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Exactrix® Highest Award for Technical Achievement in 2013

Pegasus Media has nominated Exactrix Mustang as the top technical achievement for Exactrix® in 2013

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Outstanding Video With Kevin and His P51 Mustangs

Highest Yield Potential with Mustang P-51 High Speed Openers
In 5 Sizes Forming TAPPS and TAPPKTS.

Allows No Till farmers to be No-till Farmers banding NH3, PKS nutrients to ideal root colony depths.
Meets the need in all farm sizes from 750 acres to 30,000 acres annually. Lowest operating cost achieved.
Greatest flexibility in Timing of Nutrients..Pre-plant or Side dress or same day banding and seeding.
Surgical placement of plant nutrients deeper, with maximum time in the tractor seat in extreme residue.
Triplex Injection with the lowest level of soil disturbance at depths to 9 inches.

Mustang Openers are High Speed with low soil disturbance and
 low horsepower at speeds to 12.5 mph and depths to 9 inches

The openers can be arranged in multiple ranks or can be closely mounted side by side.

Gyro Counter weights add weight to the blade for improved cutting and slicing of residue...a dynamic rolling counter weight.

The slim design allows an unobstructed flow or residue with a maximum overall width of 8 inches...the narrowest opener design for nutrient application.

The Injector Foot is not a shank or knife. The Injector Foot holds the injector into place with streaming liquid flow into the narrow slot under vacuum.

A diluted vertical band is created with liquids including NH3.

The unit seals off at the 2 inch depth as the injector foot makes the injection into the vacuum slot of the coulter blade.

The root targeted, positional band is unique. A 3 - to - 4 inch vertical root interception of TAPPS and TAPPKTS is implemented with the Triplex Injection.




Case 940 banding in growing wheat. A five section machine at 50 feet with 15 inch band spacing.

P-51A, banding depth 4 inch, 5 bolt hub, with triple lip grease seal, 3/8 x 20 or 22 double edged at 155 pounds.

Optional, 4 bolt hub, 1,500 pound hub with grease seal lube hub, 1/4 x 20 double edged blade. 135 pounds, Max 400 pounds down pressure to 10 mph

Yielder Category.
P-51B, banding depth 5 inch, 5 bolt, Cat Duo Cone Floating Ring Seals, Oil Running, 3,300 pound Hub, 3/8 x 22 inch blade. Steel pivot bearings. weight 250 pounds. Max 650 pounds down pressure to 15 mph. Upgradeable to C series.

P-51C, banding depth 6 inch, 5 bolt, Cat Duo Cone Floating Ring Seals, 3,300 pound, Oil Running Hub, 3/8 x 24 inch. Fiber Glide bearings sealed in main pivot. Sealed mounting clamps.
Maximum 650 pounds down pressure to 15 mph. Upgradeable to CUE series.

Maximum Endurance for Large Acre producers in difficult glacial till soils. C series Ultra Endurance or CUE, weighs 100 pounds more than the standard C opener group using 150% heavier blades and components.

P-51CUE, banding depth 7 inch, 5 bolt, Cat Duo Cone Floating Ring Seals, 3,300 pound, Oil Running Hub with Yielder 1/2 x 26 inch double edged blades 345 pounds. Maximum 650 pounds down pressure to 15 mph.

P-51 B, C and CUE are designed for Yielder 5 bolt hubs at speeds to 20 mph using Caterpillar Duo Cone seals.

New or used Yielder blades can be used.

Yielder blades at 21 to 20 inch are still usable on the P-51 series openers.

Case 940 5 section, 7 section fold in widths to 65 feet is available from Exactrix® for big producers on the Great Plains.

DMI tool bars can be set up to No-tillage band nutrients.

The Deere 2510 can be improved by mounting Mustang openers at the back of the tool bar making a 15 inch tool bar.


Applies 3 different products formulating TAPPS, TAPPKTS, TAPPKTS plus organic products, TAPPKTS plus HCl.

New bio systems... banding into growing roots.

Ideal for banding directly into wheat.

Virtually no root damage when side dressing seedling corn to a 6 inch depth with the P-51C.

Allows very deep placement of phosphate at 7 inch depth in moist soil conditions with the P-51CUE.

P-51D - Fumigant Injection - 28 and 30 inch coulters banding to depths of 9 inch.

Widely Tested, the Mustang seals the slot in all tested no-till soil conditions of North America.

Allows low cost banding on 10 inch centers to 15 inch centers.

Low soil disturbance...with a soil saving warranty.

Lowest operating cost...lowest known operating cost with the P-51B, P-51C and P-51CUE at banding depths to 7 inch in moist soil conditions.

P-51CUE Mustang openers have replaceable chrome bits and Hardened TIO's that are O-ring fitted to the injector foot.

The Chrome Replacement bit is economical to change during mid season.

Threaded TIO's allow quick changes.


Case 940/Mustang at 61.5 feet banding No-till into irrigated 280 bushel corn stover, Shelton, NE

Montezuma/Mustang banding at the 7 inch depth, Lyons, KS.


Low cost banding...in sandy soils or rock strewn soils...
allows entirely new approaches to uniform application of nutrients.
Improves timing of the nutrients. Allows nutrients to be banded into soils
 that are moist, saving millions of dollars over the life of the machine.

The Bourgault 8825 can be set up with a second set of tooling for low soil disturbance application of wheat.

High Speed Tool Bars can be designed to widths of 120 feet with lower cost and more options to change
spacing to match the crops raised.

Allows side dressing treatments of winter wheat down to 10 inch spacing with RTK guidance.

Gyro Rolling Counterweights add more punch at high grounds speeds.

Exactrix® Mustangs mount to air-seeder frames.
Can be mounted to Deere 1890 as a banding unit.


P-51A..with Yockey Closing wheels for shallow 3 to 4 inch banding.
Shallow banding requires a closing wheel.

Ideal for smaller producers with 1,000 acres per year of banding

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