High Test NH3, Nebraska Manure applications.
 Optimum Year after Year. 15 years' experience. Pioneer Exactrix Yields at Beemer NE.

Rick Engelmeyer. Beemer, NE applying Exactrix Liquid NH3 and non-uniform manure, following soybeans with a soil OM at 3.5%.

Due to manure application, the corn production system is minimum tillage with P-51C Mustang banding directly into soybean stubble prior to minimum tillage.
This is Rick’s 15th year with Exactrix NH3 application. The Goal for 2018 is TATS application which should bring 11 more bushels per acre.

In 2017, the center pivots operated one day and were shut down for the rest of the year due to abnormal rainfall.
At 51.25 feet, a P-51C, Mustang Tool Bar. Running at 8 mph, Applying with a 2KC, Series Weigh Master.

Two varieties of Pioneer were planted in the same field, 1197 and Pioneer 1246 averaged 275 bushels per acre at full field size with 140 lbs. Exactrix N spring applied. Seed Row N at 6 lbs. N as 10-34-0 at 5 gallons per acre .

  • In acid soils, with high OM, and a manure history. Less than .53 lbs. of commercial N produced low risk yields. Soil samples will be taken in November. Scientists tell us that .6 is about as low as you can go unless N is coming from some other source like manure.

  • Corn producers that want to operate at lower levels of N application should note that this is an exceptional case.

  • Producers with high pH soils of 7.5 to 8.5 in rotation with other crops can expect similar results due to high soil bacterial action of residue with over winter reduction and mineralization of OM.

  • Western Corn Belt, No-till producers that cannot build OM to 3% levels are getting back the nutrient investment in the corn stover with bacterial feeding, in fact in some cases spring OM has dropped 1% from fall OM tests.

  • The No-till advantages of mineralized OM is that it is distributed more evenly in the stover and in the root system. High pH rapid natural mineralization is most effective due to the surface and soil profile release to 3 feet.

  • Rotational Band Loading also helps provide more nutrients in No-tillage over time. Positional availability of ammoniated phosphate keeps P crop available in Acid low pH and Base 7.5 to 8.5 pH soils.

  • No-tillage is the key to highest levels of nutrient efficiency with nutrients in equilibrium. 


Rick’s brother also at Beemer, NE. with a manure history had good results with Exactrix application.
A similar event with Exactrix High Test NH3 at 166% more crop availability..…Rick’s brother had the same story. The Pioneer 1197 had a field wide average, full quarter, at 280 bushels per acre. Total 160 lbs. N as Exactrix NH3.

This is very close to a record performance. 

VRT-Site Specific is next? 

The manure comes from their large cattle feedlot and hog barns.

Buying manure and hauling it makes no economic sense for most corn producers.

Producers must own the livestock to make manure profitable.

Exactrix owners applying TAPPS as 10-34-0 and Thio-Sul 12-0-0-26S actually have better results (net dollars) due to the uniformity of the application and the deep placement with NH3.

Manure cannot be uniformly applied nor is it as crop available as TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Micros.

Manure works only if you own the manure in the current economic structure.

Typical in Exactrix TAPPS application choosing a higher rate may actually reduce yields when producers go above 140 lbs. N as Exactrix NH3 per acre.

The soil stability of NH4 helps raise yields and adding Thio-sul to the streaming flow results in a synergism.

Both fields had 10 to 15 bushel of corn on the ground from a 5 day 50 mph windstorm this fall.

Next year Rick will use TATS, NH3 and Thio-sul and the next chapter could be VRT with Micro Nutrients in three product.

A video is included from this spring.

More Information and Training at Exactrix.

Guy Swanson, Your Great Plains Reporter.

Good Old NH3, Remains the lowest cost and most crop available form of Nitrogen.

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