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Dec.30, 2016 Agriculture has changed.
Dec.29, 2016 Plant Nutrient Engineering, Agronomy, Economics, Exactrix Guide, 2017.Highest Yields achieved, Exactrix owners make more money.
Dec.22, 2016 Yielder® Technology Produces 254 bu./A  Corn Efficiency Record Set With Exactrix®.
Dec.16, 2016 Corn Yields at 280 to 316 bushels per acre with Exactrix TAPPS in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.
Dec. 07, 2016 The Story about Anhydrous Ammonia you did not know......
Nov. 30, 2016 Winter Canola has excellent returns when matched with top notch management.
Nov. 28, 2016 It Works Every Time.
Nov. 15, 2016 Record Yields, Reduced Costs, Red Alert for Corn Producers, Why Exactrix TAPPS Is So Successful
Nov. 09, 2016 If you love Kansas strippers, you can see the next best thing. An improved view.
Nov. 08, 2016 Black Dirt Days, Only A Memory.
Nov. 01, 2016 Great Plains Producers Meeting, Yielder No-tillage Technology From Exactrix Global Systems. 
Oct. 21, 2016 Less Winter Wheat And More Winter Canola, The Market Says So.
Oct. 11, 2016 Interesting Facts about Kansas, Southwestern Explorer Report, Great Plains Reporter.
Sept. 27, 2016 Advanced Exactrix Update. Add Zinc, Cooper and Boron. Raise More Wheat. Boron is for the reproductive stage and can be banded at super low rates or Foliar applied.
Sept. 12, 2016 What is Vermiculation? How does the Mustang Opener Vermiculate the TAPPS.
Sept. 09, 2016 Under Promise and over deliver. Beat your expectations with Exactrix TAPPS in No-tillage Corn with “Big Ears” from Pioneer.
Aug. 23, 2016 Exactrix Winter Canola, Fall Establishment,
Winter Hardiness, Fertilizer Practices.
Aug. 02, 2016 Bandammonium, $30 to $60 more net income per acre in a close margin, dryland farming operation, No-Tillage P-51-CUE, Deep Banding TAPPS Vermiculated in Unique Involute bands on 15 inch centers.
July 21, 2016 Improving Crop Applied Nutrient Efficiency, Higher yields and a little less nutrient cost, Exactrix Demonstration, Mustang Banding TAPPS, Heavy Residue, 9 mph,
 Banding deep at 7 inch depth with No-tillable.
June.21. 2016 A New world record, all No-till, Nutrients 99% crop available, Ken Dechant, Guy Swanson, Manning Alberta, 14,000 acres in 7 days.
June.15. 2016 Up The Big N, Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow,
 Another High Water Mark in Washington State and Idaho.
June.07. 2016 Kevin Medow Makes The News, Front Cover Nebraska Farmer.
June.02. 2016 West of the Missouri, 60 Days Makes A Difference.
April and May Weather Changes The Outlook On the Great Plains.
June.01. 2016 Tornados and No-tillage, Banding Exactrix TAPPS, Kevin and Denton Durler, Exactrix Series 3 Tool Bar. Dodge City, North and South about 20 miles, about 7,000 acres dryland.
May. 12. 2016 Kansas Exactrix Anhydrous Ammonia No-tillage  system saves moisture with minimum investment in nutrients.
May. 03. 2016 In Washington State, The Longest Term, Ultimate No-till Field and Farm, The Boe Ranch.
Apr. 26. 2016 No-tillage Anydrous Ammonia at 8.5 mph at 7 inch depth at 1%CV Uniformity on 15 inch centers. The Big Red.
Apr. 25. 2016 The Keystone of Fluid Flow, Liquid State, Anhydrous Ammonia with
2 and 3 inch RT Internal Valves for Exactrix High Pressure Pumping Systems.
Apr. 09. 2016 Get Technology On Your Side Of The Fence.
Apr. 07. 2016

What is better than a Cover Crop? No-till Anhydrous Ammonia Is Better, Double Crop.

Apr. 01. 2016 In Nebraska, Anhydrous Ammonia and Snow go together, Spring Snowstorm leads to optimum banding of TAPPS on Cereal Rye Cover Crop.
Mar.12, 2016 Anhydrous Ammonia Has Changed Forever. Saving 100lbs. N/A and Millions
Of  Tons Of Topsoil.
Mar.07, 2016 Yielder Manganese Steel...Deere blades 1/4 x 19.1 Yielder....and 5/16 x 19.2 Yielder.
Mar.05, 2016 Anhydrous Ammonia Has Changed Forever.
Mar.03, 2016 Exactrix Processor reduces per acre cost of nutrients. Technology High Water Mark. Hugoton, KS. McClure

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