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April 15, 00, West Point, Ne. Greg Kreikemeir is an innovative producer that has implemented the most productive NH3 applicator to date. The applicator is referred to as the X-16. Remember the X-15, it was the first man qualified rocket plane that flew to fringes of outer space. Maybe you did not know that the X-15 flew on 1,500 gallons of NH3 and 2,000 gallons of LOX. That is correct and it produced up to 500,000 horsepower for 90 seconds. Well this 60 foot wide applicator has challenged the record for applying NH3.
Greg’s X-16 is rated at 80 gallons per minute or 20,000 Ibs. /N per hour. Most NH3 applicators seldom exceed 25 gallons per minute. Some 40 ft airseeders apply as low as 6 gallons per minute. This machine is a money maker in the custom application business. Greg's goal is to precision apply on his own 4,500 acre farm and then go to work for his neighbors 10,000 acres this fall. 

Greg started planning the X-16 in November, 99 after reading an article in Successful Farming about Exactrix®. Greg checked out the Exactrix web site and made the call. His credit card made the down payment and by March he was operational in the field.

Greg is no stranger to leading the pack. He built his own 20” spacing 60 foot No-till planter. Exactrix provided considerable engineering support but the real credit goes to Greg for meeting the deadlines and rolling out the machine on time.

Your calculator will tell you that at 12mph a 60 foot wide machine will cover 87 acres per hour. The X-16 is recharged every 30 minutes with 2,900 gallon high floatation trailer tanks. Hookup takes 10 minutes so 75 acres per hour is about the top production. A 750 acre day is possible. The going rate for commercial application of a single product is $7.00 per acre. Sounds like a good $5,250 gross for a days work.

The X- 16 is a real bargain for Greg's customers since there is no-tillage using the Exactrix® approved X-16 single disc openers. In fact the machine operator often has trouble finding his mark. Greg has installed a light bar and the Mid-Tech field mapping system. Greg says he would require $100,000 for the X-16 bar if he sold it.

The second major advantage of the X-16 is the Exactrix® system. The port to port accuracy as tested is 0.7% adm. University of Nebraska at Lincoln reports that NH3 is normally applied at 30% over the required rate since the old pressure reducing systems are very inaccurate port to port That is absolutely correct as tested by Iowa State University and Successful  farming.

How did they do that?

 Here is the cookbook to building your own high speed applicator.

1. Pick the right bar that folds from the tractor to 14 feet for high speed transport The best bar is the Friesen and Friesen folding planter bar.
The bar must have at least 350 lbs of weight per foot distributed evenly. 

2. Call Exactrix® at
509 995 1879 cell, Pacific, and ask for the X-16 high speed opener group with closing wheels used on Exactrix® systems. 

3. Call Exactrix® and order the 2KD Weigh Master. Ask Exactrix® to provide all the engineering data and the Exactrix Technical manuaL The Exactrix® manual is easy to read with numerous hints and regulations required to assure success. 

4. Allow at least 90 days advance lead time to bring all the components together. The ship won’t sail without a deadline Absolutely follow up with Exactrix® on any changes you are considering. Exactrix can save you time and money since many producers get caught up in the excitement of a technology breakthrough.
5. Get your fertilizer supplier involved immediately. He may not be able to keep up with the machine. The trailer tanks must be properly set up. You may want to purchase higher capacity tanks. Exactrix® can help with the supply side and tank suppliers. 

6. The Key components of the system as supplied by Exactrix® are:
The 2KD Weigh Master rated at 20,000 lbs. N per hour to 20 degrees F. The Engineered Controls bottom outlet A3210 valves are sold by Exactrix® to the fertilizer dealer or to the customer. Six 1450 gallon tanks are required. The Weigh Master comes complete with Smarthose breakaways.

Expect 60 to 90 day delivery of the factory tested Exactrix® system. Therefore expect to pay 2/3 down with order and balance due at shipment. Exactrix® is pre-assembling all NH3 tool bar engines at the factory to improve installation time and initial set up performance.

 Education and Training. Read and reread the manual and then take the Exactrix® 250 question test to see how you score with your knowledge of precision NH3 applicatlon. The test is required before you head for the field. You must be “Flight Qualified” before operating this advanced system. 


7. Additional Key components.
 Mid Tech Light Bar and Field Mapping System.
 Exactrix® X-16 High Speed Openers with Closing Wheels.
 Friesen Tool Bar.
 400 horsepower tractor with proper transmission splits at 12 mph.



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