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June 15_2021 Deere Exactrix® Wing Injection
June 12_2021 Nitrogen Cost keeps coming down.
June 08_2021 Anhydrous Ammonia without Carbon is Green.
June 01_2021 Finding A New Friend In Green Ammonia, What Will Change Why Is Ammonia Changing When Will Ammonia Be Carbon Free Who Will Supply Green Ammonia 
May 29_2021 You Ask For It! Test, Test, Test. A No-till phenomena, How to get another $500 per acre annually in No-till.
May 24_2021 Exactrix, Green Play Ammonia, Yielder NFuel Counts On Correct Information From The Ammonia Energy Association. Europe Leads the Way.
May 20_2021 Attn. Green Play Ammonia subscribers.  Yielder NFuel Merchants.
May 17_2021 Exactrix® Ammonia Control of Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Methane Anhydrous Ammonia Update, A 70 year Span in Texas.
May 13_2021 Ammonia Fossil Fuel Summits as Green NH3 Soars into the 20's
May 11_2021 Fossil Fuel Ammonia comes to an end at $700 per ton, Carbon Free, Green Play Ammonia, Priced at $100 to $300 per ton starts and NH3 is locally available.
May 07_2021 An Ammonia No-tillage Fait Accompli. Beats all other approaches..An Exactrix Mustang Success Story, The Bottom line improves, $150 to $250 per acre. 
May 06_2021 DO YOU THINK IT IS GOING TO RAIN? Beat The Ammonia Oligarchs
April.29_2021 The New Era, A 100 year run for Diesel Horsepower  comes to the beginning of the end.
April.25_2021 The Energy of Ammonia Returns As Clean and Different, A Low Cost NH3 powered by the local wind. It is Green Play Ammonia and Yielder NFuel.
April.20_2021 Bloomberg Reports, Secretary of Agriculture Statements on Agriculture's Role in GHG Emission, April 20, 2021
April.12_2021 Do you think it is going to rain?
April.05_2021 Green Play Ammonia is a different kind of ammonia.
Mar.30_2021 EXACTRIX® TAPPS Formulators for Corn, Wheat & Cotton Utilizing NH3-Exactrix Guarantees
Mar.12_2021 The end of fossil fuel Hydrocarbons fueling line haul Trucks, 2026 and beyond. Tesla Semi's Consumption Hints at Serious Battery Improvements.
Feb.23_2021 Nebraska Ground Hog Day!   It takes Less commercial fertilizer to raise more corn every time.

The New Era of Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy.


Saving the Planet, No Tillage Anhydrous Ammonia. Hide Green House Gas by Deep Banding Nutrients.

Feb.03_2021 Winter Crops Beat Cover Crops Every time. Double Crop is Even Better.
Feb.01_2021 Guess What is Coming on Groundhog Day, From Guy Swanson. Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells won't work in Trucks. Why is No-till so key.
Jan.25_2021  "The Cover Up on the XIT", Raise 300 bushel corn with $64.00 nutrient expense. Level 300 producers with VRT-Site Specific. 
Jan.22_2021 Discoveries made in dual application of N and P  using Yielder Drills and Aqua Ammonia. TAPPS/TAPPKTS

Improving Yields at Beemer, Nebraska along the Lower Elkhorn River Drainage. Why is Fall Banding with Exactrix Mustang so good?

Jan.05_2021 The New Era, Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy.
Jan.02_2021 On the Great Plains, The New Era, Green Play Ammonia - Yielder NFuel Energy.

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