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2KA Series

2KB Series

2KD Weigh Master



Our Premier System!
Direct Injects NH3 Up To 20,000 lbs. N per Hour
In Cold Temperatures to 0 Degrees

2KF (left) and 2KD (right) Side by Side



All components utilized in the test are standard, off the shelf production items of Exactrix Global Systems.

Precision and selected orifices with less than 1% port to port variance are avai;able from Exactrix.

Injection orifices should be checked every 500,00 gallons of NH3 applied.

Testing reflects dual stage manifold operation in the secondary stage.


Coefficient of Variation
Exactrix 2KD..................0.875%
Exactrix 2KB..................3.1%
New Sprayer.....................6%
Airseeder Urea...........8 to 14%
Vert. Dam NH3 Man..21 to 25%
Standard NH3 Man....34 to 42%

PAMI rates any delivery system above 15% CV as unacceptable.

Testing information and criteria is also available from TVA and ASAE.

Test information can be presented as Average Difference of the Mean or Coefficient of Variation.

ASAE and PAMI have adapted CV. Iowa State/SF have adopted ADM



Testing results, Feb. 1 thru 4, 00, Boulder, Colorado, Micro Motion, Mid Tech, Exactrix Global Systems.

2KD Series, Micro Motion R-100, Midtech TASC 6100, Exactrix Tool Bar Manifold.


Test at Micro Motion, Boulder, CO

Corken ZH2000 sliding vane pump transfers flow to the Micro Motion Elite mass flow meter acting as the master flow meter with .1% accuracy. The Micro Motion R-100 mass flow meter measures within .5% accuracy. The R-100 weighs the material flow and signals the Mid Tech 6100 TASC controller the dynamic weight of the material.  The electronic governor or controller then regulates the speed of the Corken sliding vane pump correlating ground speed, per acre rate, and lbs. of flow in time.

The Mid Tech controller displays rate in lbs. /acre and calls for four variable rate changes over an eight minute period to determine response and repeatability. 

Response time to the variable rate change is observed. Weights are compared between the master flow meter and the R-100. Response time is instant to .25 seconds based on pressure gauges.

Phase two of the tests measure the flow rate from 24 ports into 24 buckets which are electronically weighed. Four different per acre application rates were observed. Accuracy or coefficient of Variation is less than 1% port to port.  The Average Standard Deviation is .191.

Repeatability is .1% using four different lb./acre rates.






  • Weighs the NH3 flow as a liquid or a gas

  • No turbines or wetted moving parts.

  • Accurate to 0.5%.

  • Reliable and repeatable, it is the safest way to measure NH3 dynamically for variable rate, site specific application.

MICRO MOTION of Boulder, CO. is the pioneer developer of Coriolis Effect flowmeters


  • Add $120.00 for each port above 12. Add $180 for each port above 12 port with 3/8 inch line groups.
  • The Corken sliding vane pump delivers NH3 to the Micro Motion mass flowmeter which instantly weighs the flow of NH3.
  • The Mid-Tech controller indicates dynamic flow rate in lbs. of N per acre applied  instantly.  GPS variable rate, site specific application is the most precise in the industry. 
  • The Micro Motion mass flowmeter weighs the applied NH3 within 0.5%.The port to port accuracy is 0.7% adm. The 2KD System will accurately apply NH3 to 20,000 Lbs. of N per hour.
  • The mass flow meter automatically compensates for density due to temperature change.
  • The proprietary Mid Tech 6100 TASC Controller is GPS compatible. The controller can be used on your sprayer and interfaces with all
    Mid Tech electronics.
  • Excellent cold weather performance to 20*F. Low pressure drop  Engineered Controls A-3210-065 bottom outlet valves completely empty the  tank.
  • Tractor seat time is extended 15%...ideal for rolling terrain.
  • Improved safety with bottom outlet valves...compete with  two safety Smarthose breakaways (better in dusty conditions.) The Smarthose Breakaways remain with the tool bar.
  • Tank hookups are reduced 15% with bottom outlet valves.
  • The pump filters and Smarthose can be mounted on a turntable improving geometric flow and breakaway life.
  • So accurate....you can change fields without reweighing the trailer tanks. 
  • Two gallon Exatrix primary filter has 60 sq. inches open area for low pressure drop. The primary filter inlets transition flow from the tank Smarthoses into the Corken pump.

  • Side dressing orifices
  • Dual manifolds for zone application
  • Custody transfer for in the field legal billing
  • Bottom outlet valve and vent kit
  • Exactrix Pre-assembled and drop in engine option

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