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Progressive High Speed 
Single Disk X-16 Tool Bar


North Bend, NE. April 01...Tim and Randy Reznicek set up a progressive Tool Bar with Exactrix designed X-16 single disc openers. The tool bar is 40 feet wide with 16 openers on 30" band centers.

The X-16 opener has these features:

  • Application speed is nominally rated at 12 mph. Maximum speed observed to date is 15 mph.
  • Blade diameters are 20 or 24" with 3/8 or 1/2" thick manganesse steel blades.
  • Exactrix® oil running hubs have floating ring seals with Timken pinion type bearings. The all steel hubs are rated at 3,300 lbs.
  • Positive downpressure is applied with opener mounted hydraulic cylinders linked to accumulators. Down pressure is adjusted by the operator on the go. As ground speed or conditions change the opener penetration is modified.
  • Direct injection of NH3 occurs by means of the Exactrix® injector foot. The foot is narrower than the blade. This feature decreases opener plugging and assures the operator stays in the tractor seat in difficult residue conditions.
  • The X-16 opener also swivels for turning and allows the self-centering openers to produce no tillage effect.
  • Closing wheels can be set up as a single wheel over the band or dual wheels to the side of the band.
  • Total vertical movement of the X-16 openers is 28". This opener is ideal for placing NH3 on terraces. 
  • The X-16 opener can also place liquid and dry fertilizer together.

The Exactrix® 2KD "Weigh Master" applies NH3 using a dynamic scale.

  • The Micro Motion mass flow meter determines the pump application speed based on the weight or mass flow of the NH3.
  • NH3 can now be accurately applied in cold or warm weather by weight rather than volume.
  • High accuracy results. Yield potential goes up. Timing of NH3 application is improved. Port to port CV's are less than 0.87%. Less NH3 is required.
  • Variable rate NH3 is now practical. No opener freezing with Exactrix® direct NH3 application. 
  • Low soil disturbance with X-16 opener at high ground speed.
  • Dual closing wheels improves sealing and dramatically reduces soil disturbance. Ideal for tillage systems. 


EXACTRIX® X-16 Openers

1. Hubs, 3,300 lb. Timken pinion type, tapered roller bearings, oil running, metal face oil seal, all steel construction, 2" spindle.

2. Blades, 20" or 24" diameter, 3/8" or 1/2" thickness, manganese steel, double edged.

3. Injector foot, 2 or 3 products, operates in blade shadow with minimum soil contact and no-tillage.

4. Hydraulic cylinder, 3" cylinder x 4" stroke, differential displacement.

5. Dual parallelograms, 20" x 8" pin centers producing 28" of total vertical movement at +-45 degrees. qty.4.

6.Parallelogram movement, adjustable by 7 degrees up or down, removable pin adjustment.

7. Parallelogram bearings, .25" Fiberglide with dual o-ring seals and nylotron/stainless

8. Parallelogram swivel mount, +-27 degrees swivel, Fiberglide bearings, o-ring sealed, 2.5" diameter chrome swivel shaft. 

9. Closing wheel, Single, dual flanged, centered over band, UHMW self cleaning, 3,300 lb. oil running hub, press fit with retainer.

10. Clamp and Cross, 7"x7" and 4"x6"tool bars, 1" bolts to 1.5" clamp strip, shouldered load cross to match bar dimensions.


  • Dual closing wheels.
  • Dry placement tube.
  •  Scrapers.
  • Oscillating straw divider.
Performance Criteria
  • 28" total Parallelogram movement.

  •  Ground speed rating of 12 mph.

  • Maximum deep band dept 6".

  • Maximum down pressure 1,500 lbs./opener.

  • Self Centering, swiveling, no-tillage.

  • Oscillating straw divider divides residue flow.

  • 7"x7" tool bar, tool bar raise and lower hydraulics not required.
  • Adjustable "on the go" accumulator ride control for varying downpressure requirements of high speed NH3 application.

  • Band spacings to 15" centers. ranked or non ranked.

  • Opener weight: 450 lbs. at 24"x1/2" 
  • Length: 50"
  • Height: 40"
  • Hydraulic flow: 20 gpm, 18 openers, 3 seconds for full movement from mid stroke.

Results Spring

  • Practical use of the X-16 opener on two tool bars proved high reliability at application speeds to 15 mph.

  • Application of 30,000 gallons of NH3 per day is practical with this opener combined with the Exactrix 2KD "Weigh Master".

  • Soil disturbance was considered lower using dual closing wheels. Adjustable opener downpressure, accumulator ride control proved to be a valuable feature.

  • Sealing was considered better with dual closing wheels. Double flanged, UHMW closing wheels were not in production for spring 2001.

Patents Granted, USPTO

Swiveling Parallelogram Cross

The X-16 swiveling parallelogram cross is manufactured to exacting tolerances.

The Dual parallelogram design requires bearing alignment in three planes.

The bearing groups use Fiberglide bearings which have up to five times the loading capacity over bronze type bearings.

The Fiberglide bearings are self lubrication using a woven Teflon braid. 

The seals are critical to bearing life. The eight parallel arm bearings use four o-rings each to prevent dirt entry.

The o-ring seals operate in combination with stainless steel and nylatron thrust washers.

The swivel shaft is 2.5" diameter and is chrome plated to allow the Fiberglide bearings to turn smoothly. The swivel parallelogram cross constantly oscillates at high speeds. The individual opener blades self center reducing the tillage effect of the opener.

The swivel shaft is retained in the cross mounting bracket by means of a tapered plug with a split flange that expands as the plug is tightened. 

"The 3,300 lb. Exactrix hub has been proven to provide the lowest operating cost, with no greasing, and outstanding useful life".

The Blade Hub Is Critical.

1.Floating metal face,  type rotating oil seals. The most durable seal for oil service and long life.
2. The spindle is 2" diameter for shock loads at high speed.
3. Timken, pinion type, tapered roller bearings, 3,300 lb. rated with a K factor of 1 for thrust loads up to 3,300 lbs. Bearings run oil for improved lubrication and extra long service life without replacement or takeup.
4. Clamp type nut maintains .001" end play for proper bearing takeup and settings. 
5. Tongued hardened thrust washer, allows outer bearing cone to slightly rotate reducing Brinelling of the bearing group with impact loads.
6. Double o-ring sealed hub cap.
7. Fill plug is recessed with o-ring seal.
8. Hub flange is available in various bolt hole patters plus the blade clamp design requiring no hub bolts. A similar hub is used with UHMW closing wheel.
9. The hub is built from solid steel. No porous castings are used. The bearings operate in clean class CD engine oil. The hubs are precision bored with runout of .001" producing true running blades.


X-16 Accumulator Ride Control, Hydraulic System, Reviewed
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