

Binary Index Banding ahead assures non toxic germination of soybean and a good chance the Rhizobia remains alive in the seed row.

Soybeans stands are greatly improved in TAPPS, TAPPKTS and Ferrilene.

Ferrilene® from Helena Chemical is now approved by Exactrix for 3 rd product injection with TAPPS applied deep.

Exactrix provides 3 and 4 product injection. Binary Indexed Banding drives early plant emergence and nutrient efficiency at highest levels.

Exactrix TAPPS, TAPPKTS, Plus Micros. The Exactrix Tri-flow injection is also very functional in Corn and Milo providing the highest level of nutrient take up in Binary Indexed Banding.

Tri-Flow Injection of Ferrilene®. Banding in three streams to assure an organized concentration at 2 to 3 inch seed zone area.

Three streaming bands dilute the toxic materials and allow seed to placed close and near to nutrient product like Ferrilene®.

Exactrix®2KP, Looking Glass, 3rd and 4th product injection. Streaming Flow Injection of KTS, Potassium Thio-Sulfate in VRT-Site Specific application.

What are The Platte Valley Yellows?
Primarily showing up in high value irrigated Soybeans with virtually no stand.
Ferrilene® is a dramatic development with Exactrix Tri-Flow and TAPPS application in 2 levels.
A common name for Iron Chlorosis of Soybeans.
Found primarily in higher pH soils, of the Western United States from North Dakota to Texas.


Iowa Soybeans Sandy Soils of Nebraska Corn


South Western Kansas Corn Central Kansas Soybeans


Texas Milo  Kansas Milo

North Western Kansas Milo

The Platte Valley Yellows.
A chlorotic condition of soybeans in the river valleys of eastern Nebraska was studied. 

The pattern of chlorosis, presence of petiolar necrosis, reductions in rhizobial and mycorrhizal infection, and plant and soil chemical analyses suggest that the condition is more complex than normal iron deficiency chlorosis or other mineral deficiencies or toxicities.

Nodulation is almost totally inhibited in affected plants.

Mycorrhizal fungi, while able to infect early in the season, do not persist on affected plants. Breakdown of endodermis was observed in the roots of affected plants. The factors contributing to this condition have not yet been determined. 

Keep the soil alive with Exactrix Tri-Flow injection, Rhizobia goes in the seed row with Mycorrhiza.

Your Great Plains Reporter.

Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island, Nebraska.

Exactrix 40 foot, 7x7 tool bar on display.
Sept. 12, 13, 14, 2017.

Get a special introduction of the Positive Down-pressure, TC bar with lift assist, 40 to 45 feet, with 2KC Series 3 and 2KM TAPPS formulators.
Mustang P-51 openers meet or exceed producer expectations at 7 inch banding depths.

Meeting your formulation needs.  

Picking your metering systems.  

Need more information on advanced crop production.


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