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Dec..31, 2013

Defending the Margin in 2013...Lorin Koehn and Grant Koehn at Copeland, KS.

Dec..26, 2013 An old friend...Case SDX 30 and 40, New approach with Case SDX frame. New life for old 1850, 1860 and 1890 frames.
Dec..25, 2013 Guy Swanson says, " More Fun Discovering Micro Nutrients, Stimulants, Inoculants with 2KR Exactrix Formulators"...Micro Nutrient Application with the 2KR, Blending and Confirmation.
Dec..22, 2013 Soybean Production....Solving Iron Chlorosis on high pH soils. Milo can also be considered.
Dec..20, 2013 Delivery of NH3 to applicators with mounted tanks...is safer
Dec..19, 2013 P-51 MUSTANG
Exactrix Highest Award for Technical Achievement in 2013
Dec.. 10, 2013 Exactrix Review of Seeding or Planting Alfalfa with Nutrient Management Considered
Nov.. 30, 2013

Exactrix Times, Issue 146, Nov. 30, 2013 Western Guidelines For Alfalfa Fertilization.

Nov.. 25, 2013 Exactrix Reports....Exports driving grain prices higher. We Build the Best...and Service the Best.
Nov.. 19, 2013 Exactrix Pioneer 2088, 120 day corn...top Yielder in 2013. News about Exactrix....New presentations.
Nov.. 11, 2013 In Nebraska Conditions. Exactrix Mustang Openers...
Banding 7 inch depth into Corn Stover... 270 bushel corn Stover.
Nov.. 07, 2013 Exactrix Times, Issue 139, Nov. 5, 13
Better Crops result from Better Management….not more fertilizer.
Nov.. 04, 2013 Late October Banding at Manning Alberta results in 14,000 acres of correctly fertilized fields of Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS with advanced series 3 Formulators
Oct.. 28, 2013 Rock Solid Optimism with Strength in Wheat.....Agrimoney.com | China data put ag commodities on front foot
Oct.. 10, 2013 Why does Exactrix TAPPS work so well with Mustang P-51C deep banders making surgical cuts?
Oct.. 01, 2013 Kevin Medow, Monsanto DeKalb averaging 260 bushels per acre.
Sept.. 29, 2013 Mr. Top Kick...best of best ....Kevin Medow.
Sept.. 25, 2013 Shank Vs Single Disc.
Aug.. 27, 2013 Malting Barley. Potash market may not stabilize until 2014 - Acron
Aug.. 05, 2013 Customer Appreciation Day….in the Seed Corn and Irrigated Corn Capital for the World.
Aug.. 02, 2013 NH3 price dropping, Cost Plus Ammonia on the Horizon...Exactrix Nutrient Pricing and Spread
July.. 19, 2013 Made In Kansas - Get The Most Out Of Fertilizers
July.. 8, 2013 Exactrix Report...The 500T is a Global Machine..... Exactrix and Yielder Technology Applied.
June.. 25, 2013 Raising 280 bushel per acre corn....on 280 bushel Corn residue...No-till Production in the Major Leagues at, Shelton, NE, Paul Gangwish.
June.. 15, 2013 Ammonia Price Collapse. Now $560 per ton if you have on farm storage. Pricing Problems are severe with Solution 28-0-0. The margin is lost.
June.. 08, 2013 Fertilizer Industry Admits to Monopoly and Price Fixing
June.. 03, 2013 EXACTRIX® SPARGING REFLOW BLENDER  With Back Flush Capability
May.. 23, 2013 No-Till Winter Wheat Report.....Junction SWWW, Catholic Canyon,
 Genesee, Idaho, Eric Odberg, Exactrix Variable Rate 4 zones.
May.. 13, 2013 Why Does Exactrix Work So Well?  Think about it…why would Exactrix have an advantage?
Apr.. 26, 2013 Benefits of Exactrix® Superior Application Uniformity vs. Conventional
 Ammonia and Granular Fertilizer Application Systems
Apr.. 23, 2013 High Speed Banding - Exactrix P51 Mustangs Near Smith Center, KS
Apr.. 12, 2013 Case 940....Now a No-tillage Tool bar at 6 to 8 inch banding depth
Apr.. 03, 2013 The Battle of Midway Was Won With Correct Information
Mar.. 25, 2013 It's Official....Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices by Potash Cartel
Feb. 22, 2013 Part 2 - Can Hydra-Hume Take Exactrix Users to the Next Level? 
Jan. 30, 2013 Exactrix TAPPS Grows a fantastic crop at 316 bushel per acre average
Jan. 12, 2013 Banding Deeper for Top Yields with Liquid Streaming Flows of 300 psi Liquid NH3
Jan. 02, 2013 The Process Of Exactrix

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