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Delta P Manifolds
Tested Coefficient of Variation at 0.65% port to port... 10 times more accurate than flooded manifolds applying solution fertilizers 20 times more accurate than roller squeeze pumps 50 times more accurate than conventional NH3 manifolds.

The most accurate manifold to apply gas and liquid fertilizer.
The manifold design allows application of Anhydrous Ammonia NH3, Ammoniated Phosphate 10-34-0, Aqua Ammonia 20-0-0, Uran 32-0-0 & 28-0-0, and Acid Base liquid fertilizers. Manifold wetted construction is stainless steel 316L. Maximum operating pressure 500 psi. Can be applied to electronic pressure reducing NH3 systems and Exactrix pressure increasing systems for application of NH3.

Wide operating range with exclusive dual stage delivery. Application flows from nil to 100 gpm.
Two sets of orifices allows four times the flow regulation of flooded manifolds and up to B times the flow regulation over roller pumps. Standard primary port orifices are preset at 050" diameter(.664 gpm/NH3@120 psi). Optional .030" diameter primary ports are used for narrow band spacing in wheat production. Secondary port orifices are selected to meet maximum application rate...up to .200" diameter(10.664 gpm/NH3@120psi). Ideal for variable rate, site specific application. The accumulator piston modulates with pressure and flow.

Up to 40% better utilization of NH3....
10% better utilization of solutions.

Higher yields and less material required. Stay in the tractor seat longer.
Reduce application costs. Immediate results with variable rate, site specific
application of liquid fertilizers.

Port arrangements from 12 to 48 port from a common manifold.
Simple installation, Several line sizes for various flows and viscosities. The same manifold can be used for NH3 in the fall and solution 28 is the spring. Compatible with low and high pressure (500 psi) line arrangements. Designed and developed to meet the needs of producers and fertilizer dealers applying several types of liquids with the same applicator including NH3.

Delta P manifolds have a broad application range.
Utilized for all liquid fertilizer types.
Low operating cost. Low maintenance.
Long term precision. Low erosion rate orifices.
Maximum flow technology in one manifold.

Delta P manifolds on test Aug. 3, 01, Spokane, WA., EGS. Delta P manifolds have several changes over Exactrix Manifolds. The changes meet the need to meter two phase flow of NH3 below vapor pressure.

Thus pressure reducing systems produced by several electronic control manufacturers can use the Delta P manifold to meter NH3 accurately port to port. The Delta P manifold can later be upgraded to the Exactrix pressure increasing system by changing adapters and adding high pressure black nylon line and Exactrix TIO's. This allows the use of single disc openers and Airseeder openers.

The initial tests proved out the lowest CV performance yet attained by Exactrix. The Delta P tested CV in the secondary stage showed a 0.649% Coefficient of Variation. NH3 bucket tests should reconfirm this value above vapor pressure and a slightly higher CV value below NH3 vapor pressure.

Delta P manifolds are dual staging, variable displacement and can be set up for pressure increasing systems to the TIC shank or single disc openers or for pressure increasing system to the manifold only and EVA lines using shank openers.

Five total tests carried out at various pressures using a P&M counting scale with 0.005 lbs. resolution to measure bucket weights.
Primary stage, low flow at higher pressure is directed through first set of orifices. Port to port accuracy is maintained since pressure is high. Pressure drop occurs after primary orifices delivering a metered accurate flow. This critical feature at startup and rolling ground. High accuracy is maintained on slopes to 50%. Secondary stage flow. Primary and secondary ports deliver metered flow at higher flow and pressure to the final manifold metering orifice adapter located at the manifold outlet. Pressure drop occurs after the metering orifice adapter. The manifold metering orifice adapters deliver at high accuracy at high flow.

Chemistry, line sizing and working pressure in psi.
Black nylon, od. 3/8" @530,1/4" @465, 3/16"@530.
Natural EVA, i.d. 318" @75, 1/4" @100.
White Polypropylene, o.d x id. 3/18" x .250" @157, 5/16x .188"@196, 1/4" x .170"@149.

High pressure, 500 psi, Line od. 3/16', 1/"', 318".
Medium pressure, 200 psi, Line id.
Low pressure, 100 psi, Line id. 318", 5/16", 1/4".

Single ear, compression band, stainless steel.
Recommended for medium pressure
Double ear stainless steel.
Recommended for low pressure range.
Manifold meter orifice adapter sizes.
.025, .030, .035, .040, .045, .050, .055, .060, .065, .070, .080, .090, .100, .125, .150, .163, .200

Phantom Row at 150% side dress.

.049(.040) .055(.045) .061(.050) .067(.055)
.073(.060) .073(.065) .086(.070) .098(.080)
.110(.090) .122(.100) .153(125) .200(163)

Guess Row Return at 50% side dress.

.028(.040) .032(.045) .035(.050) .038(.055)
.042(.060) .046(.065) .049(.070) .057(.080)
.064(.090) .071(.100) .088(.128) .106(.150)

Delta P manifolds use patented technology from Exactrix Global Systems. Precision design and manufacturing technology allows flexible manifold designs to match your exact need.

"A" series arrangements are available in 12, 18, 24 and 36 " port outlets. Primaries are .050, Secondaries are .200.  B' series arrangements are available in 12,18, 24 and 36 port outlets. Primaries are .030, Secondaries are .200.

"A" series arrangements are commonly used on tool bars with spacings from 15" to 40"  "B" series arrangements are commonly used on airseeders and not till drills with band spacings of less than 15". 
"C" series arrangement is available in 48 port outlets. Primaries are .030" and secondaries are .100"

"C" series arrangements are commonly used airseeders and not till drills with band spacings of less than 15". High pressure 1/4" line adapters are shown. Low pressure metering orifice extended length adapters are available in 1/4" od x .170 line size and 1/4" id. EVA lines. 
Delta P Manifold Outlet Metering Orifice Adapters
Delta P Manifold High Pressure Adapters
Delta P Manifold Testing
Delta P Main


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